The ASAR Message
Book One: Remembering Your Truth

by Fletcher Johnston

Experience the Energy, Love, Wisdom, and Humor of ASAR, a messenger from the past, the Present and the Future. Also known as Osiris, Thoth, Hermes, Mercury and Yahweh, ASAR's messages as revealed in this book are profound and very meaningful at this pivotal point in our own and in our planet's evolution.260 pages; perfect bound; ** AVAILABLE NOW ! **; catalogue #01-0495; ISBN 1-55369-093-1; US $21.95 (Can $32.95)

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About the Book

Buried in the deep recesses of our subconscious is a memory; a memory of who we really are and the Divine powers we really possess and have possessed since the dawn of Creation.

Journey with ASAR in unlocking those memories and those powers to live a more complete and self-empowered life at this moment.

Through ASAR's gentle teachings, grounded in unconditional love, patience and humor, learn to create a new reality for yourself and for your Soul. In that newly created (or remembered) reality, awaken to your own unique and beautiful Truth - the Truth of your own Divinity.

As you read this book, you will remember perfection. You will remember peace, and you will remember Love in its purest form. You will remember a period in space and time when there existed a place that was built upon a foundation of that peace and of that Love.

You will remember your ability to create it again at this critical time.

Jan and Keth have journeyed on many Sacred Site Tours with ASAR and Fletcher, as well as received much guidance and counsel, he is a wonderful friend.

ASAR/RASA Tours, by Fletcher Johnson, author& channel; small group Channeling, Fri , Tampa by the Stadium, Tampa FL, first Friday of the Month, 7:30 -10 Pm, $20,  813-870-2527    Is frequently a guest Channel at our Saturday night Meditation/ Healing Circle at the House of Grace in New Port Richey FL
Bali& Thailand:Sept 14-28, 2005, Egypt:Nov 30-Dec 2, 2005 ~ Sacred Site Tours, Self-Empowerment, your truth and the healing of mind and Spirit...lick to download an Adobe Acrobat pdf file of each  Flayer.  To download Adobe Acrobat Reader  

About the Author

Fletcher Johnston was born and raised in New York's Hudson River Valley where he developed a lasting love and respect for the beauty of this planet. He spent many years in media and theatre production. Growing tired of the corporate world, he moved to the Carribbean where he operated a small hotel.

Since he was a child, Fletcher has always been aware of energetics around him. When ASAR appeared to him, it was like a reuion with an old friend. For the past twelve years, Fletcher has devoted his total energies to facilitating the ASAR message worldwide. He has channeled ASAR at seminars, workshops, and one-on-one sessions throughout the United States, as well as during sacred journeys to Egypt, Sinai, Peru, Bolivia, England, Scotland, France, India, Nepal, Tibet and the South Pacific.

Fletcher lives in the southern part of the United States and when he is not traveling, he enjoys gardening, cooking, and just sitting by the water... doing nothing.

He may be reached by e-mail at or by telephone at (813) 870-2527.

Sample Excerpts   from  "The ASAR Message"

"... science has left many basic questions unanswered. New theories are always presented to challenge the old... with no one scientific rule holding over long periods of time... It is encouraging to know that universal truths do exist and that they apply to all of creation. The search... is a personal journey that brings us all together in the harmony of creation."

R. Shemesh, MD

"When you read this book, you will see or feel glimpses of a perfect world. It is a world we can create - we ARE creating it! When you read this book, you will remember Who You Are. And you will remember the gentleness, compassion and endless love of the messenger - You will remember ASAR."

Mary D. East, CHC
Founder, Genesis2

"To say the Asar's discourses have changed me for the better is not an exaggeration. Now I enjoy my won company and value my self-worth. I know I am a good human being who is beneficial for humanity and the world. That has been Asar's gift to me."

Irene Stachow, CRNA


The "Christ-mus" Messages
Shift Happens
Separation and Limitation
Love and Fear
As You Think, So You Are
Creativity and Manifestation
Dreams and Manifestation
You Are All Channels
What Is Your Truth?

Catalogue Information

CIP: National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication DataJohnston, Fletcher	The ASAR messageContents: Bk. 1.  Remembering your truth.ISBN 1-55369-093-1	1. Spiritual life.  I. Title.BP610.J64 2002		     291.4		  C2001-903920-4

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