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What Stars are underneath the floorboards of your natal chart?  
 works in Parans, using best of the ancient Egyptian methods,  the technique of the Romans,  and the modern paran methods of the western world.   StarMap will give you information about the Stars in different ways.   Our full Paran report is 10 to 15 pages long.  The 64 main stars in the sky have all been delineated, in combination with all of the visible planets.  This research and text have been produced by Australian star lady astrologer Bernadette Brady, author of Brady's Book of Fixed Stars, and represents an entire new body of astrological knowledge.

StarMap Reports seamlessly link the starry sky to your natal (birth) chart, and you can observe the chart and the sky simultaneously moving through time.  The impact of the stars on a natal chart can be explored  by Paran reports, where every unique star and planet combination is defined and delineated by Australian star lady Bernadette Brady, author of Brady's Book of Fixed Stars. 

is a Celestial Report for helping you discover the Sky, the Myths and the Meanings of fixed Stars in your Life.  Other astrology reports can give you normal charting techniques, but only StarMap can enable you to see a parapegma, the phase of a star, the time of first visibility of a star, paran options, star meanings, the image of the sky on the day you were born, and what stars make up the foundations of your life.  StarMap is a completely cutting edge, and unique, concept in the world of Astrological reports.

What is a Star Map Paran Analysis Report,  in more technical terms.
Due to the daily rotation of the Earth, stars and planets will rise, culminate, set, and be on the nadir at different times throughout the course of the 24 hours of the day.  If at any stage a Star is on one of the four angles (rising, culminating, setting, or on the nadir), while at the same time a Planet is also on any of these four places, then the Star is linked to the Planet via what is called a Paran.

This method of Parans is the most ancient way of working with fixed stars, and is the technique employed by our Starlight Reports.    Because Parans are based on examining the times when stars and planets are at the key moments of their diurnal movement, the place and date of birth is important, but the actual time of birth is not required.    Within this section are a number of examples of Paran Analysis Reports, first look at the sample report for  Nostradamus, and it will serve as an example of the different parts of the Paran Analysis Report.

Natal Fixed Star StarMap Reports a totally unique full report 10 to 15 pages long.  $20
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