Kombucha Mushroom Tea

What is Kombucha
<Here Jan enjoys a glass, Keth has made and drank Kombucha tea for over ten years.

Kombucha is composed of a number of bacteria and special yeast cultures in a symbiotic relationship. This living organism ferments sweetened tea to become the Kombucha beverage. The refreshing taste gives one a felling of well being. The amount of living yeast it contains gives the Kombucha beverage an active life which continues after decanting it into bottles. Kombucha has become increasingly highly regarded as an aid to preventing many illnesses.

The Tea now travels around the world again where it is passed on from one friend to another as a token of appreciation and love. This Tea appears to be a miraculous remedy for many types of suffering and helps with your bodies awakening and transformation process.


The following effects of the Beverage have been reported:
do your own tests, we can make no claims. We enjoy the taste.

- strengthens the Immune system

- creates more space, and allows more light to be in the cells

- helps with the bodies awakening and transformation

- detoxifies, cleansing the blood

- heals and strengthens the Digestive tract

- plays a vital role in regenerating bowel flora

- lengthens the life span

- is a health remedy against chickenpox and shingles

- reduces the formation of wrinkles

- discourages the formation of cancer

- prevents adverse menopausal symptoms

- restores visual acuity

- strengthens leg muscles

- heals arthritis

- enhances sexual drive

- heals sweaty feet, constipation, joint and back pains

- heals abscesses

- heals blocked arteries and diabetes

- strengthens kidneys

- heals cataracts and heart disease

- restores the appetite and heals sleeping disorders

- reduces the chance of gall stones and liver problems

- reduces obesity and stops diarrhea

- heals hemorrhoids

- helps to restore color to gray hair and improves baldness

- encourages body rejuvenation

How to make Kombucha Tea.

You need a mushroom from a friend, us or through a mail order or health food store preferably along with a half to one cup of starter tea from a previous batch. The mushroom is a white pancake shaped culture of bacteria and yeast.  The texture and color is similarish to a jelly fish.

The basic Recipe that we use is 2 bags of Black Tea (any type, Organics best, but I have just used Lipton's)   and 1 bag of organic (or other such as Lipton's)Green Tea brewed in a GlassSun Tea Jar.  Then add 1/2 to 2 cups of Sugar (regular white sugar works fine, it's just fuel for the mushroom) and stir to dissolve with a wooden spoon. (do not use metal in making or storing the tea)   We prefer Sun Tea (bags and water, in jar, set in the Sun for a few hours) but you can boil water and make it the usual way - be sure that the tea is at room temperature before adding the mushroom!   Also, be sure to wash your hands before handling the mushroom too.

After the tea is made and at room temperature and the sugar is added, place the mushroom in the jar and add the starter tea (one half to one cup) from a previous batch.  The mushroom usually floats to the top or occasionally will sink to the bottom for a while and then rise to the top later.

Cover the top of the Sun Tea Jar with itís screw on top, cheese cloth or material that will keep the bugs out and let the air in. Use a rubber band to secure the clean cloth to the jar. (Fruit flies are attracted to the sugar in the tea.) You can put it over the plastic top, but leave the vent open.

The Kombucha mushroom metabolizes the sugar to make the beverage which will contain a very small amount of alcohol (less than 1%). It tastes a bit like apple juice/cider vinegar with a little fizz to it and sweet taste. The taste will become less sweet the longer you brew it and will have a tart taste and may burnish your throat if it goes too long, but it gets more powerful. You can dilute the tea with sweeter newer tea, filtered or spring water if the tea gets too strong.

It takes from 6 to 15 days to produce the beverage.  Usually in the summer it will take less time to make a batch, it goes faster the warmer it is.  In lower temperatures it can take longer.  Taste test it and draw off the tea into bottles when you like it's taste.  Store the finished tea, in a glass or plastic bottle, in the refrigerator or the fermentation will continue.  Some people filter the tea through cheese cloth.  We usually don't.  Some make it in a dark or dim cupboard, warmer makes it go quicker.

There will be a baby Kombucha mushroom connected to the mother mushroom that you can peel apart and give to a friend after each batch or two.  Store the baby in a plastic baggy or container in the refrigerator with a small amount of tea and pass it on to a friend.   Don't eat the mushroom!
Wash the jar out between batches and rinse the mushroom in cool water.  Use pure alkaline, filtered, spring, or distilled water to make the tea with.  Enjoy an ounce or more every day as you prefer.

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An alternative to this tea is Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (costs more & doesnít taste as good).  Also recommended is Sunrider Calli Tea, Rooibos (stay young) Tea, DeTox Tea to clear heavy metals.

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