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Keth has been a Professional Photographer (Terry Luke) and Photo-Artist for over 20 years.  Working for many major Corporations and Businesses he also exhibited his PhotoArt work at Art Shows all across the country. (Click on Pics for a lager view)     Some related News Stories

Professional Photographer & Photo-Artist for over 20 years, see examples of his Art Work: Celebrity PhotoGraphySacred Sites GalleriesGuru/Teacher GalleryPhotoGraphy Gallery Index PagePortrait & Model GalleryNatural Art Model GalleryBeings of Light Gallery.   Copyright  Keth Luke 2013, all rights reserved.

Copyright  Keth Luke 2006, all rights reserved.

These are a selection of the PhotoGraphics that Keth photographed, printed, and displayed in many many Art Shows over the years
(Click on Pics for a lager view)

Keth (Terry Luke) Master of Light, worked as a Professional Photo Artist and Freelance Photographer for over twenty years.  He was an Exhibiting Member and on the Board of Directors of the Michigan Guild of Artists and Artisans one of the largest Artist organizations in this country.  He exhibited his work in art shows, for over 15 years, all across the United States.  He was also an Exhibiting Memberof The California Professional Artists Society, the Artists Touring Association & Pasco Photography Club. Was an active member for many years of the Detroit Producers Assoc, International Assoc. of Television Arts and Sciences and the American Woman in Radio and TelevisionHe was also the Publicity Chairman of the West Pasco Art Guild.

Professional Clients 
As a  Professional Photographer (Light Bringer) Keth (Terry Luke) worked in the Media for many large organizations including: ABC,  NBC,  Ford Motor Co, General Motors,  NewsWeek,  EDS,  Kelly Services,  WJBK TV-2, WDIV TV-4, WXYZ TV-7,  Maritz Communications,  Robert Soloman & Assoc  Advertising,  Berline Group,  Mars Adv.  Sound Suite Studios,  Capital Records,  Ampex Corp,  Cable News Network,  NET TV,  Detroit News, UPI,  MSU,  Michigan Bell,  Little Caesars,  MI Board of Ed,  OCC, Oakland Co Bar Association,  Legal News,  Mix Magazine,  Bob Seger,  Mix Magazine,  Joe Lewis Arena,  Clark Equipment,  Borg Warner,   Westinghouse,  Carnegie Institute,  Detroit Producers Assoc,   International Assoc. of Television Arts and Sciences...  


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Celebrity PhotoGraphy
of the Rich and Famous and Fun

Spiritual Teachers & Channels of Keth's and photographed by Keth (Terry Luke)

Jan's ModelingPortfolio Gallery I  Gallery II  2002  Tampa Bay Area by Keth
Jan's past Modeling and Photo Gallery 
Starting in 1985 on Oprah's TV show and including newer photos of her with Celebrities and friends. 

Informal Portrait Gallery    Keth Luke (Terry Luke) People PhotoGraphy
Animal Portraits and Beings

Natural Art Model Gallery   Art Show Sensual Art by Keth.

Dr Light Super Dog in Action with his friends. 1998-2002

  Sacred Site Photo Gallery I- Oct/Nov 2000

Peru &Bolivia Sacred Site Photo Gallery I  - May/June 2001

USA  Sacred Site Photo Gallery I by Keth

England Sacred Site Photo Gallery I - Aug/Sept 2001

Scotland Sacred Site Photo Gallery -  Aug/Sept 2001

Sacred Site Photo Gallery -  Sept 2001

UAC World Astrology Conference  July 2002  Orlando FL

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