Peru andBolivia Sacred Site Tour,
  Photo Gallery I  ~  May-June 2001

Discovering the Mysteries of your Truth.  Cusco Temples, Urubamba River Valley leading to  Macchu Picchu.  Our Andean shaman, Malku.  Lake Titicaca one of the starting places for North and South American Civilizations.       Photography by Keth Luke

Click on each picture for a Larger View.    Copyright 2008 Keth Luke   All Rights Reserved

From the ancient temples in the historical region around Cusco, to the sacred mysteries of Machu Picchu, Peru offers exciting and powerful experiences to enrich the lives of seekers.  The transformative energies of the Pachamama, the Andean Mother Earth, reaches into your heart and soul at each sacred site.  Traditional ceremonies with Andean healers, shamen and priests connect you with the powerful energy of Peru.  See the Islands of the Sun & Moon in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia where the America's civilization first got it's start.

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