Receiving the Universal Language of Light

Planetary Grid Transmissions
New Moon Monday, May 5  2008

The Universal Language of Light is the primary form of communication used throughout all of creation. Also known as the "language of angels", each of us is fluent in this language on an unconscious level, for it is the language of the soul. 

The Language of Light contains geometric symbols that are the frequency coding to assist us in transcending duality and conditional thinking. The Language of Light carries the Divine blueprint for our individual missions and replaces the will of the ego with the Will of God.

The light languages do not have meaning on a word-for-word basis as it is a language that exists in the higher consciousness field of divine intelligence. The language coding expands the field of awareness to the individual receiving it, which in turn, gives access to higher knowledge and understanding.

The crystalline geometries contained within these codes of light are the major programs that we are using to vision and create our new earth systems and structures. This higher dimensional form of communication will become more prevalent and absolutely essential in our next phases of the planetary shift.

Receiving the Language of Light

The Language of Light comes to us through our own Higher Self and filters down to our lower bodies. It is usually received through the third eye area, in dream state or comes to us simply as an all knowing field of awareness.

Receiving the Languages of Light is a natural progression of Light Body activation. As our vibrational frequency and light quotient increases to a high enough level, the purity of light impression can be assimilated. All blockages must be removed from the lower bodies to receive these encodements of higher light intelligence.

The Crystalline Grid has been created to develop humanity's potential by linking the higher consciousness center to the energy of the Christos, or, Unity Consciousness. The Grid vibrates on wavelengths that use the Universal Language of Light for humanity's evolution.

Our continuous conscious connection to the Crystalline Grid aligns our energetic bodies into these higher frequencies, thus allowing a channel to be opened, and the Language of Light symbols and coding to be activated and downloaded.

These geometric symbols of light language contain information to assist each of us in our planetary mission and as co-creators of the New Earth template. Each time we receive a 'downloading' of the Universal Language of Light, more of the celestial plan is revealed.

New Moon Grid Transmissions

This New Moon and during the Planetary Grid Transmissions, we are joining together on the Crystalline Grid with intention to receive from the Universal Language of Light. Through telepathic connection, we are also setting in motion collective activation of our body of light. Additionally, we are calling forth recalibration of our collective soul matrix into higher dimensional alignment with the New Earth template.

To assist us in this process, more than 300 members of Children of the Sun's international Light Body Activation Team will be on the Grid to transmit codes of light during each of the world's three meditation times.

We will also use a set of three Language of Light activation forms. These sacred forms are multidimensional blueprints of light in motion. They are encoded energy templates, capable of powerful transmissions to help open codes of light. Their telepathic nature gifts us with a soul transmission and is a direct means of transformation and initiation.

These Sacred Forms have been received by visionary artist, Mana, from the island of Kauai as a gift to guide people back to true Divine essence. They are a pure example of the many beautiful forms of the Language of Light being received today. Mana's websites: and

When gazing upon these images, allow yourself

to feel the energy through the heart...


Form One and Two

Emotional Body - facilitates the clearing of emotional mind constructs, fear and desire, and illusions of ego-body. Activates one into self mastery.



Forms Three and Four

Ascending Light Body - facilitates the clearing of attachments to form, fear of separation, and death. It facilitates full activation of human light body, interconnected awareness, and liberation.



Forms Five and Six

Cosmic Heart
- facilitates connection with the universal Divine Heart, integrates embodied heart-mind, and the universal Buddha/Christ nature.