The first two books in this series by Rev Maria Lupita Martinez:


 Open Door to the Universe $15*


Open Door from the Universe $15*

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Open Door to the Universe
is based around the theme of- finding the joy of spirituality along lifes path.

About it has been said: "This book is an interesting testimony to the positive changes that can occur in your life when you exercise forgiveness, open your heart, and raise your consciousness with love. Miracles do happen because we are all connected to a universal consciousness." - Donald M. Ware, Truth-seeker, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.).

"This unique spiritual autobiography takes one on a mystical journey where the author encounters healing, inter dimensional beings, UFOs, as well as facing her inner-self. A warm and beautifully written book that is not to be overlooked. A true gem that you won't forget."- Jack Lapseritis, author of The Psychic Sasquatch.

"In this book we find the personal story of one of the most dedicated light workers on the planet...She shares great insights and also provides an example of the challenges we are all facing in this most incredible time we are living. There is much we can learn from Maria, and it is always a pleasure to learn about other people's stories-those willing to share their life path of service for the Golden Age ahead in our future. Thank you, Maria, for being courageous and open to share these insights!"-Joshua Shapiro, Crystal Skull/UFO Explorer. VJ Enterprises, Des Plaines, Il..

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Open Door from the Universe is based upon the theme of- the joy generated by reconnecting with the goddess (feminine aspect of the Monad) energies.

About it has been said: "All is one-and One is all. No separation exists. We are all God, Goddess, All That Is. Whether we are asleep or awake, we are still God. Maria is fully awake, a master teacher. Open Door From the Universe will trigger ancient memories; your soul will stir. I highly recommend it to all who care to remember that they are all one."- Michael L. Schuster; author of Continuous Energy & Upcoming Earth Changes, A Journey Toward Forgiveness, and Masters of Shambhala.

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Her newest book in the series:

 Celestial Journey Beyond the Stars

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 About it has been written: "This book, as all her books, when viewed with an open mind and an unconditional loving heart, will set an example through which you make the choices that set you 'FREE'."

"Maria Lupita accepts her DIVINITY as part of her soul's evolution guiding her every step to expand her consciousness to higher levels of awareness. She claims her freedom and feels unlimited and unrestricted by man-made rules. Maria Lupita follows the divine laws in her everyday life so as to be centered in peace at all times. She enjoys life and tries to be UNCONDITIONAL LOVE regardless of circumstances".

"Maria Lupita lives her life as if it were the last day on planet earth."

"All her experiences are presented in a simple way to the reader. Each one is given the opportunity to interpret in accordance with their own state of consciousness. It is never her intention to impose her TRUTH on anyone. After all, we recognize the free will given to us by the Universe, the 'I AM THAT I AM'." 
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