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Greetings from Jan Carter,Astrologer and partner in  I wanted to introduce myself and announce that I have rejoined “hands and hearts” with my healing  partner and traveling companion Keth Luke, (Newsletter creator & editor), and our guide/dog/friend, Dr Light.

Keth and I met in 1997 at an Astrology Conference and began doing healing work together soon after.  He is a most gifted healer.  I have been an Astrologer for 14 years, which is where my focus has been.  Keth and I and Dr Light lived together on the island of Mauifor 2 years.  We facilitated many groups.  There was much coming and going in our home within the healing community.  Keth has nurtured and welcomed many healers over the years.  He has held a torch light for many as we shift our awareness.  It has not always been easy being on this cutting edge, as many of you know.  But, here we are. 

In 1999, I left Keth in Hawaii and moved to Kentucky.  There were many judgments formed concerning this parting from friends and family of varying conclusions.  My, what we put ourselves through in this experience called Life!  We kept in contact over the two years that we were physically apart.  This experience was a part of our "grand plan". We knew on a very deep level the vastness of our Soul connection. 

In November 2000, we started traveling together on a series of Sacred Site tours beginning in Egypt, then in May to Peru and most recently in August and September to England, Scotlandand France.  These are healing journeys on many levels which in part entail ‘Planetary Activation Grid Work’, Retrieving Old Parts of Self and Our Power

There is much being brought up as many are glued to their ‘Tell-a-Vision’ sets resulting from the shock that shook on September 11 last  year.  Pluto, the god of Death and Rebirth, has been in the sign of Sagittarius since 1995.  Remember the “Truth Shall Set You Free”.  What is Your Truth?  As Astrologer Zip Dobyns would say, “The Truth with a capital T”! 

Saturn (structure) in Gemini (I speak) recently greeted Pluto (transformation) in Sagittarius (my Truth) through opposition in August 2001 and will continue until May of 2002.  They are now on  the “Self”/”Other” axis of  the United States’ birth chart (the one known as the Sibley Chart - July 4, 1776 at 5:10 pm, Philadelphia, PA).  Saturn is called  “the Great Teacher disguised as the bringer of pain and limitation”.  His energy is connected to structure, fear, old patterns and old systems.  Much is being brought up to the surface from our deepest darkest recesses to the light of day to face, face to face and release.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?"  What do we see when we look at others.  It is merely a reflection of ourselves.  Don’t let the “Tell-a-Vision” distort your View.                              

So here we are now, living in New Port Richey, Florida at the “House of Grace” Healing Center .  I'm teaching Beginning Astrology Classes, if you’re local, and we host a weekly  Meditation/Healing Circle. You can Tune-In from anywhere.  Please call for our schedule.  We’ve been busy settling in the past few months.  The cycles and excitement continue to unfold. 

I want to share a poem I wrote in 1992.  It was written for a performance for Astrologer Barbara Schermer’s Rising Star Astrodrama Group in Chicago.  It is entitled Pluto’s Message

As Keth and I were walking  back to our hotel from the British Museum in London this poem came to mind.  I was reciting it over and over in my head seeing  if I could remember all the words.  I thought to myself, this fits that transit we’ve been going through with Pluto and Saturn, as I had heard tales and witnessed  much of its effects on the people around me.  This was the night before the planes struck the World Trade Center.

 So Bless you all.  And I look forward to sharing energy and consciousness with you again!  Remember it’s Time (Saturn) to Commun-icate (Gemini) Your Truth.  Heart to Heart. Love to you  ~ Jan Carter, a.k.a. “Miss Bubble Heart”

"Pluto's Message" 

by Jan Carter

My name is Pluto, the Great Destroyer

I am the Soul, the Uroborus

I am Darkness.

I am Light.


I have an Ally.

His name is Saturn.

He’s the boatman on the River Styx.

I’m the destination.


Death comes in many forms,

la petite morte to Hiroshima.

You shake your head in wonder.

You wonder what is right.


I rule the sign of Scorpio.

We have quite a reputation:

the snake, the owl, the scorpion,

the spider and the raven.


Power, power is my gift.

Consider using it wisely.

The uninitiated often abuse it.

They slither and they slithy.


Once you’ve reached the bottom of the pit,

Darkness is overwhelming.

Then you know what Pluto means.

Now begin Ascending.


For I am Pluto, the Great Transformer.

I am the Soul the Uroborus.

I am Darkness.

I am Light.


Whatever Pluto touches

becomes something quite different.

When I touch Mercury,

you will not think the same.

When I touch Venus,

there is great passion.

And there’s impetuous Mars -

forces erupting.

I touch the Sun or Moon -

you dive the deepest.


And so what brings you here

this evening?

Do you fear Pluto’s touch?

Is someone trembling?

I think the answer’s yes!

Let me remind you,

this is part of living.

This is part of LIFE!


Death is not just an end,

it is a beginning.

Just as the snake sheds its dull skin



The Bubble Heart

 by Jan Carter

As I lay on my couch recovering from a sleepless night, I stare at what looks like a galaxy of stars. 

This beautiful vision sits on my computer desk with other precious objects like the little stuffed kaleidoscope whale, Marilyn’s Red Feather, a picture of my sister’s ‘ole yeller’ dog (my buddy), a carving  of a sinuous Christmas tree with a big gold star on top and a little brown bowl filled with Angel cards.  There’s one lamp on.  It was my grandmother’s.  It’s white.  Maybe it’s from France.

This little lamp is lighting up the galaxy of stars.  The stars are really bubbles.  They’ve formed on the inside wall of my water glass.  They’ve been there for 11 days.

I’ve had to add a little water with a plastic dropper as an inch or so has evaporated and I didn’t want to lose the vision. 

If you look close, you’ll see there’s something special in the glass.  It’s a ‘bubble heart’!  It’s been there for 11 days too! 

I was sitting at my computer feeling bad that I had put off returning a book I had borrowed from my friend Jacob Schwartz in Pennsylvania - even though I had mailed it the day before, I was going over in my head what a jerk I had been.  As I sat there beating myself up, I turned my head and saw the heart.

It was perfectly formed by many delicate bubbles.  All of the other bubbles were randomly scattered.  I immediately thought Jacob had sent me a blessing and a message that everything was fine and ‘you are loved’.

At least 30 people have been by to see the ‘bubble heart’!

I got 'married' last week at the Sadie Hawkins Dance and on my ‘Certificate of Unholy Matrimony’  I was given the name ‘Miss Bubble Heart’!  You see the news is spreading…

As I lay staring at the galaxy of stars listening to Celtic music playing softly in the background, I have a vision of a couple dancing in slow motion going in a spiral, then two becomes four still spinning in a circle, then many - then the image of the globe with all hand to hand to hand surrounding the whole sphere - spinning, spinning, spinning.  Heart to Heart to Heart.

What a wonderful gift!  Let’s all plant a garden this spring and share the vision.

        This Article appeared in the April-May 2000 issue of "Odyssey", a Spiritual Journal based in Louisville, KY, edited by Dee Patterson.

The Magic Continues…

 by Jan Carter

The “Bubble Heart” that first appeared February 25 (please refer to the last issue of Odyssey) is still there as of May 22, 2000!  It now appears as an etching of a heart - the bubbles have disappeared.  The “Heart” remains!

May has been an exceptional month as the planetary energies/synergy ground the vision.  It has felt like entering a portal.  The Phoenix is rising.  She is heading toward a place called de-light!  The momentum is building as we leave the “dark ages” behind and move into the “now”.


I recently attended Healthfest 2000 here in Louisville.  What wonders abound!  There are many in this community to nourish the soul.  Open your hearts to these teachers.  They’re here to help you along the road of re-discovery in this New Age called Aquarius.

Jeff Baugher and Daniel Lally were there demonstrating their AstroloChi movements of the signs of the zodiac.  The sign Aquarius began with a group holding hands and then moving in a circle together in a wave-like motion.

Aquarius you see is not a water sign - it is an air sign, thus the waves in its symbol represent waves of energy.  The concepts of vibration, frequency, sound, light and resonance are keys to understanding this new reality we are creating.  The Internet is a prelude of things to come.  As we begin to sing our songs and open our hearts we’ll all be telepathic!

Featherhawk ( is another beautiful being that was at the Healthfest.  She makes vibrational essences of plants, animals, minerals, geometric forms and energies.  Through dowsing, she finds the appropriate remedy for you.  There is no doubt that she is tuned into your “sound” and receives what you are calling out for.  “Harmony” comes to mind.  Play your sound.  Light up and lighten up this world and dance!

I have been substitute teaching for the past several months at Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf School.  The future is here and what a beautiful vision!  A system based on cooperation, not  competition.  With great reverence for the Earth and her gifts, they bless each meal with a song and give back what they don’t use through the simple act of composting.  A small gesture of immense proportion!  Think about it.  Where are you putting your energy?

I am so blessed to be a part of this community.  Thank you for being a part of my life as we journey together on what Buckminster Fuller refers to as this Spaceship called Earth!

           This article appeared in the June-July 2000 issue of Odyssey, a Spiritual Journal based in Louisville, KY, edited by Dee Patterson.

Mercury:  The Winged Messenger


By  Jan Carter


Thoughts do have Wings!  In Astrology the Planet Mercury reflects how we think and communicate.


He speedily makes his round about the Sun in 88 days.  From our Earth’s perspective, we rarely see him, due to his intimate connection with that Golden Orb of Light at the center of our Solar System.


In the Geocentric (Earth Centered) Model of Astrology, the Sun and Mercury travel together through the Zodiac or “Circle of Animals” and are either in the same sign or only one sign apart.


Their connection is reflected in our world – “As Above, So Below.”  Our urge to create, represented by the Sun, is inexorably linked to Mercury’s realm - our thoughts.  Remember – “In the Beginning was the Word” or “Our Thoughts Create our Reality”.


Hermes is the Greek version of the Winged Messenger, Mercury.  He is born as a result of a secret union in a dark cave between the King of the Gods, Zeus/Jupiter and the wood nymph, Maia.  Maia is also the name Zeus calls to when consulting the oracle of the Great Goddess Night. 


Hermes was a very precocious child and was constantly getting into and out of trouble.

On the day of his birth he leaves his cradle, wanders outside and comes across a tortoise.  As he admires the creature, he suddenly kills it and invents/creates a beautifully crafted lyre out of ox hide and its shell.


He plays with his new toy for a short while, then gets bored and decides he is hungry.  He happens upon a herd of cattle belonging to his older brother, Apollo - the Sun God; and devises an ingenious plan to steal the herd by turning their hooves around, so that as he leads them away, their trail appears to be heading in the opposite direction.  Thus, Hermes/Mercury gets the reputation of being a “Trickster”.


Hermes decides to kill two of the cows, cutting them into twelve pieces, and make offerings, honoring twelve of the Olympian Gods – including himself!


This of course reflects Mercury’s passage through the 12 Signs/Archetypes of the Zodiac.


Apollo soon discovers his cows are missing and suspects Hermes.  During their confrontation in which Hermes denies any part in the matter, Apollo becomes enamored with Hermes’ Lyre.  A bargain is struck and the situation is resolved. 


For his inventiveness, Hermes/Mercury becomes an honored member of the Pantheon. Apollo gives him a gift of the Caduceus - a winged wand with two snakes wrapped around it.


Because of Hermes’ stealth, he is often given the task of entering precarious places and retrieving things.  He is the only god that can freely pass into and out of the Underworld.


In Traditional Western Astrology, the Planet Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo.  The Gemini/Air aspect relates to his mental dexterity.  The Virgo/Earth aspect is associated with his service and craftsmanship.


Gemini, the twins, reflects the dual nature of our thoughts.  Its symbol is the Roman Numeral II.   


Also, if you consider the number “88”, which is the number of days Mercury orbits about the Sun, you will see two vertical “infinity symbols”.  An interesting parallel again!  There are two sides to everything. 


We communicate energetically by way of the infinity symbol, as we give and receive information.  What are you choosing to share?    


In the Myth, part of Hermes’ nature is being a liar and a thief.  He is also a marvelous inventor and a genius.  We each carry this dual nature in us – a lightness and a darkness.


Remember the name of his mother, “ Maia”, also means “illusion”.  We can span the gamut - from conscious propaganda to mere misunderstanding.  Words can never quite grasp the core of what one is trying to convey.


The Planet Saturn (grounding, discipline, structure) is now in the Sign of Gemini from October 2000 until June 2003.  When Saturn passes through a Sign, there are lessons to be learned in that Sign’s realm and the realm of its ruler, which in this case is our dear friend/companion Mercury.


We are being asked to look at our thoughts.  What do we want to create! 


As I write this piece, there is an unusual and beautiful lineup of all of the visible/personal planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.  Just as the Sun sets, you are able to get a rare glimpse of that ever-present, yet elusive planet, Mercury.


These energies symbolize our humanness and our infinite ways of expressing our nature, as we dance to the cosmic rhythms.


Let’s enjoy the journey and be conscious creators.  Think about it!


Jan Carter, an Astrologer for 14 years, , works with her healing partners, Keth Luke and Dr Light at the “House of Grace” New Port Richey, FL - Classes, Healing & Astrology Circles, Free emailed NewsLetter 727-842-6788.  Return to  Awakening-Healing  HOME page                                 

My Travels to Egypt

 by Jan Carter

I recently returned from an 18 day tour of Egypt with about 20 spiritual/healer types.  There were so many layers to the experience, it is hard to express it in words.  They say it takes months and years to integrate it all.

I would like to share some of it with you.  It actually started before I left.  My family was very worried about me going to the Middle East with all the conflicts going on and where will the money come from.

We’re learning to find that “peace” inside and “know” what’s right for us.  I knew my friend Pat Winsett would know and she said “go”!  And my heart said “yes”!

There were other signs pointing me in that direction.  About a month before I left, I went to my weekly dream group at Clifton Unitarian Church.  I was 30 minutes early, which was unusual for me.  I wondered into the basement to see if anyone else had arrived and saw an incredible vision!  There were hundreds of books on display arranged neatly in rows for sale. 

They had been donated by a woman in her 80’s.  I was immediately drawn to a 10 volume set of Alice Bailey.  I was in “esoteric heaven”!  I soon discovered that many of the books were on the mystical aspects of ancient Egypt.  One was called The Keys to Freemasonry by Manly Hall.  In it, there were illustrations of  the initiations that were to come!

We arrived in Cairo, greeted by the warmest people I have ever encountered.  We traveled south to Abu Simbel and up the Nile all the way to Alexandria, awakening early each morning in order to have privacy for our ceremonies at each sacred site.  It was the third visit to Egypt for some of the participants.  One of them was Gloria Bowman.

Gloria’s gift is “sound”.  She is an energy worker from Alabama.  Many of her clients are farmers.  They come to her because they find that what she does works. 

Toning is using our sound for healing.  Gloria’s toning is quite unusual as she is channeling the “Hathors”.  Their images are carved on many of the sacred sites in Egypt.  They are depicted with wide faces and cow ears.  These are loving beings from another dimension who share their “sound” with us.  Hathor is also the Cow Goddess who was the wife of Horus.

I have a strong connection with the Hathors as well, as they are a part of my channeling with the Pleiadians who also encourage us to play our sound.

My friend Tim Mast, a local massage therapist, had called me not long before I left on my trip to ask me who the Hathors were.  He said that they had come to him in his meditations on several occasions.  During one encounter he was given musical notes and told to “chew on these”.  At another time he was taken to a golden temple with a golden dome to the Hall of Knowledge.  There he was given a globe of light to swallow, lighting up his heart, and a scroll which he ate.  I lent him my book The Hathor Material by Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene, which I highly recommend.

Our last major ceremony took place at the Great Pyramid of Giza in the King’s Chamber.  Our group had 2 hours of private time there.  We each were allowed to lay in the sarcophagus as part of an initiation.  As I lay there, Gloria saw a Hathor give me a golden ankh to swallow which turned a neon magenta as it rested in my throat. 

Much of what transpired we are not able to comprehend on this level of awareness.

Our journey ended with 2 days of camping at an oasis near Siwa not far from the Libyan border with a group of Bedouins.  I cannot describe the beauty and peace I experienced there.  The oasis was fed by a hot spring that originated from 1000 meters below the Earth’s surface.

On our way home, we stopped by Cleopatra’s pool, which was an ancient beautifully tiled 15 foot deep, crystal clear circular pool.  It was so inviting, I stripped bare and dove in.  It was the perfect ending of a most magnificent healing journey.

      This Article appeared in the Dec 2000-Jan2001 issue of "Odyssey" a Spiritual Journal based in Louisville, KY, edited by Dee Patterson



 by Jan Carter

 These are interesting times, eh?

 Speaking of time, you know there’s a big clock in the sky that keeps track of it all.  It’s amazingly precise.

 Did you know our Earth has a wobble?  That’s part of the mechanics.  Earth spins like a top, actually, and it takes almost 26,000 years to trace out a complete circle with its axis.  In 14,000 A.D. the North Star will be Vega instead of Polaris.  This great wobble creates what’s known as the Precession of the Equinoxes, which provides us the timing of the Ages.  We’re now in the midst of the inevitable chaotic shift of Ages from Pisces (victim/savior reality) to Aquarius (freedom/equality reality).  That’s the plan anyway.

 These Ages last approximately 2,200 years.  The Age of Pisces began around the time of Christ.  Notice his symbol was the Fish. 

 Aquarius, known as the “Water Bearer”, is an Air sign.  Thus, the waves in its symbol represent waves of “energy”.  Notice all the Energy/Vibrational/Sound/Light Worker Healers advertising in this very magazine!  The world is changing.  It’s the “Music of the Spheres” playing a new tune.

 Uranus, the planet that rules Aquarius, was discovered in 1787 during the period of the French and American Revolutions.  When planets are discovered our consciousness becomes aware of the energies that the planet symbolizes.  It’s the mirroring effect, the big Feng Shui in the sky.  “As above, so below.”

 Everything we see is a reflection of who we are, and now we’re realizing we’re all connected.  You see it’s the Equality thing we’re beginning to learn, which by the way, includes more that just us humans.   It encompasses  ALL THAT IS.

 I love Astrology because you can see all the variations and patterns that make each of us unique.  We’re all a part of a Great Circle! 

 “Mirror, mirror on the wall.  Who’s the fairest of them all?”  What do we see when we look at others.  It is merely a reflection of ourselves.  That’s what this Aquarian Age is about.  Honoring each other as unique, creative  individuals. 

 Ouranus/Uranus was the sky god and every night he would lay down on Gaia/Mother Earth and they’d produce offspring.  Ouranus was never satisfied with his children.  So he kept shoving them back into Gaia’s womb, Tartaros, the Underworld.  So Gaia gets fed up and calls her responsible son, Kronos/Saturn, and asks that he cut off  his father’s genitals.  Kronos agrees severing them with his sickle, throwing them into the sea where Venus/Aphrodite is born.

 This myth mirrors back to us the symbolism of these planets.  Uranus/Aquarius can represent unbridled freedom where no one else matters.  This is the danger of the Industrial Society that we have embraced and identify with.  Do we honor Gaia when we shove our toxic waste into her womb. 

 So here comes Saturn to teach us a thing or two.  He is sometimes referred to as “the great teacher disguised as the bringer of pain and limitation.”  Saturn in the extreme can be very limiting and fear inducing, cutting us off from our creativity. 

 The birth of Venus gives us the answer to the dilemma.  Ruler of Libra she represents Balance and her highest expression is Unconditional Love. 


 In 1801 a small body in the sky was discovered.  It is the asteroid named Ceres.  They believe she is the core of a planet that exploded that now comprises the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.  The earliest Asteroids discovered were named for Goddesses. 

 Ceres is the Earth Mother Goddess.  She had a daughter named Persephone whom Pluto abducted to be his bride in his realm the Underworld.  Her mother was so devastated that she stopped nourishing the Earth and it began to dry up and die.  It was finally arranged that her daughter could return to her for six months every year, but had to spend the remaining six in the Underworld. 

 This created the four seasons.  It also shows us the circular/cyclical feminine pattern of Birth, Death and Renewal, similarly represented by the waxing and waning of the Moon.

 Male energy is more linear (fire and air) as female is circular (earth and water).  It is said that men project death by killing because they fear or deny or project the feminine.  It’s always a balancing act isn’t it, this game called “life”. 

 So the discovery of these feminine asteroids marked the beginning of the women’s liberation movement.  In the 70’s the first Asteroid Ephemeris was produced which showed the positions of the four big asteroids: Ceres, Pallas Athene, Vesta and Juno.  Therefore, Astrologers could begin to incorporate them in their work. 

 Thus, again these female energies re-emerge into our conscious awareness and another women’s movement is sparked.  We also begin to  realize that Gaia is a living being and an environmental movement shows its budding head as well.

 So here we are as two towers, so tall and linear come crashing down (Saturn in Gemini/Twin Structures opposite Pluto/Death and Rebirth).  We are free to choose how we use our energy.  Perhaps it is time to embrace the Goddess and find a balance again. 

                            This article appeared in the "Tampa Bay New Times", January/February 2002 issue, David Findlay, editor.

Saturn in Gemini or The Emperor Has No Clothes!

By Jan Carter

The times, they are a changing!  Saturn, the “reality check” planet is now in Gemini, (Aug. 2000-June 2003) the sign of COMMUNICATION.  We have come out of a 5 year period of going inward.  It’s now time to come out of the closet and start sharing! 

Jupiter is now in Gemini (July 2000-July 2001), as well, and has just connected with Pluto, the planet of TRANSFORMATION, in the sign of Sagittarius.  Looks like a “Sharing Fest” of a new order to me!  I am feeling and seeing  it in a big way. 

I’ve been working at a local health food store for the past four months in the Supplement section.  What I already knew is being brought up again.  It’s about our Health Care System.  You might say IT has a cancer.  It’s a fear thing.  A fear of lack.  It’s a winner/loser world.    

We cannot be honest in a world based on competition.  So guess what time it is?  IT’S TIME TO SPEAK UP!          

I am what you’d call a “Systems Buster”.  How about YOU?

Have you ever heard of Essiac Tea?  It’s made from four common herbs:  Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Rhubarb Root and Slippery Elm Bark.  It has been credited with curing many ailments and you can make it yourself.  It has a fascinating history.   You should check it out.  It’s about LOVE, SHARING and CARING, and it’s about FEAR, GREED and  “BURNING WORDS”.  NOW is a good time to read a story like that.  THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE, especially while Saturn’s in Gemini!

Everything has it’s season.  That’s why Astrology is so much fun.  Sometimes I get accused of being obsessed with it.  Guess what?  It’s my NATURE!  AND I LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF JUST THE WAY I AM. 

I hope you do too!!  If not, LET’S TALK!

                 This Article appeared in Oct/Nov 2000 issue of "Odyssey" a Spiritual Magazine based in Louisville, KY, edited by Dee Patterson.

Saturn in Taurus:  Time to Plant that Garden!

By Jan Carter          

 I just love Astrology!  Did you notice a big shift within at the beginning of March? (1998)  Our friend and teacher Saturn, sometimes known as the planet of fear and limitation, finally fully entered the earth sign of Taurus for the next couple of years.  Our focus has shifted from “Self” Consciousness (Aries) to “Earth” Consciousness (Taurus), what we truly need and value on a material level.  There are some major punctuation points happening involving Saturn this year before that “Hold on to Your Hats”, New Millennium Experience arrives.

 Mid-’98, Saturn and Neptune started doing their dance together and after April ’99 these energies began to disengage.  Together they were saying, “BE HERE NOW” (Saturn in Taurus), as well as, “BE IN THE FLOW” (Neptune in Aquarius).  As a unified voice they’re calling: “Earth to Lightworkers!  Time to GROUND and GET REAL.”  Neptune (uncertainty) in Aquarius (our hopes and dreams for the future) squaring Saturn (reality check) began triggering a bit of Millennial Fever.  Saturn says, “Make your dreams (Neptune) a reality (Saturn).  Stop talking it, start doing, living and being it.”

 What is my purpose?  Saturn is about the work we’re here to be doing.  Neptune washes away the old structures and belief systems.  Check out Steven Speilberg’s “ANTZ” or the movie “Pleasantville”.  We’re learning to go within and feel what’s in our hearts.  Films represent our collective voice and longings.

 Next in line for the cosmic dance is Uranus in its own sign Aquarius.  Saturn is switching partners on July 18 this year.  Who will take the lead?  These two are squaring off in the sky and don’t traditionally get along too well.

 Uranus (Ouranus) was the sky god and every night he would lay down on Mother Earth (Gaia) and produce offspring of which he was never satisfied.  So he kept shoving them back into Gaia’s womb, Tartaros - the Underworld.  So Gaia asks Saturn (Kronos), her responsible son, to cut off his father’s genitals.  He agrees and whacks them off throwing them into the sea where out of the foam, Venus (Aphrodite) is born.

 These two polar energies connecting through transits in a natal chart are known to cause nervous breakdowns.  The dilemmas range from a Fear (Saturn) of Change/Freedom (Uranus), to being too Irresponsible (Uranus) and having to face our material Reality (Saturn).  Integrating the two energies of Saturn/Uranus means TO CREATE RESPONSIBLY.  Look at our Industrialized Society (Uranus).  Where is the Heart?  Venus at it’s highest expression is LOVE.  So after the battle and integration, as shown in the myth, Saturn + Uranus = Venus (LOVE, HARMONY and BALANCE).

 Check out the Total Solar Eclipse, August 11, 1999.  You’ll see a tight grand cross formation with Sun/Moon, Saturn, Uranus and Mars involved.  Mars will act as a catalyst.  Eclipses often signify endings.  This is the last one before the new Millennium.  It is an activation point and makes a profound statement symbolically for our future.  It’s about choosing our reality:  the Old World  vs. The New World.  Read Lyssa Royal’s book “Millennium - Tools for the Coming Changes” to help you through this one.  This is channeled material that is user friendly.  We are shifting from 3rd Density to 4th Density - from the fear inducing illusion of separation to a “heart to heart” reality.  This eclipse represents a crisis point for us in order to step up to the next level.

 Have you noticed it’s getting painful not to share what’s going on inside of you - even if you think the information might hurt someone you love.  This is a sign of the shift.  Not sharing what’s inside of you is a form of separation.  Letting your Truth out is saying “yes” to the whole.  It’s being an “open hearted” you.  The more we live our truths the freer we are.  Remember: “The Truth Shall Set You Free.”  It’s true!  Isn’t this fun!

 Our friend  Saturn is saying, PLANT A GARDEN.  Remember he is “Protector of the Earth” especially in the Earth sign of Taurus!  Recognize that you are connected (Uranus/Neptune) to all that is around you (Saturn) - the plants, the animals, water, rocks and wind.  Uranus says, BE WHO YOU TRULY ARE, that creative one that has a purpose here on planet Earth.  Honor yourself.  No more victim.  Integrity is in.  INTEGRATE - meaning “to bring together into a unified whole.”  It’s “Heart to Heart” everybody, so let’s enjoy these crazy times.

                                             This Article appeared in the July/Aug 1998 issue of "The Maui Voice", Maui, Hawaii.

What is Contra Dancing?

By Jan Carter

First of all Contra Dancing is Fun!  What is Contra Dancing?  It’s that thing your friends keep telling you about, but you’re too busy, too tired or afraid to experience.

“Contra” comes from the Latin word meaning “against,” so “Contra Dancing” you might say is an oxymoron.  The words together grab your attention!  It reminds me of the phrase my healing partner in Hawaii coined - “take the Duel out of Duality.” 

You see it’s more than just a dance.  It’s a prayer in motion for harmony, peace and joy!

There is a lot of spinning.  In order to keep your balance, you must look your partners in the eye.  It is a way to link souls and speak the Mayan greeting “In Lak’ech” - “I am you,”  as you spin and greet your brothers and sisters in this sacred spiral dance.

The deeper meaning behind the laughter is that you are healing the rift in this world of polarities.  It is that much talked about “polar shift” we’ve been so direly warned about.  The shift is to love and honor the other, even if you don’t always understand or agree with them.

If your excuse is “I can’t dance” don’t let that stop you.  Someone will be happy to guide you through the process or you can observe for a bit to get the hang of it. 

Every dance is different.  So before each pattern is established the caller goes through the steps with everyone.  The veterans are always happy to assist the novices.  It’s a very loving environment.  Be prepared to work up a little sweat.  A long full skirt is nice for that flowing effect.  Dress is casual comfort or a little wacky if you like.  All ages are welcome.   

So please come and join us at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 2233 Woodbourne Avenue in Louisville, KY, a few blocks off of Bardstown Rd.  Dancing starts at 8:30pm every Monday night, and every 3rd Saturday of the month there’s a pot luck at 6:30pm followed by dancing.  There’s great live fiddle music and good company.  Look up “Contra Dancing” on the World Wide Web for more details.  It’s everywhere!  Check it out!   See you there!

        This article appeared in the Feb/March 2000 issue of "Odyssey" a Spiritual Magazine based in Louisville, KY, edited by Dee Patterson.


by Jan Carter

I recently took a trip to Colorado with my family to visit little Jakie, my brother’s new son.  There were five of us in the car.  Usually I was in the back seat between my sister’s two boys.  We spent 40 hours together coming and going on this trip.  I must say, you have to be creative in a situation like that!

One of the games we played was to make up a story with one person saying several sentences until they were done and then the next continue it and on and on.  It felt like a ship being steered with many different captains at the helm.  The adults kept trying to keep us on a more harmonious course.  It makes you wonder how this “collective mind” ever gets us anywhere - lots of humor, lots of struggle!

At another point in the trip my 10 year old nephew blurts out the question, “What has unlimited POWER?”  I am stumped.  He answers, “CHAOS”!  My nephew by the way has a bona fide learning disability giving his profound statement an even greater impact.  Wow - Where did that come from?

It triggered an avalanche of concepts and feelings about my own particular reality.  You see I come from the world of chaos.  I am a 12th house Scorpio - that is deep chaos!  There are other contributing factors - no major planets in earth signs with the Moon’s North Node in an earth sign and house.  My greatest challenge is to channel this chaos into something tangible and beneficial in this 3rd dimensional plane.

I had a big discussion with the 14 year old nephew about what his younger brother had just said.  I love the way one thing leads to another.  Awareness of this flow is such a trip!

Years ago I was taking a course in Abnormal Psychology during the time my sister was newly divorced and her older son was showing signs of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).  He also had chart indicators that concerned me.  I happened to have read several books on the subject as I was fascinated with this particular pattern. 

One of the books in essence said that these rituals were a way of coping with chaos!  It was a way to feel contained and safe.

I often see OCD tendencies in clients with a strong Virgo, Vesta or 6th House emphasis in their charts.

Part of the reason I am writing about this now is that our old friend Saturn is transiting my 6th House opposing my 12th House Natal Sun.  Ritual is greeting Chaos.

Todd, my minister at the Clifton Unitarian Church, shouted at me lovingly not long ago, “You need to get a job at Burger King!”  It felt like a parent saying to his crawling infant, “Get UP and WALK!”

What he was saying was - You need some ritual/routine in your life to get grounded.  It is a big part of being on this planet.  Ritual is a way of channeling chaos into a usable form.  It is accessing unlimited power and resources.

Dream (Pisces/12th House) your Reality (Virgo/6th House).  Barbara Hand Clow describes the Pisces/Virgo polarity as Blissed Out vs. Be Here Now.

My sister and I were having dinner a few weeks ago on her back deck with candlelight, luscious vegetables from our little garden and the katydids singing when suddenly we hear a plane overhead.  We both look up and see what looks like a UFO with lights scrolling across its belly saying "UPS NOW HIRING".

We both laughed as I took it as a sign.  I actually went there yesterday for an interview!  Mundane means “bound to earth” and I could use a dose right now.  Think of the possibilities!

A few hours after I got home from a very systematic cross your t’s and dot your i’s interview process, I got a call from a very nice fellow who had dialed the “wrong” number.  Somehow our conversation led to me being asked to come in for an interview at his financial consulting firm of all things!

You see by acting on my intention of being more grounded this door opened for me.  He set the interview for July 11 at noon.  Jupiter will be exactly transiting my descendant, transiting Moon exactly to the minute on my Natal Sun and Vesta will be on my North Node, et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum.  What does it mean?  It means there are no accidents, the universe does have a sense of humor and we’ll see what happens!

          This Article is from the Aug/Sept 2000 issue of "Odyssey" a Spiritual Magazine based in Louisville, KY, edited by Dee Patterson.

Honor Thy Father and Don’t Forget Thy Mother!

By Jan Carter

The 3,000-year-old Chinese Art of Placement is known as Feng Shui.  It means “Wind, Water”.  It is used to create balance, harmony and flow in your life.  When we start to recognize that everything is a mirror or reflects back to us who we are, we will begin to live life more consciously.

There is a message for us in everything, but most of us don’t bother to listen.  When we are unconscious, we become victims saying, “Why is this happening to me?” “ Why is the world the way it is?”  It is all a mirror.  Our bodies, our cars, our environment both personal and worldwide, the people we encounter, even the planets in the sky and our dreams act as mirrors to us.  Our mirrors speak in a symbolic language.

Look in the mirror and see the image of the women of Afghanistan, totally shrouded in black, hidden from the light of day.  Killed by the rules of men bearing guns, if they dare show any part of their physical bodies in public.  The windows of their homes are painted black, so that no one can see in or out.  Their male/doctors are not allowed to touch them, even during childbirth.  

It sounds like a bad dream.  It doesn’t seem real.  When I first heard of this, I was outraged and felt helpless at the same time.  Then I realized, I can use these “images” to change myself.  That’s where it has to start.  As Carl Jung said, “When there’s something wrong in the world, there’s something wrong with me.”  You see we are all connected.

What does a shrouded woman represent?  It means our feelings are cut off.  Remember wind/water, male/female, Yin/Yang, sky/earth, father/mother, Sun/Moon - we have what you call an imbalance.

As we each shift and grow in these times of accelerated change, we are realizing that we can and do create our reality.  Intention is the key to manifesting our desires.  Ask yourself, “Is this the world I want to live in?”  Change it on the inner, embrace the outer and own it!

The following is a poem a friend, Jenny Emerson, wrote/channeled for me while we were living in Hawaii.  May it inspire YOU to take off the shroud and Honor Thy Mother/Goddess Within!


"Jan’s Power Poem"

  by Genevieve and the Stars

 Speak thine passions, woman,

lest they wither in thine womb.

Fluidly and fluently, give voice to all thine

Feelings, for surely they are torch lights

And moon-pebbles glimmering along

Thine path.


Breathe full Sun into the chambers

Of thine heart, woman,

For surely sky will strengthen

And nourish the flame that dwells

There even now.


Embody sadness, woman,

Embody Anger’s spark and glow,

Embody joy and ecstasy,

Breathe light there white as snow.


Be as a River woman, raging,

Spilling, frothing wild, sliding

Smooth and still.  Allow the dams

To crumble, woman.  Allow the

Earth to quake!  For in that

Quaking lies the seed who births

Herself awake.


The seed that rumbles in thine

Breast – it shivers, rasps & shakes.

It plunges through quartz chaos.

It plummets & it flakes.


Shattering the dam’s thick walls

To free the blessed surge,

Of water freed emotions

Whirling from the heart-sprung urge.


Embody the Sun’s loving woman,

Become its soft wild grace.

Breathe its scent into thine heart

And feel its smooch upon thine face!

 This Article appeared in the Dec 1999/Jan 2000 issue of "Odyssey" a Spiritual Magazine based in Louisville, KY, Dee Patterson editor.  "Jan"s Power Poem" was written by Jenny Emerson for Jan while they were both living in Hawaii.

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