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Warning Disclaimer:
This information is under-stated.  Major stuff will Happen in Your Life!

Get a Session Now and Save Your Body, Mind & Soul much pain, time, work and money. 

We are very Gentle and low key but we carry a Big Light Saber with lots of Light.  ~ 
edi we are.
We may not always be nice, we are  going through our stuff too.

Rev Keth is
not a Florida licensed health care practitioner. He is an
Etheric Surgeon, Knights of the Solar Cross recognized and honored through out the Galactic Federation, but not by backward Medical Systems such as our own.

Jan is a US Licensed Health Care Professional.  MT(ASCP)


We Are Ordained Ministers   GOD / Goddess is our SOURCE and does the Activations & Healing...


DrLight is Officially Licensed #10-46317 to practice in Pasco County Florida and is a Registered Senior Higher Service Dog.
do not perform procedures considered dangerous, such as cutting, puncturing the skin or prescribing or recommending the non-use of prescription drugs.  We do not do anything which could cause an imminent risk of significant harm. We do Not do massage.

We don't do it,
GOD does it All.



I'm Ready ~ for my  Divine Tune-Up

Wake my butt up Now

Healthy Products
Alkaline Water
Air Ionizer / Purifiers


Astrology Reports
 make Great Gifts

Angelic Astrology Readings by Jan


Shegoi Mother of All Plants;  Herpes Health


Aloha !







Presentations & Workshops  by Jan, Keth & DrLight

We offer and can bring to your location, Center or Church, These are unique personalized Audio/Visual experiences, we use the latest hi-tech Video Projection system, Crystal Bowls, Lighting and Spiritual tools.

We are Available for Talks, Group Events, Healing Attunements, Ordinations and Parties.  We will be On the road touring in our Motor Home in later 2007 and we are looking for opportunities to share or work.  We have several awesome Audio/Visual Presentations on Astrology, the Goddess, Health, Healing and Healthy Products.   Crystal / Tibetan Bowls and Toning Sound Events.  For Events and Parties Jan does mini Astrology Readings and Keth  gives mini Divine Tune-Ups, Alternative Healing & Pain Relief Talks and counseling.   Dr Light is available for his unconditional Loving support, egoless-ness, insight, spontaneous wisdom, Heart opening, hugs, BEing in the Present training and Play.  Download our Brochure as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file.



Mer Casa
  Voyage of a Star Seed Meditation Audio/Visual Presentation
An incredibly awesome Animated inner Voyage of Ascension Meditation by renowned Artist and friend of Keth's "Jean-Luc Bozzoli"of Eye Within Studios in Hawaii.  We will put it on in your location using our State of the Art Video Projection and Audio Equipment, with Talk and Question and Answer Session.





Return of the Goddess

A Message from the Goddess through Astrology and Sound.  Jan and Keth offer this beautiful Multi-Media Presentation focusing on the Asteroid Goddesses:  Ceres, Juno, Vesta, Hygiea and Pallas Athena and their importance to Astrology and our Awakening Process.






Draconic Astrology
Astrology of the Soul, based on placing the North Node of the Moon (Dragon's Head) at 0 degrees Aries. The Nodes of the Moon in the commonly used Tropical System are major points for growth, karmicre-balancing, lessons and connections to others on our Soul’s journey through life.  The Tropical Chart is considered more Ego Based, whereas the Draconic (Nodal Chart) relates to major Soul agreements with less 'free will' being involved.  Combining the Tropical and Draconic Systems can give much more depth and insights into the Astrological consultation.  In this Power Point Presentation, we will look at the history and basis of this re-emerging system; offering case studies using natal, transit and relationship charts.






Astrology: Beyond Sun Signs
Jan and Keth offer this unique visual presentation of Astrology basics - starting with the 26,000 year "Great Year" and the 12 "Ages" - followed by the concepts of Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects.  We'll put these all together and explore the charts of those participating in the workshop.







Mercury:  The Winged Messenger
º - The "Winged Messenger" and "Trickster".  Planet that orbits closest to the Sun.  From our Geocentric, Earth centered, perspective Mercury is never more than one Sign away from the Sun.  Mercury rules the signs Geminiand Virgo .  He indicates how we think and communicate.  There is also a connection to siblings.  His intimate connection with the Sun reminds us that we Create (Sun) with our Thoughts (Mercury).  Think about it!  Jan's Mercury Message.  Jan offers a short, entertaining Power Point Presentation on the Mythology and meaning of Mercury in Astrology.






and Healing History

Astrology and Healing  have intertwined throughout the Ages, going through much turmoil and suppression, then re-emerging again.  Keth and Jan revitalize this sacred marriage in their work and bring this rich history to light. 

"A physician without knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician." - Hippocrates 




House of Grace Green Healing CrossHouse of Grace,  Minister Ordination & Certification, affiliated with the American Fellowship Church especially for Awakeners, Healers and Light Workers, special Ceremony and Certification for you and /or your friends $25, and a $10 registration fee.  Can be done remotely or in person.  An Acknowledgement of who you are already and for Deepening your Commitment and Empowerment to Make a Difference on our Planet..  Necessary in many areas to do hands on Healing work. The next step in your Commitment to your Light Work and Mission. 




Attunements & Activations include a mini  Divine Tune-Up and Personal Activation/ Empowerment. Adamantine System,  Exodus, Quantum Touch, andReiki is available in Usui, Karuna,  Sahaja, Taokan and Tibetan Seichim  Lineages  by Phone or in person.




Adamantine System  Complementary Medicine, is available Remotely or during three Workshops with Keth.  You can awaken to a new healthy reality regarding your Body, Mind and Soul.  A reality based on everlasting happiness, peace and harmony.  A reality created from the most powerful force in the Universe:  the Love that resides in your Magnetic Heart, awaiting your Awakening.   A Transformational Heart Centered approach to Spirituality and  Healing. Master Facilitator Training:  All Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 4.1 & 5, Remotely by phone or locally, includes Manual, Certificate,  personal instruction and Activations... Energy exchange / donation for in-person classes is $ 60 per class level.  Remote Activations of all levels are available for $ 50 each level, or a  complete package of all levels remotely for $275.
Keth has completed the most Advanced Adamantine Master Instructor Trainings and is one of the few Adamantine Master Instructors able to facilitate and teach all Levels of the Adamantine System and Facilitates the Training of all Levels of Trainers as well. 




Certified Spiritual Healer,  Personalized Attunement to Awaken, Empower and Bring out the Healer in you.  Includes Certification, training or credit for your previous Professional Experience and knowing  $99



Reiki,Usui  levels I-II-III & Advanced includes Attunement, Empowerment, Awakening-Healing, Certification Certificate & manual $ 90 for each level, or $ 60 remotely.   Reiki Master Teacher  level includes Attunement, Healing, Certification Certificate, Attunement instruction tape and manual  $ 135.
Karuna Reiki & Advanced includes Attunement, Certification Certificate & manual $ 100 each level.




Seichim Reiki Healing Symbol


Tibetan Seichim Living Light Energy  includes Attunements, Certification & Manual.  We send you the manual as a .pdf file (that you can read & print out), council  you over the phone, do the Attunements Remotely and send you a beautiful Certification CertificateThere are First, Second and Third Facet Seichim Initiations.  Attunement initiations for each level are $100.




Exodus Basic & Advanced: draws on the available Celestial energy of the Archangel, Pleiadian Ishwish domain and Celestial Family of the client. These energies working together, ignite the grid program of the soul's blueprint to marry to the cellular memory within each cell of the physical being.  The body becomes its own pharmacy learning to heal itself.  Attunement, certificate and manual $110 each level remotely.





Quantum Touch  Basic Course, Two day Video Training  Quantum-Touch is a method of hands-on healing that actually must be seen to be believed. With only a light touch, you can observe bones spontaneously adjusting into their proper alignment. Beyond this, all healing is accelerated. By learning to activate the power of Quantum-Touch, you invoke the secret of resonance.  From the DNA to the bones, all cells and systems effortlessly respond to the resonance of your love.  From my experience, I would say that this may be the easiest skill that there is to learn.  It is an innate ability we all have.




Bottom Line Health: Cover your Essentials: Pure Air and Pure Wate Healthy Products.  We do Presentations on and demo them for your Health .  Pure Air,  Pure Water,  Herbals,  Essential Oils,  DeTox



Sound Healing, Crystal & Tibetan Bowl Concerts 

SoundLight Healing
Sound, Color and Sacred Geometry  Links below 

Jan & Keth use Special Music, Sound Healing, Crystal Bowls, Toning and Harmonic Over Toning in their Divine Tune-Up  MultiDimensional Healing Sessions. They have and use Practioner Crystal Bowls, a special Sound Healing Table and Surround Sound set up, work with the Hathors, Pleiadians and have had many lifetimes of using Sound Healing.  They also connect with Whales , Dolphin and Manatees that are part of their Divine Tune-Up Healing Team.  Whales and Biological Infrasound  They had the Aloha Dolphin Ranch and Healing Sanctuary on Maui in Hawaii.  Keth has Sound worked with the Pleiadians and done workshops in California with Sound Healers: Tom Kenyon (Hathors) and Jonathan Goldman.





    For Sessions or information contact us at:  1-727-842-6788  9AM till Midnight  Eastern US time.

    Energy Exchange    Pay for Sessions, Services and Products Here                                  

Contributionsand Credit Card Payments are Welcomed through PayPal or by Phone 1-727-842-6788,   Paypal is a secure way to handlecredit card payments.   Skype: drlight  Free calls Worldwide, even Video Calls, email us so we can be on when you want to talk ( to download the Skype communication software)..  (Click to "Make a Donation" button below to pay for our Products and Services).

Light for you from us in  Florida  the Sunshine State


 For our Services,  Healthy Products: Special Pricing,  LightNews Contributions  and  Love Offerings.  Thank you!   We Love and Bless You  Also Please contribute to our Traveling House of Grace Church Motor Home Fund...and our Sacred Land Trust to save our  Sacred Natural Lands... We are asking for the Contribution for or of a reliable, quality Traveling Motor Home for our Church, home and office:   good for secure long distance travel... prefer a newer efficient Diesel, 34-40' with lots of storage, for long distance economy and reliability (i.e. Revolution, American Dream or Tradition, Country Coach, Mountain Aire,..   

Today is a day of Celebration.   Your Generosity has become your Abundance, for in Giving Love you have Received Love. 

No Refunds,   Please only get our work if you are truly Committed to receiving it and Empowering your Life and Health...

Say "No" to Drugs


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 Disclaimer:We are Not Florida licensed health care practitioners.  We Are Ordained Ministers and Certified Spiritual Healers...   God /Goddess is our Source and does the Healing!    Jan Carter MT(ASCP)  is a Nationally Certified Health Care Professional,  Medical Technologist MT(ASCP).   The House of Grace does not train people to obtain any health care licenses.  We help them Awaken and Be Healthy.  The House of Grace does not recommend that its practitioners or Any other Practioners perform procedures considered dangerous.  The House of Grace does not recommend that its practitioners suggest or discourage the use of prescription drugs or supplements.   The House of Grace philosophy and practices are not meant to replace professional medical care and/or medication...  The House of Grace is not a nonprofit.  We are a Catalyst for people to Remember who they are, Be Empowered and come into Harmony with all Life.   


DrLight2   Higher Service Dog  , making faceRefunds / Non-Payments

There are No Refunds given. Please only get our work if you are truly Committed to receiving it and Empowering your Life and Health...

 You are paying for your commitment to have your Intensions and our time spent with you before, during your Sessions and in the Many Sessions we include you in after and in-between your package Sessions.   GOD/Goddess does the Healing...  

PRODUCT REFUNDS:  Only given for Returned unused, unopened Products.  There is a 15% return fee as well as whatever the credit card fees and other shipping and associated fees, are all subtracted from any money refunded.   Used or opened products are Not returnable.

If Sessions are not paid for as promised or the money is returned the Session Energy and Results will be Re-scinded, Voided and Removed.   As well, you may incur Karmic Results you bring to yourself with your own Out Integrity, which has nothing to do with us.   All the work is really between God/Goddess and You...




"The Lamb and the Lion" Jesus Painting by Artist Glenda Green


In Divine Partnership through Christ and his friends.

       We are in the Service of the Divine...






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