Your Name:  Jan Carter & Keth Luke
Group's Name: 
The Uranian Circle
Your Office or Position within the group:  Co-founder/Member/Coordinator
How long you've been a member of the group:  Since it was founded - May 16, 2002
If you so desire, please give a brief statement on your involvement with astrology and with your group.
(For example: How were you introduced to astrology?  What motivates you to volunteer your time to your group?  Do you practice astrology professionally?  What are your personal goals for youth group and for your relationship with astrology?)
Jan's Background
I first became involved in Astrology in 1986 when my boyfriend at the time bought me a computer program (which he later regretted).  One of my earliest teachers was Barbara Schermer in Chicago.  I enjoyed her use of Art, Dreams and AstroDrama.  I wrote a poem entitled "Pluto's Message" that she preformed at the '92 UAC (and my present partner Keth heard it) in Washington, D.C.  She still has it on her website.  I started my Astrology practice in 1990.  My partner and I do Energy Healing work and give Astrology Guidance/Counseling and teach classes on Healing and Astrology.  Zip Dobyns and Maritha Pottenger were my teachers at the Featherpipe Ranch in Montana in '94 and I have a strong affinity to their teachings and philosophies.  My goal as an Astrologer is to help Awaken humanity to new levels of understanding and consciousness through my writing, teaching, and counseling/healing

Uranian Circle History of Circle & Jan History

We attended a workshop with Gary Christen on Uranian Astrology earlier this year and several of us decided to form a group to focus on the Uranian System.  Alfred Witte was the founder of Uranian Astrology.  He has a very tight Mercury/Venus/Moon conjunction opposite Uranus.  The day we thought of forming the group - Uranus was transiting exactly on his Natal Moon.  We have a very enthusiastic group.  We have been meeting twice a month at various people's homes.  Two of the members have given formal talks and demonstrations and we will be bringing people in for workshops.  Our main goals are to learn about the Uranian System and enjoy the camaraderie.  There is no hierarchy, which is a pleasure.  .  The Uranian System is new to most of us and seems to be somewhat obscure to most Astrologers.  Perhaps our group is a part of an emergence of this system - we'll see where it leads.  There is a large group of Uranian Astrologers in Miami.  There is a plan to meet with other Uranian Astrologers at UAC to coordinate bringing in speakers and connecting in this region.  We enjoy participating in helping to create these opportunities.                   

Your Phone Number:  727-842-6788
Your Email address:
Your Website:
Group Information:  Uranian Circle
(Basic Information)
Group's Address:  5438 Tennessee Ave.
Group's Phone Number:  727-842-6788
Group's Email Address:
Group's Website:    (a work in progress)
"Birth data" of group (if unknown, give approximate age):  May 16, 2002     7:00 PM     New Port Richey, FL
Is the group affiliated with a larger organization, if so, which one?  No
Frequency of meetings and total number annually:  twice monthly
Type of meeting facility:  Various members' homes.  Generally, we gather in a large circle.
 Number of Members
        Current (active):  14
        Former (inactive):
Age range of membership and average age:  29-68
Are there any interesting demographic features of your group?  no
Please give approximate numbers or percentages for the following:
        Number of full-time professional astrologers:  2
        Number of part-time professional astrologers:  5
        Number of amateurs having at least a basic knowledge of astrology:  5
        Number of beginners:  2
Briefly describe how the group maintains and builds membership:  Personal sharing and website.
(Philosophy and Programming)
Does the group have a "mission statement?"  Not officially yet. 
If so, what is it?
If not, how would you describe your group's philosophy and purpose?  Our goal is to share and learn about Uranian Astrology.  We each bring our gifts, talents, ideas, material and new insights to share with the group.  There is no hierarchy.  Our larger purpose is to bring Heart to Astrology.
Type or format of meetings (speaker, discussion, class, ):  Meetings vary.  We've had speakers and sometimes just group discussions.  We are a new group and are still developing our formats.
Does the group have additional offerings such as workshops, classes, or study groups?  Yes, we will be offering workshops and classes.  Our group is a kind of study group itself.
Do you have guest speakers; how are they selected?  So far we have had several members speak.  We plan to bring in guest speakers such as Gary Christen.  Our selection of speakers will be through group consensus.  We will be networking at UAC to meet other potential speakers.
What does your group do in the area of education (sponsor classes, testing, etc.)?  We will be sponsoring classes and workshops.
How does your program balance the needs of professionals and amateurs within the same group?  Through sharing.  We encourage each member to read and practice and suggest reading material.  Everyone seems to enjoy themselves no matter what level.  The more advanced members enjoy developing their teaching skills. 
Does your group restrict itself to astrological topics only?  As a focus, yes.
(i.e. excluding Tarot, Palmistry, Feng Shui, Numerology, etc.}
Does you group celebrate "International Astrology Day" (March 21) with any special event(s)? Not yet.
Do Officers have a limited or indefinite term in office?  There is no hierarchy.
What is the breakdown of the positions and the term limit for each?
Is there a Board of Directors?  The whole group is the Board.
How many people on the Board?
How often does your Board meet?
What type of sub-committees does the Board contain?  I have taken on the role of Communications and maintaining the website which will be up shortly.  There are no formal assignments.
        (Membership, Media, Communications, Publicity, Hospitality, Research, etc.)
Does the group maintain book or tape libraries (please give a brief description)?  No
Do you send out a newsletter, if so, how frequently and to how many people?   No
What types of media and publicity does your group employ to announce events or offer services?  Word of mouth, email and website.
Do you maintain an Info Line or Phone Line? No
Do you publish a directory of members?  Not yet.
Please describe any social events or community projects the group might host:  House parties/study groups.
Do you charge membership dues, how much?  No
Is there an additional charge for lectures and/or workshops?  Yes
Do you fund raise, please describe?  No
Do you vend at your events?  No
A Space for you to write "what's on your mind."
I feel as Uranus moves into Pisces, our role as Astrologers will be flowing into the "mainstream", as we take on a greater role as Healers/Awakeners and Creators of a new paradigm.  These are truly exciting times!