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Personalized Spiritually Uplifting Gifts

The "Wise Men" followed the Stars, you can too!

Astrology Gift Certificate  Get an
Astrological Reading  with
Astrology Angel   Jan Carter  $90  
*Gift Certificates* 


Astrology  Reports 
Your next Years Astrology Outlook,  
Optimum Child Reports,
Your Relationships: Friends & Lovers,
The Asteroid Goddesses and You,
 Re-Location:  AstroCartoGraphy,
 Light on Your Sensually Playful Qualities,
Your Personal Stars and their Guidance in your Life,
  Personal Predictions,  Daily Calendars, and more...  $10 & up

You can quickly receive, read and easily print out or e-mail these Unique Personal Reports, usually sent in the universal Adobe Acrobat .pdf file format, or we can laser print and send them to you.




Health Inspiring Gifts

Divine Tune-Up Gift Certificate
A Divine Tune-Up - Share the Gift of Healing for  yourself or a friend!    $90, 

Special:  Tune-Up & Astrology Reading  $155            

Pet  Healing
DrLight Shines his LightHealing Special : get a Divine Tune-Up for your Best Friend.   $45


MiracleCrystal Salt  Crystal Salt is the Ultimate Mineral & Anti-Oxidant  Supplement  250 Million Years of Condensed Healing Power, 100% Pure & Natural For Health, Beauty and Vitality. Frequently Asked Questions about the Salt and it's Use. To Order yours today   Only $20 for a 6 month supply



Shegoi  Mother of All Plants  Herbals for Healing
Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Viral, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Fungal

      Capsules  $36,  Lotion and Spray $30




Goji Juice Bottle


Healthy  Anti-Aging  Super Juice  - A Gift from the Himalayas!
   Many Health Benefits...        and it's Delicious!




 *Gift Certificates*  Available for all our Services


Computer and Audio / Visual Stuff  
Computer Software:
Microsoft Office Professional 2003 and other Software for Sale and Exchange.


We are open to do Major Healing and Guidance in  Exchange for a Reliable Quality Diesel Motor Home.  Like with Cancer or other challenging conditions.