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White Gold Alchemy
 From The Hathors, through Tom Kenyon

< Hathor picture in Egypt by Keth on one of the Sacred Site Tours.

How can one person make a differencein the midst of such vast planetary changes?

As one looks at the crises that exist on so many levels - the pollution of
the air and water, the near collapse of the ecosystem, the geological earth
changes that are just beginning, the drastic weather changes that are taking
place which threaten food supplies, as well as the breakdown of society and
institutions - one can be overwhelmed.

From our vantage point, we see these planetary challenges becoming more
. The prophecies about earth changes were correct, but the
timelines were not. Due to the efforts of many, many individuals, alone and
collectively, working in the areas of consciousness, the very extreme
damaging planetary effects were averted. For a while. But this time of grace
is running out.

This is not meant to frighten anyone, but to create a context for
understanding. The process of growth requires that something be dissolved.
The seed, when it begins to grow, pushes through the old husk that has been
protecting it. This is the process which many levels of your culture are
going through.

The old patterns of dealing with the world, with life, with economics and
with the eco system are no longer working
. Your institutions are
floundering, trying to work in the old ways, but you are watching the death
throes of cultural dinosaurs. This is a very difficult time, because the new
way of being collectively in relationship to life.  is in the process of
forming, but it has not yet formed. As the pressures for growth and change
increase, you will see an increase in stress at all levels. You will see an
increase in stress within the tectonic plates; the continents themselves;
stress within the ecosystem, the biology of earth; stress within the
institutions of your society as they struggle to deal with the massive
changes that are and will occur; and finally stress individually as you try
to cope with the changes that seem to be ever increasing.

In solving a problem it is sometimes most effective to go to the next level
above the problem.
Rather than dealing with it directly, you go to an
expanded view. Regardless of what is occurring in your life in terms of the
events and situations, if you are more energetically balanced, you will deal
with these events and situations more effectively.  The ancient alchemical
practice of White Gold allows an individual to elevate himself or herself in
a remarkably quick and easy manner
. The effect is that consciousness soars
above the problems, and new opportunities and relationships that were not
seen before become self apparent. This is how the alchemy of consciousness
can be used to have very immediate and practical benefits. In addition, as
individuals become more resourceful and creative in their responses to the
chaos of change around them, society itself is elevated and collectively you
will be able to solve problems that seem unsolvable at the moment.

There is a third aspect to this balancing however,  and that is regarding
Earth herself, Earth as a conscious, living being.
By circulating White Gold
through an alchemical meditation, you help to bring a refining and balancing
effect to the Earth itself.

In a very real sense, Earth is quite capable of recovering from the damage
that has been done
, but in the process of purifying herself mankind might
easily disappear. It is not clear at this time what the outcome will be.
This is very much in your hands individually and collectively.

From the global perspective, circulating White Gold through the energy
pathways of Earth may help to awaken individuals; it may help you
collectively to recognize your situation. So in this regard, the World
Alchemy Mediation, while directed to the Earth, is actually directed toward
your selves. If you collectively awaken to the sacredness of life and your
duty to protect it, then you can avert the disasters and the predictions. If
you are unable to rise to the occasion, Earth will simply shake you from
herself and your history and culture will pass into oblivion like so many
before you.

But regardless of whether your society survives these times or not, if you
attain the White Gold Alchemy, you will reach heightened states of
consciousness and awareness and openings to new ways of being will become
apparent to you that may not be seen by others.

In this process it is important to understand that the Silver and Gold are
not arbitrary.
The specific vibrational energies of their colors and
essences interact in specific ways to create White Gold. It is the precise
vibratory nature of White Gold that is crucial in this process.

If you consider the visible spectrum, for instance, you will note that the
color red stimulates whereas the color blue calms. This is a very simplistic
way of describing the differences in the vibratory effects of color. In the
meditational use of color, the effects are similar though more subtle.  The
vibrational nature of silver is calming, receptive.  The vibrational nature
of gold is stimulating and active.  At a deeper place in consciousness, gold
and silver are directly related to the internal male/female and solar/lunar
aspects of  one's own subtle energies. By working with the specific colors
of gold
and silver, as opposed to other colors, the practitioner aligns
himself or herself with this deeper cosmic principle.  The roots of this
understanding are interstellar and are shared by many intergalactic
cultures. It is one of the fastest ways to elevate consciousness that we can
offer, and that is why it is being offered at this time.

As your earth enters a more rapid period of transformation, you will find
ever-increasing levels of chaos.
These chaotic states are a necessary
transition from one level of energy and consciousness to another. This chaos
is showing up in your lives individually, collectively and globally. In the
physics of this universe, there is no other way to transition.

How ever you deal with these states of chaos has a tremendous impact on your
ability to move through them gracefully or not. We wish to offer a very
simple alchemical process to allow you to balance your own subtle energies
thereby assisting you to self balance in these times of chaotic transition.

In addition, we wish to present a means for you to work globally using the
same alchemical process. From an alchemical standpoint, higher states of
consciousness and awareness are attained when the Solar and Lunar channels
within your KA body (etheric body) are balanced.  It is a question of
balancing the active and receptive aspects of self. By accomplishing this
task individually you purify the subtle pathways within your own body and
bring your consciousness to a more balanced place. By doing this alchemical
meditation regularly you can reinforce yourself, strengthen yourself, to
deal with the various levels of chaos around you.

****The Individual Process****

To do this alchemical meditation you would sit comfortably or lie down with
your awareness focused about an inch behind the bridge of the nose. This
area in the brain is that of the pituitary and hypothalamus. The pituitary
is the master regulator of the endocrine system, an important key to higher
states of consciousness.  And the hypothalamus is the brain's relay
information center. In this area, but at a more subtle level within the KA
body, or the etheric body, there is an energy vortex or chakra, called the
Third Eye or Ajna Center. On the right side of the Ajna is a small Sun, and
on the left side of the Ajna is a small Moon. The hermetic alchemists of
ancient Egypt coined a phrase, "As above, so below. As within, so without."
This means that each level of creation, is recapitulated in the next level
above and below.

For instance if you look at the atom, the electrons move about the nucleus
in elliptical or spherical orbits
. At the level of the solar system the
planets move around the Sun in a similar fashion. Within the human energy
body or KA, the solar energies of the Sun on the right side of the Ajna
extend up into the center of the head in the area of the pineal gland, and
down the spine to the base chakra, or Muladhara. This comprises the solar

On the left side of the Ajna the lunar circuit runs up to the center of the
head in the area of the pineal gland, as does the solar circuit. It then
runs down the left side of the spine to the base of the spine or the
Muladhara. The sun emits a gold like energy that can be perceived as having
liquid like qualities. The moon emits a silver like energy that can be
perceived as a silver like liquid. When the gold and silver combine the
result is White Gold, which at an alchemical level represents the
distillation of the balance between the solar and lunar, the masculine and
feminine circuits.

This White Gold has many properties, including an ability to purify the
subtle pathways within the body, called nadis by the yogis and yoginis. This
White Gold has an immediate beneficial and balancing effect upon
consciousness. By itself it has immense abilities to refine consciousness
and awareness, and this process can be used on its own or in a preparation
for deeper meditation, for it greatly facilitates heightened states of

To do the meditation, sit or lie down, as we indicated.

Close the eyes and find a breathing pattern that is very comfortable and
relaxing, letting yourself relax into each exhale. You may find it helpful
to play music that is relaxing for you and that allows you to turn your
awareness inside. We have prepared a series of tones that have been recorded
and greatly facilitate this alchemical process. However it is not absolutely
necessary for the meditation to be effective. The tones simply enhance the

As one inhales naturally, draw the Gold light from the sun from the
Ajna/pituitary area about an inch behind the bridge of the nose, up into the
center of the head into the pineal gland.  As you exhale, let this Gold
energy circulate through the brain and move down into the spine to the
Muladhara, the base chakra.
On the next breath you simply draw the Silver light from the Moon in the
Ajna/pituitary center up into the center of the head, the pineal gland.

On the exhale, let the silver light circulate through the brain, down the
spine into the Muladhara, the base chakra.

On the third breath you draw both gold and silver light from the sun and the
moon together up into the pineal gland where they meet and are transformed
into White Gold.

Then on the exhale, as before, you allow the White Gold to circulate through
the brain, down the spine, and to the Muladhara, or base chakra. This is one
complete cycle.

We would suggest repeating this at least three more times in order to
experience the alchemical effects of the White Gold
. This would only take a
few minutes, but would have immense positive benefits. Try it before your
other meditations and you will discover that they are deeply enhanced. As a
meditation on its own, we would suggest repeating this procedure for about
ten minutes and then resting for a few minutes afterwards.

This is the individual alchemical process. Doing this on a regular basis
will greatly enhance your ability to deal with chaos, through its balancing
affects. You will also find your general intelligence and creativity
increasing as well as your subtle intuitive abilities.  All of these effects
occur as a simple result of activating and balancing the internal Solar and
Lunar circuits.  David Hudson : White Gold  Audios  Antoine Dubuc       M-3 Solution Information

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