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We may not always be nice, we are  going through our stuff too.

Rev Keth is
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Etheric Surgeon, Knights of the Solar Cross recognized and honored through out the Galactic Federation, but not by backward Medical Systems such as our own.

Jan is a US Licensed Health Care Professional.  MT(ASCP)


We Are Ordained Ministers   GOD / Goddess is our SOURCE and does the Activations & Healing...


DrLight is Officially Licensed #10-46317 to practice in Pasco County Florida and is a Registered Senior Higher Service Dog.
do not perform procedures considered dangerous, such as cutting, puncturing the skin or prescribing or recommending the non-use of prescription drugs.  We do not do anything which could cause an imminent risk of significant harm. We do Not do massage.

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 Dr Usui

What is Reiki?
   see the end for the various Reiki Modalities

Reiki (pronounced RAY-key) is the practice of transmitting healing energy through the hands.  Literally translated, REI is "working with" and Ki or Qi is "Universal Life Energy".  The practitioner is a channel for this Energy.

Reiki is an ancient method of hands-on healing.  It utilizes the universal life force energy to heal, balance, relax and to reconnect your body and soul. You will walk away from your Reiki session feeling peaceful, alive, relaxed and with a  powerful sense of well-being.  *In no way should Reiki substitute treatment from a licensed Medical Physician unless they're not needed.


When applied for purposes of healing, Reiki...can
*Reduces stress
*Accelerates the body's ability to heal physical ailments
*Alleviates anxiety
*Goes to the source of the ailment versus just the symptoms
*Assists in meditation and prayer
*Promotes creativity
*Strengthens the immune system through relaxation
*Strengthens intuition
*Assists in controlling anger
*Lower's blood pressure through relaxation
*Decreases the symptoms of depression
*Brings life into balance


History of Reiki

Reiki HealingReiki is an ancient healing technique that involves the laying-on of hands.  It is thousands of years old and is thought to have originated as a Tibetan Buddhist practice.  It is a very simple yet powerful healing technique.

Please keep in mind that there are many different versions to the history of Reiki
.  Following is one version of the history that was told to me by one of my Reiki Masters.  If you would like to read more about Reiki's history, for a more in depth view, I suggest the books "Torch in the Daylight" and "The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr Mikao Usui".

Although Reiki is thousands of years old it was recently rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in the late 1800's.  Dr Usui was the director and Christian Priest of a small University in Kyoto Japan. One day, some of his senior students asked him if he believed in the healing miracle of Christ. He told them that he did.  The boys then asked if it was true that, in the Bible, Jesus says that we could do anything that he could do.  Dr Usui answered that this was true. The boys then asked Usui to show them how Jesus healed by touch. Unable to do so, Usui began his quest to study the healing methods of Christ.

During his search, he came across some material that greatly interested him in Buddhist scriptures.  Usui was aware that Buddha had also possessed the power of healing and so he searched for information on the methods Buddha used. In doing this, Usui learned the ancient Indian language of Sandskirt and studied original Buddhist texts.  In one of these ancient writings he found the symbols and mantras, which are now used in the Reiki system of healing.  However, at that time, Usui did not know how he should use the symbols and names in conjunction with healing.

Usui spent a considerable amount of time in a Buddhist monastery during his quest. He became close with the monastary's head abbot.  Per the abbot's suggestion, he embarked on a 21-day meditation and fast on a holy mountain near Kyoto.  Before he began his meditation on the mountain he made a pile of 21 rocks. As each day passed he would remove one rock from the pile.  On the 21st day he removed the last rock, nothing had happened.  Frustrated and discouraged he began down the mountain.  Just then an enormous white light appeared in the sky. This light moved quickly towards him.  It struck him in the middle of the forehead and he found himself in a deep state of consciousness.  During this deep meditative state the symbols, of which he had seen in the ancient Buddhist writings, appeared to him.  Simultaneously, the application of the symbols became clear to him and he felt charged with a powerful healing force.  At the end of this incredible occurrence Usui began, once again, down the mountain. In his haste he stubbed his toe quite badly, causing it not only to throb but to bleed as well.  When he grabbed his foot in pain the bleeding and throbbing stopped immediately.  This was his first experience of such extraordinary and rapid healing.

For years and years Dr Usui used his healing technique on the poor and the ill but with unsettling results.  After a while he realized that the people he was healing would remain healthy and would "return to society" but only for a short period of time, only to return to him months later in the same condition that they had been before their first treatment.  This is when he realized that there needed to be an "exchange of energy" and a will to be healed.  After this realization he opened the first Reiki clinic.  Here, people could come for treatments and the energy exchange would be to pay for them, whether it was money, goods or services.  Many of the patients would work at the clinic for their payment.  He found that the people he treated were healed and stayed healthy.

This is where he passed on his knowledge of the healing technique as well.  He not only had clients but students as well.  One person initiated as a Reiki Master, under Dr Usui, was Churjiro Hayashi.  All the other's were killed in World War II.

Years later, Churjiro Hayashi initiated Hawayo Takata as a Reiki master.  Hawayo Takata was a young woman from Hawaii.  She suffered from a number of serious disorders, including tumors, and originally came to the clinic as a patient.  For payment of her treatments she would clean rooms, change beds and do other housekeeping chores for the clinic.  As a result of her treatments she was completely cured of all of her ailments. In 1938 she was initiated by Dr Hayashi as a Reiki Master of the Usui System. After Hayashi's death in 1941,   Takata became his successor. She would be the only Reiki Master for many years. As far as is known, she was the only Master until 1976.

She took the Usui System of healing back to Hawaii with her and practiced for many years.  In the last years before her death, she began to train some of her students to be Reiki Masters.  By the time she died, in 1980, she had initiated 22 Reiki Masters.


Jan, Keth and DrLight are Usui Reiki Master Teachers.  Keth has received many Master Attunements in Usui, Karuna, Kundalini and Tibetan Seichim Reiki as well as many other healing modalities.  Jan, Keth and Dr Light  studied and practiced healing in Maui Hawaii for many years at the Aloha Dolphin Sanctuary & Ranch.    Keth does both in person and remote Healer and Advanced Complimentarty Energy Therapy Attunements.

What is involved in a Reiki session?

Reiki is deeply relaxing and creates a sense of well-being, which can increase the rate of recovery. The sensation felt by a recipient of Reiki is usually a deep feeling of warmth or cool and comfort. I have had many of my clients explain a sensation of "floating" or of feeling very light with a deep sense of euphoria and peace.

In your Reiki session you will be asked to lie down or to sit comfortably, whichever you prefer. You remain clothed except for special problems.  As the practitioner, I will lay my hands on different areas of your body (see below).  If you wish not to be touched I can leave my hands 1-3 inches above your body. This does not effect the healing process in any way.
I don't use the traditionally taught hand positions very much, I Directly Know what to do and where to go. The main areas of focus consist of the top of the head (crown), the forehead, the throat, the heart, the solar plexis/spleen, the sacral (stomach area) and the base (pelvis).  Other areas of focus include the jaw, the shoulders, the hips, the knees, the ankles, the feet and the back.  Depending on your wishes and my intuition more may be added, such as the arms, hands or kidneys if necessary. Even though certain "areas" are touched during a Reiki session, one of the amazing things is that the Reiki knows EXACTLY where it needs to go.  It seeks out to heal the CAUSE of an illness not just the symptoms.
Reiki is God's Love (Grace) in it's purest form.  It is completely unconditional.  Reiki heals the body, mind and soul, bringing them into harmony and creating peace.





Distant Healing

You can also receive a distant healing.  You do not need to be in the same room, the same city or even the same country.  Because Reiki uses the Universal Life Force Energy that is all around us it can be sent all around the world, wherever it is needed. It can be done using a photograph, a personal item from the recipient or with nothing but a piece of a paper with the recipient's name on it. A distant healing can work just as good as a hands on. If you would like to try a distant healing please contact me via E-mail.  This is and has been a specialty of Keth's for almost twenty years.

All healing is done "for the highest and best good of all with harm to none".



Becoming a Reiki Practioner:

Reiki is transferred to students by Reiki Masters through a series of Attunements.  During an attunement process, the Master selects a series of symbols, which represent important points located along a person's energy field, and guides them through higher vibrations of energy.  This Attunement process enables recipients to access the healing energy on their own—and in turn, help others to access it too.

There are three degrees, taught traditionally. Some schools teach 4 and some as many as eight degrees or levels. The following descriptions are one way of describing the four levels of Reiki.

REIKI First Degree:
This is the beginning level. The training includes powerful and sacred First Degree activating initiations,
REIKI First Degree is the basic level of training that gives a student an understanding of how the system came into being, the external form of the system, how to facilitate healing for oneself, loved ones, and others. This is the entry-level training to the system. With this teaching one can reestablish balance in the Four Aspects of their Being, commonly known as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

Second Degree REIKI:
This is available to those who have completed the First Degree, have continuously been using it for a few months and want to pursue a higher more powerful level. It includes a powerful, sacred Second Degree initiation, which attunes you to dynamic, multi-dimensional energy keys or symbols. These sacred symbols allow you to access many different levels or dimensions of energy. A discussion of the symbols and their origins as well as their precise usage is given. Specific techniques of absentee healing, personal transformation and healing mental/emotional disorders are also presented.

Third Degree REIKI:
This level is for personal mastery, personal growth, transformation and increased enlightenment. It is available to those students who have been continuously working with Second Degree Reiki and feel ready for the next level. Psychic surgery and the making of crystal grids are taught at this stage to enable the learner to remove energy blocks. Students are also taught how to make an Energy Grid which brings in more light and love to the planet and sends continuous Reiki treatments as well as a procedure to remove particularly difficult energy blocks.

Master or Teacher Level REIKI:
This is for those students who wish to teach Reiki. It is necessary that a continuous use of Reiki and a prerequisite of Third Degree for Personal Mastery be completed before applying for the Master/Teacher level.  In this level, one is taught how to do attunements, which opens the recipient to receive greater amounts of Reiki energy. These attunements are initiatory, and are designed to help you access more energy when giving hands-on or absentee treatments.

This level requires a deep commitment to the integrity of the system and the integration of Reiki as a lifestyle. It gives you the complete science for activating First, Second, Third and Master/ Teacher degrees.  It contains advanced techniques in energy activation, balance, direction and modulation for healing, transformation, integration and inner-illumination.  It is not just a step up in energy, it is a way of being.  The Master/Teacher level is available only upon request and interview.

Why would a Reiki Master choose to teach more than three levels? The answer we have found most often is that there is so much wonderful information and many additional powerful Healing Symbols to pass on to the Master candidate. Rather than having the Master student apprentice for a year to learn the complete system, some teachers have chosen to add additional levels to the teaching.  Specific lengths of time between classes are usually required to allow the energy to incorporate within the person and giving them a set amount of time to practice what they have learned.



Reiki SymbolReiki, Usui  levels I-II-III & Advanced  Attunements  includes Attunement, Empowerment, Awakening-Healing, professional Certification Certificate & manual $ 90 for each level, or $ 60 Remotely.   Reiki Master Teacher  level includes Attunement, Healing, Certification Certificate, Attunement instruction tape and manual  $ 135.

Taokan Karuna Reiki & Advanced Attunements includes Attunement, Certification Certificate & Manual $ 100 each level.






Seichim ~ Living Light Energy: The original full power ancient Tibetan system for connecting with the Living Light Energy.  A healing practice with attunements to different symbols and a different style of using them.

Seichim appeared in Egypt over 5,000 years ago, reappeared in Southern India and was perfected in Tibet. 



Seichim is the original full-power Tibetan system for connecting with Living Light Energy.



Goddess Sekmet in Egypt pic by KethThrough an Initiation procedure - a Self-Empowerment - energy centers of the head, heart and hands are activated and the student accesses a balanced, Healing  "Sea of Energy".  The process is like attaching cable to a television set.  Once installed, a special receiver attracts and translates channels which were unavailable before.  The "cable" in this case is the ancient system of advanced healing symbols and sounds, a closely guarded secret through the ages.   The student becomes a transmitter of those "channels" through direct touch or by laser-like projection of Universal Pranic Energy. 

Living Light Energy addresses the subtler aspects of cause, releasing even the deeply held thought forms in the etheric body which create the symptoms of blockages in our physical form.  In the physical body every molecule and cell is affected in a cleansing, balancing healing manner by consistent use of Seichim.  Seichim is a powerful, compact, effective system for becoming permanently and experientially connected with Living Light Energy. 

Keth received his first 'Seichim' Initiations in 1991 personally through Reiki Master and Tantric Teacher Jaya Tatum and 7th degree Tibetan Seichim Reiki initiator and Tantric Master Sunyata Saraswati as empowered by Tsampa Yeshe Norbu Rimpoche of the Trishu Shambhala Tibetan Lingka (Tibetian Monastery) of the Nine Fire Dragons in Tibet, where Sanyata studied and grew up and later had the Tantric Kriya Institute in Sedona AZ. 


Keth is also an Initiated Master Teacher 2001, and Lifetime Ordained Minister of Taokan Karuna and Taokan SeikimTM Methods of Reiki Energy Healing of the Thailand Taokan Order of Reiki Healers of the Taokan Temples International Association of Thailand .  Also connecting with that Energy while he was in Viet Nam and Jan In Thailand.


Seichim Reiki, Living Light  SymbolTibetan Seichim  Living Light Energy Attunements,   includes Attunements, Certification & Manual.  We send you the manual as a .pdf file (that you can read & print out), council  you over the phone, do the Attunements Remotely and send you a beautiful professional Certification CertificateThere are First, Second and Third Facet Seichim Initiations.  Attunement initiations for each level are $100.




There are many other Reiki's that people have experienced and shared.


Karuna Reiki: Hawaiian influenced Reiki, brouht to popularity by Michigan friend Bill Rand after his stay in Hawaii.  More on his Reiki web site.  Keth and Bill were friends and did exchanges 15 years ago in Micigan.

Kundalini Reiki:Reiki integrated with Kundalini energy awakening in the body.

Taokan Reiki:  A unique Thai style of Reiki, through the Taokan Order of Reiki Healers, Taokan Temple International Assoc.  Suphan Buri 72000, Thailand.  Keth is a Taokan Reiki Master Teacher.

Sahaja Reiki:  A unique innerly guided style of Reiki used by Keth, activated during attunements with  7th degree Tibetan Reiki initiator and Tantric master Sunyata Saraswati as empowered by Tsampa Yeshe Norbu Rimpoche of the Trishu Shambhala Tibetan Lingka.




Keth is a advanced Reiki Master Teacher of all of these Reiki modalities and many more.
 Jan is an advanced Usui Reiki Master.

Come feel the warm, healing energy of Reiki for yourself. This simple but powerful technique can be used for self healing and healing others. It's easy to do and effectively relieves pain, speeds the body's own healing, brings deep relaxation and restful sleep. yourself a favor...




Reiki I - Laying on of Hands - Simply Relaxing

The Reiki I Certification class teaches hands-on Reiki healing for yourself and others. You'll learn to let the gently powerful and deeply relaxing Reiki energy flow through you. This is a gift to yourself and to those you want to help, whether they are family and friends or a clients.

Reiki II
Certification Class Includes:

Learn the Reiki symbols and how they let you send healing anywhere in almost no time. Send healing into the past or the future and have a healing repeat over and over by setting a simple intention. Use the Reiki energy to start the battery of your car, do effective and rapid healing of bruises, burns and other first aid uses. Learn to help your children go quickly to sleep and stay asleep until the morning and much more!

Reiki works well when combined with other healing techniques such as massage. It is a great starting place for those who want to experience spiritual healing energy for the first time, for those who want to expand more traditional therapies to a deeper level or for use when family or friends need comfort, healing or relaxation. One class certifies you as a Reiki I Practitioner.

Reiki III - Master Teacher Certification
Reiki Master Teacher Certification Opens your Reiki healing energy to a spiritual level of healing. As a Reiki III student you will learn to teach all levels of Reiki and pass Reiki Attunements - the process which opens the Reiki healing channel within your students and become certified to teach Reiki to others.


Events   Classes   Workshops   Presentations  ~  Healing Offerings


All the Reiki's are Included in a Divine Tune-Up


A Divine Tune-Up will Enhance and Aid your Awakening-Healing Process

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