House of Grace Church,  Awakening-Healing & Counseling Ministry

 Code of Ethics

In order that all ministers be totally aware of what
is expected of them during their association with
the House of Grace, we are setting out the
following guidelines for their edification.

* We shall at all times maintain humility
and respect for his/her fellow man, and represent
himself with honesty and candor, recognizing his/her
abilities as well as limitations. Above all, a House of
Grace minister shall do no harm.

* Since all healing comes through and not from the
healing minister, we shall under no circumstances
claim to be able to diagnose, cure or
heal any disease, nor attempt to do that,
 this is only God's province.

* We shall under no circumstances attempt
to prescribe any herbs, vitamins or medicines unless
he/she is also a medical doctor or licensed
herbologist or nutritionist.

* We shall make clear to a client or
student the exact fee payable for a service rendered,
and shall endeavor to keep fees reasonable for
healing sessions and/or classes.

* We shall keep all records of and
communications with clients confidential.

* We shall observe and maintain clear and
appropriate interpersonal boundaries with clients and

* We shall under no condition use his/her
authority as a minister to attempt to solicit gifts,
or unduly induce a client to purchase unneeded goods
or services, or exploit a client's vulnerability.

* Each shall represent him/herself as such
in all public statements, in any publicity,
brochures, cards, or advertising regarding their
ministry, by using a title such as Reverend, Minister
or Pastor.

* Each minister must comply with the laws of his/her
resident State, as well as Universal Law.

* Our ministers will avoid soliciting testimonials.
However, unsolicited and truthful testimonials from
clients or students may be used if permission is

* Should a minister decide to teach, it is
necessary that they solicit the approval of their
teacher(s) if planning to use the teacher(s)'

* It is requested that each minister keep in touch
with the mother church a least every six months, and
notify the House of Grace of any address
change, if a center is being opened, or if the
formation of a church is being considered.

Should it come to the attention of the Board of
Directors of the House of Grace that the
conduct of any minister is inconsistent with the
ethical standards of the Church, or that such minister
is guilty of any action or offence that, according to
said Board of Directors, compromises their ability to
serve with humility and compassion, this may result in
the withdrawal of ordination.