Scotland  Sacred Site Tour Photo Gallery - Aug/Sept 2001
We toured Edinburgh Castle and Jed burgh (childhood home of Mary Queen of Scots) the old abbey ruins, and also had an evening which included the Highland dancers, bagpipers, Highland Scottish dining and an ancient Scottish ceremony.  We toned in Roslyn Chapel built in the 1400's as an ancient replica of King Solomon's Temple with  the Knights of Templar where Keth had a past life. With ASAR we experienced the energy of the Arc of the Convenient and other ancient relics purported to have been transported to Roslyn during the Holy Crusades.

England Sacred Site Tour Photo Gallery - Aug/Sept 2001
Southern Great Britain has been one of the primary metaphysical centers for sacred teachings throughout time.  Privately meditate or reflect to connect with the esoteric mysteries at the circle of Stonehenge. See Castles galore.  Steep yourself in the aura of Arthurian legend in Avebury, Glastonbury, Isle of Avalon and more.  Ancient memories bridge the modern world with visits to Winchester Cathedral, Bath, and two days in London.  Highlights are the Tower of London and British Museum

France   Sacred Site Tour Photo Gallery - Sept 2001 
We took a Hoverspeed ride across the English Channel to France to visit the site of the burning of Joan of Arc, as well as her burial place.  We visited the Abbey of Mont St. Michel and Chambord.  We spent an afternoon with Rasa at Chenonceaux (16th Century Castle of Catherine de Medici).  We visited Amboise (residence of Charles VIII), and the burial place of Leonardo de Vinci.  Then on to Chartres, 5th Century Gothic Cathedrale.  We also visited Versailles, the Louvre, Monmartre, Notre Dame and had dinner at the Eiffel Tower.