Magnussa Phoenix 
Reiki Universal Energies System


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Basic principles of MPRUE:

Basically, Magnussa Phoenix Reiki Universal Energies (MPRUE) is an advanced form of energy healing.  While Usui Reiki is a passive form of energy healing in which you - for best healing effect on the client - just channel the energies and let them flow while being passive / detached, MPRUE is a form of working with energies in which you use certain techniques to remove/transform negative energies that affect the physical and / or astral body and cause dis-ease.  MPRUE also includes techniques for active clearing of negative energy clusters/blockages, elementals and entity attachments.  
Furthermore, MPRUE is also a spiritual system using meditations and regular empowerments to help you on your personal spiritual journey.   

MPRUEhealing technique:

The MPRUE healing sessions start with the Usui Reiki technique that lets the energy flow to where it is needed most for the highest good of the patient (that can be an emotional state, too), and then follows the specific treatment of the client's / patient's problem areas by guided visualization and the specific kind of MPRUE Energy Surgery.  If the client is co-operative, then s/he will also be given a meditation for daily exercise, to keep her/himself open and receptive for the daily distant healing energies that are sent in addition to the in-person treatments (if the latter are possible).     

Example for a distant healing techniqueAstral surgery of cancer 

Keth and Jan are Attuned to MPRUE Healing and their Specialty is Distant Healing and Etheric Surgery.


Levels within the MPRUE system:

There are five levels of MPRUE initiates:  Master/Healer, Grandmaster,  Magna/Magnus, Magnussa Phoenix and Great-Grandmaster.

Being a MPRUE Master/Healer means that the initiate can use the MPRUE energies for healing of self and others, but s/he can not attune anybody to the MPRUE energies because that involves different Divine energies. 

A MPRUE Grandmaster is attuned to the higher energies of MPRUE that allow an even more powerful healing.  And in addition to that, the GM is being attuned and trained to use energies and methods that allow her/him to transform lower level energies to the higher energies of the Aquarian Age using the AtP (Awake the Phoenix) technique.  This powerful technique is also used for manifestation.  There are also other MPRUE symbols and techniques available for Grandmasters.

A MPRUE Magna or Magnus is at a very high spiritual level, connected with the Circle of Light and very old powerful energies.  A MPRUE Magna/Magnus is empowered by the channeling GGM to attune others to MPRUE Master/Healer level from within the Circle of Light. 

A MPRUE Magnussa Phoenix level initiate can attune others to MPRUE Master/Healer and this MPRUE Master/Healers to MPRUE Grandmasters.  

A Great-Grandmaster can attune to all lower MPRUE levels, and after passing of the Founder Spirit will empower her/him to attune others to Great-Grandmaster level, too.

All initiates will be properly registered and certified by me. 

MPRUE levels:  
1.  Founder and Great Grandmaster - Elisabeth Frauendorfer(attunements to, and certification for all MPRUE levels)
2.  Great Grandmaster  

3.  Magnussa Phoenix  
4.  Magna (for a lady) andMagnus (for a gentleman)  
5.  First Grandmaster  (representative of MPRUE in a certain geographical region)
6.  Grandmaster  (Teacher level)
7.  Master/Healer   

Important note:   by Elisabeth Frauendorfer   Founder and Great Grandmaster

Please note that MPRUE is not for people who take the spiritual path as hobby, who are attunement hunters and certificate collectors.  Also, we strongly discourage all-in-one attunements, attunements by intent and/or by email, multiple attunements to different systems within short time, etc.  All these methods do more harm than good to the energy system of a person, and such a chaotic energy-melange is counter-productive for harmonic spiritual development.  MPRUE-candidates with such a past will have to get cleared from this energies first and then re-attuned to Usui Reiki Master level before continuing to MPRUE.   


Keth and Jan are Attuned to MPRUE Healing and their Specialty is Distant Healing and Etheric Surgery.