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Miracle II Testamonials

Miracle II (M-2) The basis of Miracle II  function is pH balance, alkalinity; not only in the human body, but also applicable in agriculture, bringing our soured soils back to alkaline balance.  Major reports from worldwide growers are attracting more agricultural application, which can help millions.

Beyond this…..

Perhaps the Universe was searching for a pure point of receptivity.   And regardless of Clayton Tedeton’s simple background, HE WAS OPEN. And the formula so much needed by mankind at this hour was revealed. That was twenty years ago.  In a video, Clayton tells of being awakened at 1 AM, in July 1982, and to see writing on his bedroom wall. He awakened his wife to write it down, but she could not see it.  He had no concept of what it was about, but followed the instructions she heard and brought the formula into physical reality.

An interview with Dr. Sandra Herbage. Dr. Herbage is an MD, as well as holding a degree in Homeopathy. She is the Medical Director for the Madison Holistic Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

Dr. Herbage told us she diagnosed herself with breast cancer in October, 2001. Following surgery, the reports indicated that all malignant tissue had been removed ... everything looked clean and nothing had spread. So Dr. Herbage elected to have no chemo, no radiation. Instead, she began an herbal program, and then, because she was not anxious ... settled down into a standard herbal program, setting aside the intense herbs.

In February, Dr. Herbage again had a blood test ... a lump had shown up in the breast, and the blood test revealed that she still had cancer! She went back on the intense herbal program; however, the herbs began hurting her stomach ... she developed an ulcer and the stomach pain was so bad that she couldn't eat, and finally had to stop taking the herbs. She had run out of options, and had a long talk with the Lord, asking for direction ... "I don't know what to do."

In April, her husband who was away on a trip brought back some Miracle II. He had used it for his chronic pain, and it went away. He suggested she try it for the breast cancer. Well! This unimpressive little bottle ... this "inexpensive cure-all" did not catch her attention, and she disregarded it. However, her husband kept calling, asking her if she had taken it. Finally, to keep peace in the family ... she condescended to take 7 drops. Dr. Herbage took 7 drops for 7 days. The next week she had another blood test. It was "Normal." Yes, after one week, the blood test was Normal and the lump had gone away! It took her a while to comprehend this. Finally, after one week, when she really understood that she was cured, she read Amazing Grace. She couldn't sleep that night. And now, she turns to Miracle II for everything!

When the breast cancer had been cured after one week of 7 drops, the reading was "Normal" -- 100, just on the borderline, but... "Normal." Five weeks later, still adjusting to her Miracle, Dr. Herbage had another blood test done. This time, it was fully in the "Normal" range ... it was 60!

One of Dr. Herbage's breast cancer patients had a mastectomy, followed by radiation. She was so sick after all of this trauma, and had another blood test: 220. Cancer still very active. She went on an alternative program. Another blood test: 180. Cancer still active. Dr. Herbage then got her on 7 drops of Miracle II. One month later she came in for another blood test: 41. No Cancer!

Dr. Herbage's mother is a Diabetic. She got on Miracle II for one month and found it was definitely lowering the blood sugar ... so much so, that it is making her insulin hard to regulate.

Another Diabetes patient, not on insulin, started on Miracle II. He found that the 7 drops did not do it, but ... 10 to 11 drops DID lower his blood sugar ... dropping 10 to 15 points each time!

There was a discussion about cataracts. Dr. Herbage had a patient using 6 to 7 drops in the eye, but it was running out. It was suggested he try an eye cup, as Clayton recommends. Jerry Kraft told his story of improvement of Glaucoma, as well as damaged tissue.

Dr. Herbage told of a patient with sinusitis, who she had just put on Miracle II, when she left for a trip. While she was away, no sinus. But, as soon as she got home, it started. Then she remembered ... got out the Miracle II, took 7 drops ... no headache! Other pain also dropped by 25% to 50%.

Dr. Herbage told of skin improvements after taking the baths. She is still amazed that for almost everyone and their problems, she has one answer: Miracle II!

Dr. Herbage was particularly impressed with Miracle II helping her daughter's Fibromyalgia. Her daughter had just had a 3-day "flare." She was in bed. 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer, and the next morning she was 70% better!

Dr. Herbage thought one time that she had a fever. Then, she realized her circulation had kicked in ... this was nice, normal, body warmth ... instead of her usual cold skin.

One patient with Fibromyalgia was so impressed with the immediate pain results, she purchased two gallons!

As to arthritic pain ... the Gel lessens the pain. And yes, it does come back. Then more Gel. However, the baseline is getting better, and over time, less meds are needed.

One patient with a bad skin problem was told to bathe in Miracle II. He complained he didn't like that "Soap" -- when he dried off, the towel TURNED BLACK! Dr. Herbage commented on the wonder of "Anything that can pull stuff out of our body like that! Amazing!

Asked if Miracle II could help a friend with Colon Cancer, Dr. Herbage said "There is always hope. I just tell them, 'I don't know what this will do for you, but it has helped a lot of people."

Dr. Herbage also commented on people getting on Miracle II after having chemo. "If they take a Miracle II bath, have them then step into the shower and rinse the Miracle II off. If they leave it on, it will continue to pull out the chemo and it will burn the skin."

One patient left it on, but really didn't care, saying "It is saving my life!"

Dr. Herbage said that on chronic problems, like Fibro, people can take their time and work up slowly. However, if someone is dealing with terminal cancer, you must work up as quickly as you can ... and have them drink lots of water! I tell them to take their Neutralizer in water ... that way I get more water into them!"

Consider the diversity of benefits that are being experienced:

I had my cholesterol checked last week and got the results back today... it has dropped from 233 six months ago to 189... a 44 point drop!!!! The only thing I can attribute that to is drinking Miracle II Neutralizer every day over the last 4 months. (I started with 7 drops and now take 2 tbs. daily in the A.M. with my vitamins.) One year ago, my cholesterol was 223. High cholesterol runs in my family and mine had been steadily rising over the past ten years. I cannot remember when it was below 200. Everyone else in my family now takes medication for it. I did not want to take risky drugs if I did not need to, so I was determined to lower it through diet and exercise. I worked out regularly and started eating oatmeal almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. When I went back to have a recheck six months later my cholesterol had actually risen 10points! I was very frustrated. So you can imagine how delighted I was when this checkup revealed my cholesterol to be 189. My triglyceride levels have dropped dram Please share this with others. Anyone struggling with high cholesterol should give Miracle II a try. Gratefully, Suzanne Thomas, Wake Forest, NC

Gretchen Bliss: "For the last 3 years I've been unable to work because of "Fibromyalgia". The pain was so severe I hardly sleep in 3 years and wanted to give up! Now that I'm using the Miracle II products, I'm 99% pain free and have returned to work." This is truly a miracle from God.

Systemic Problems
Steve Dean: I've suffered for over a year with cluster headaches, bursitis, fatigue, skin rash and was diagnosed as having "Ryders Syndrome" which has been very painful and was told by my doctor that I would not live past my fortieth birthday. After bathing in the Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer for the first time my rash has stopped and now is completely gone. Despite any medication prescribed nothing in the past had worked! I am also happy to report, today I am 44 years old and no longer suffer from these ailments. Thank you Clayton Tedeton.

Dr. Mantel, MD: "In over 22 years in the medical profession this is the first product I have endorsed and am a personal witness to the many Miracles of it!"

Clarence E. Norris, M.D.: "In my 25 years of medical practice I have never seen a product that has produced results like I have seen with the Miracle II products! Every day I am amazed at what I see and hear from my patients. I would encourage you to try Miracle II and see for yourself."

Gad Garland: Reported adding 4 oz. of Miracle II Neutralizer to 25 gallons of water sprayed on grass per acre will make a cow gain 1.4 lbs. per day more than on unsprayed grass, and said the grass had super natural growth.

Gilmer Lee: Reported 4 oz. of Miracle II soap and 4 oz. of Miracle II Neutralizer in 25 gallons of water per acre sprayed on land to detox the soil, this caused the ph to become perfect for plants. He had tomatoes to grow 20 foot long vines, produced all summer through many days that were over 100 degrees. He sprayed the plants with 2 oz. Neutralizer per gallon of water every 2 weeks for foliage feeding said he used the soap and Neutralizer for insect control and said all his skin cancers are gone, now that's a Miracle!

Al Alderman: Reports 1 gallon of Miracle II Neutralizer in one acre crawfish ponds made them grow double the normal size. Attention: Farmers and Ranchers. I think God is trying to tell us something. "Check it out".

Food, Sore Joints, Warts, Reflexology
I've had this product for about 5 years. I use the neutralizer and soap on everything I cook and eat - my bananas, fruits, vegetables, etc. lasts longer and taste better. I use it to clean and I haven't seen any spiders or bugs around my house for a long time. Lime accumulates on the handle to the tank of my toilet. I thought I needed to call the plumber. I squirted the soap and neutralizer on the handle periodically and would rub it around with my finger and it took off all the lime. It saved me a plumbing bill!

I have a friend who is a chiropractor and a Naturopath who has had a hip pain for quite some time and went to different doctors for help, but didn't get any permanent relief. I gave her some Miracle II products and she has since been drinking the Neutralizer and using the soap. She started putting the Neutralizer gel on the sore spot of her hip. I told her to take a cloth and soak in neutralizer and then put plastic over that and tape it to the skin. I called her the other day and she said, "I haven't had pain in my hip for six days!" She also is rolling the laundry ball around in her hands to help loosen up her stiff fingers.

I also have friends who their entire family is using the Miracle II products. They all love the soap. Their eleven year old son had warts all over his hands and before they knew it all the warts were gone!

My sister fell down stairs when carrying one of her children and fell on her tailbone and lower spine. She has had problems with her back and right leg ever since. Chiropractors would work on her leg and back, but she had little relief. I went to visit her and gave her Miracle II soap and Neutralizer to bathe with and drink. She's been putting gel on her feet and toes. Just recently she called and said she's getting feeling in her right toes that have been completely numb. The doctor used to stick a pin in them with no reaction. She said her blood pressure has gone back to normal for the first time as well.

I'm also using the laundry ball to stimulate my hands, turning it both directions, between my hands - touching all reflex points in each hand. I immediately begin to vibrate all over from my head to feet. I think this would be great for people with arthritic hands. I had a friend try this and she said she got really warm from the energy. I also tried turning the laundry ball back and forth over my ear when it was plugged and it cleared my ear instantly. I was told by my Naturopath Doctor that the ear has all the same 200 reflex points as the feet and hands and that the ball is stimulating the circulation there. I would suggest trying it on people with hearing problems. The things you can use these Miracle II products on is endless!

Eunice Naviaux, Omaha, Nebraska

Floor Cleaning, Skin Care, Teeth
I got my first sample of Miracle II soap and tried it as wax remover for my floor. It was amazing how it took off layer after layer of 20 years worth ~ you could actually smell the different layers as they came off. I had tried an ammonia solution that didn't work at all and it was the strongest offered at the store.

So I began using the soap for one thing after another and everything I tried, worked miraculously. I switched from all my normal products to just Miracle II and after a month I noticed that the wrinkles that had been etching themselves into my hands over the last 5 years had disappeared! I tried using the gel and moisturizer to remove stretch marks, putting my bra on over and wearing it all day. The next morning the stretch marks were gone and my skin had actually tightened back up so that I was no longer sagging.

When I used it in my hair to remove all the buildup, I had shiny gold hair like when I was a little girl. Instantly! I thought I had really damaged hair with split ends and all because it never looked shiny or laid flat. I realized it was not my hair, but the products I was using.

Now my skin and hair and home are sparkling clean and pure. I noticed that after a while of not using any fake fragrances, I am super sensitive to smells now. I can barely stand to smell the laundry aisle at the store, whereas before I didn't even notice.

The gel is the most amazing thing when combined with the sun. It acts as a sunscreen or heals if you've been burned, but most amazingly is what a beautiful golden tan it brings that seems to last, well, mine hasn't gone away or faded in two months! I haven't had this kind of color since I was a child.

The gel also dissolves plaque ~ you can actually smell it when you brush as it comes off. It smells like when you go for a cleaning at the dentist. Combined with the soap, it will remove stains and whiten better that the stuff from the store (my friends did a comparison test and told me this).

Sarah Olson, Omaha, Nebraska

Cracked Skin, Massage
I was introduced to the Miracle products when a friend offered to help clean our cabin before we were to have guests staying there. Being out in nature the cabin constantly has spiders and crawly creatures. Due to special sensitivities of the coming guests normal chemicals could not be used. My friend said "don't worry" and came and cleaned with, and then sprayed the baseboards and corners with, a mixture of the Miracle Soap. Lo and behold it was at least 5 weeks before we saw any sign of a spider or crawly creature (before they were back within days)!!!

She also left me with a bottle of the Miracle Moisturizer. That night I put it on my cracked heel which had not been healing. The next morning my heel was fine. So I ordered four products: the soap, the neutralizer, the gel neutralizer, and the moisturizer. After starting to use them I noticed so much difference that I've turned to using them exclusively. I brush my teeth with a drop of the diluted soap, and then with the gel. My teeth feel just like when the dentist is finished cleaning them. After gum surgery I rinsed my mouth with the liquid neutralizer immediately -- and the tissues healed overnight (when the doctor said it would take a week).

Using the diluted soap in the shower has made my skin feel wonderful -- and has gotten rid of my flaky dry skin!!! And washing my hair with the soap makes it very soft and shiny.

I add a teaspoon of the neutralizer to a glass of water two times a day and just seem to feel better from it. What visibly has happened is that immediately two warts I've had for a very long time have started to disappear, and now are nearly gone. Think I like it -- you bet!!! Even my age spots are lightening!!!

Also, after a long day of working outside I was left with three blisters on my thumb and first finger. I was afraid to pop them for fear of infection, but also knew I couldn't work with them that way. I plastered them with the Miracle Gel Neutralizer and went to bed. The next morning there was no sign of the blisters!!! That's a miracle!!! I'm a massage therapist so healthy hands are important.

Some of my clients have benefited from the miracle products too. One client had painful shingles. I let her use some of the moisturizer and overnight her shingles stopped itching or hurting, and dried up, and haven't come back. She's now sold on the product line. Another client using the products has had her hemorrhoids shrink. Amazing stuff!!! I do thank God for them and highly recommend the miracle products!!!

Jetty Rabeler, Fremont, Nebraska

From the Desk of Clayton Tedeton:

First of all, I would like to thank you for being here on God's earth, and thank the Lord for my ex-mother-in-law who's always been a wonderful person to me no matter what the circumstances have been. My name is Darryl W. Propes. I'm 38 years old and I'm infected with the AIDS virus. In September of 1988 I was hospitalized in San Mateo, California for spinal meningitis and told I was also infected with AIDS. My 3 doctors told me I had 3 months to a year to live. In the hospital I was given A.Z.T. For two weeks, I took the A.Z.T. drug. On the day of my release I told my doctor I didn't want to take A.Z.T. anymore, as I felt it would kill me. They then advised me against it, but God told me "no". When I was released from the hospital I weighed 155 lbs. Within two months I gained 45 lbs. and started taking 3 different types of herbs. My red and white cells were down to 35, which is very bad. Good, or normal, is anything over 400. Trying to keep a positive attitude was and is, tough at times, but the Lord is seeing me through this and I have put my life in His hands. In February of this year, I was hospitalized for having shingles, which is a nerve problem. It's very painful, and known to be AIDS related, in my case. While I was in the hospital, my ex-mother-in-law called me and told me when I got out of the hospital she wanted to see me to give me something that would heal me, that was of the Lord's work. That was in February. In April I was supposed to start taking A.Z.T., because my T cell count was at 150 and my chance of getting sick were close. Against my better judgment, I agreed to take the A.Z.T. On April 21st I went to my doctor's office ready to take the A.Z.T. and she then said to me, "Darryl, you look like there's nothing wrong with you. So why don't we take a blood sample and see where your T cells are?" My doctor and I both knew before my shingles my T cells were 150. We both figured after the shingles and then having the flu they were probably somewhere at maybe 50 now.

She sent in my blood tests on that Monday and when I returned the following Monday for the results and to start the A.Z.T., she laughed and said, "I don't know what you're doing, but your T cells have gone from 150 to 300."

I told her I was taking three different types of herbs and your Miracle II, 1 oz. a day. Today I feel like there isn't a thing wrong and I don't have to take A.Z.T. now. So, Clayton, whoever you are, thank you so much for helping me. If it weren't for people like you and my mother-in-law and, of course, the Lord's work, this world would be pretty sad.

My Prayers Always, Darryl W. Propes, California
PS: I also have some of my friends who are also infected with AIDS taking Miracle II.

Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Bell's Palsy
God bless you for your trust in the Lord! I have 4 believers plus myself that have started using Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer. A few months ago I couldn't have written to you where you would be able to read my writing. I have arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Bell's Palsy in both hands. I am doing better after starting on Miracle II. I am even crocheting again which I hadn't done for quite some time

Evelyn Trambley, Oklahoma

Bathe Dogs, General Cleaning, Deodorizer:
November 23, 1990
I met you this past October and was introduced to your fine product. I have always said that I would really have to believe in a product before I would go public with how great I think it is. The Miracle II products have my full approval!

The very first night that I had the Miracle II Soap cleaner, I bathed my dogs in it. The white hair on my dog was just beautiful. I then cleaned my stove and the bathroom and was well pleased with the results.

My family uses the Miracle II Soap to clean jewelry, mirrors, picture frames and glass. We use it on the etagere shelf and what-nots, to mop the floor and clean the refrigerator. The Miracle II Soap took hardened scrambled eggs out of the skillet, as well as the dried milk in the bottom of glasses. My meat broiler pan came shiny clean. I have used this Soap in place of oil soap for cleaning antique furniture, for washing my child's cheerleading uniform and the white cummerbund to a band uniform. I use it in my liquid soap dispenser to wash our hands and I am fixing a bottle of the soap to take to the two year old Sunday School church room to use to remove crayon markings from the tables and walls.

Two weeks after buying the Soap, I purchased the deodorizer Neutralizer which was put to good use right away. I went to get some stored sweet potatoes out of a plastic bag. They were rotten to the point of juice dripping from them. This smelly juice got on my hands as well as the vegetable bin. The Miracle II deodorizer took the smell away. It is wonderful - I used it when my dog rolled in something smelly. I use the Neutralizer in my electric dishwasher in place of the Jet Dry and I mist my house plants with it.
I was thankful for the Soap and Neutralizer when one of my dogs had a really bad accident in several spots on an antique Persian rug. I was sick at heart when I saw and smelled the mess. The Miracle II was a miracle! Every spot came up and it left the rug so clean that I want to clean the entire rug with it.

This product has just been wonderful to wash the family's hair in and follow with the Neutralizer. My teenagers are using the two products to clean their face which has saved us a trip to the dermatologist. I will not be needing many of the store brand products. I am so excited about this product that I am buying a case so I can share with my family this wonderful find!

Mary F. Williams, Louisiana

August 31, 1991
While visiting my sister in Louisiana this summer, we met you at a market and were immediately curious when we saw Miracle II Soap. We believe in miracles. God healed my husband of cancer. We purchased several bottles of the Soap and Neutralizer. We began seeing results in a very few days. My daughter is 17 and has the usual teenage complexion problems. She has been using Miracle II regularly for six weeks and now is able to wear only a very light makeup base and at times uses no makeup. The change is remarkable. Thank you so much for sharing this product with us. We now want to share it with others. May God Bless you.

Andrea Bryant, Virginia

Cut Toe
On Sunday, August 16th, about 10:00am, my wife accidentally knocked the iron over and cut her toe. At the time it was stinging and hurting. I immediately put the Neutralizer on her toe. Around 4:00pm that day, she called me and said "Chad, look, you can't even see where it was cut." Surely it was a miracle how the product had worked. As God is my witness - that is the truth.

Chadrick Simpson, California

Diabetes, Eyes
First of all, I give praise and honor to God, Who is the head of my lips and I thank Him for letting me be a part of God's wonderful healing. I thank the Lord for my husband, who is always trying to find some product to help me with my many health problems. In August of 1992 I started using both the Neutralizer and the Soap. In a few days I began to feel better and look better. I have been ill for a long time. I am a diabetic - also blind in the right eye for two years, with pain in the right eye and right side of my head and neck every day. I also have limited sight in my left eye. I have been constipated all of my life and my skin was becoming dark and kind of hard.

After taking 1/2 oz. of Neutralizer in a glass of water for the last 3 weeks, my blood sugar is normal, I have more energy, and I have days now when there is less and less pain in the right eye and in the right side of my head and neck, and I can see better with my left eye. My skin is lighter and soft after using the Soap.

I really have to praise these wonderful products - they truly are a miracle from God. I would recommend these products to anyone needing a blessing.

Armanda Simpson, Wisconsin

Dog Flea Rash:
I had listened on the radio about the things that Miracle II could do. I was very skeptical. A friend had gotten some of it and I used it on my little dog who has an eczema from flea bites. It stopped the scratching and crying immediately and has saved me a lot of money on shots to stop the rash. Thanking God and you,

Mrs. Carl Middleton, Louisiana

Dry Skin, Hair, Scars, Digestion
I am using this "God blessed" Soap and I believe with all my heart that God sent this to us. My husband's legs were so dry that in the morning dry skin was on the sheets. After about two weeks you could see less. Now, one month later, his skin is like a baby. Not only this, but I have soft hair now and never has that been. It has always been dry and very hard to handle and now I really like the feel of it.

I have scars on my hands from skin problems real bad and after one month my friends can tell that they are looking much better and show the damage less and less. I have problems with upset stomach and use the Neutralizer in my drink each day. I can now eat hot food - acid foods and not have a burn in my side and an upset system.

Millie, Louisiana

The first time I used the Miracle II products, my hemorrhoidal tissues returned to normal. Thank God! I will not need surgery. Miracle II is truly a miracle.

Rita Abel, Mississippi

Itching Problem:
About a month ago my nephew, Lloyd Johnson was visiting me and he was telling me about Miracle II products. Since I have had a very bad itching problem over my entire body, I have decided to buy a pack of the Soap and Neutralizer and within 24 hours the itching stopped and I could see a world of difference. I have told all my friends about Miracle II products and will recommend this product to anyone with skin problems.

Bill Rachel, Louisiana

Leather Skin:
March 20, 1994
My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed Miracle II products. The Soap has done wonders for my old leathery skin and also my hair. My wife uses the Neutralizer not only for skin care, but takes 2 ounces a day with juice. We both feel Miracle II has made us healthier.

Thanks. James M. Gill, Florida

October 23, 1990
Thank you very much for your interest in and support of "Lady Bass" and for helping make our Classic a success!
Thank you for "Miracle Odor-Go"! It really works! I guide on our home lake so I get a lot of use out of it. Thanks a lot!

Mary Satterfield, National and World Champion - National Angler of the Year, Illinois

Pet Odors, Fleas, Cleaning
I am sorry it has taken me so long to write you and tell you how much my family has enjoyed using Miracle II. We have found that Miracle II is good for all types of cleaning. We use it in the bath and bathe our two dogs with it. We have found that Miracle II neutralizes pet odors, and flea problems. We also use Miracle II to clean our stove, and other kitchen areas. It easily cuts through grease, grime, and dirt leaving all surfaces clean and deodorized.

I join with you and give God the Glory. May you be blessed in your endeavors for our Lord, and follow His leading. I especially enjoyed reading your testimony and how you received the formula for Miracle II.

Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only Wise God, be Honor and Glory forever and ever. Amen. 1 Timothy 1:17.

Herb Otwell, Louisiana

Skin Cancer
I have had skin cancer since age 21. I have had as many as 46 at a time burnt off and they all came back. But since using Miracle II, I have been clear of them and my skin is smooth and soft for the first time in years. There is really no praise high enough to give this really marvelous Soap. It truly is a Miracle. I would recommend it to anyone with any kind of skin problems.

You have my permission to use this letter as I feel everyone should be advised to what a wonderful product you have.

Lloyd Johnson, Texas

Toenail Fungus, Insect Repellent, Sunscreen, Mouth Ulcers:
My name is Rachel Gunn and I am a registered nurse. The first time I heard about Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer, I had a fungus under my toenail for 3 years. I had been to 3 dermatologists - spent a lot of money on office visits and a lot on medicines that did not help. So, I decided to try yours, but I decided to try the Soap - one drop on toenail and massage around toenail and leave on - twice a day. In 6 months the fungus was gone and toenail looked normal again. I continued this for approximately 1 year because fungus are notorious for coming back. It's wonderful having normal toenails again - thanks.

Last month at the flea market in Flower, MS I bought more and decided to really give it a try. I started bathing with the Soap, using it as a shampoo and shaving cream. It is wonderful. How did I get along without it before? My husband also tried Miracle Soap and the shampoo and he couldn't believe how good it made his hair feel. It's wonderful having one bottle in the shower - it made my skin so soft and really clean. My hair is so shiny - I can't believe it. The Soap as a shaving cream really shocked me - I can't believe how soft my legs are - and it helps to keep my tub clean.

The Neutralizer is wonderful - I first used it as a sunscreen and it was Great - No burning! I also used it as an insect repellent and it's wonderful!! If someone has a sunburn, rub a little Neutralizer on and it takes the burn out - we tried it! If you already have insect bites - put Neutralizer Gel on them and it will take the itch away - it really worked!

My daughter and I had ulcers in our mouth. We tried the Neutralizer in our mouth and held it a while and it took the sting out. Also, I dipped a q-tip in the Neutralizer and rubbed it directly on the ulcers - it was great - what a difference. I also put the Neutralizer in a spray bottle and spray it on my hair before I dry it - it's great! Thanks so much!!

Rachel Gunn, Mississippi

Sore Buttocks:
I have been using the Soap and Neutralizer since July and like the results. My husband, who is in a nursing home, has a skin problem. His buttocks were so sore and raw and they were having trouble healing it up as he scratched so much. I carried half a bottle each of the Soap and Neutralizer to the home and asked the nurse if they would use it, so they got permission to do so. After the first application, they were amazed at the results. It was not as red and the itching has stopped. Thanks be to God! Some of the nurses said they would like to have some of it.

Dorothy Downey, Louisiana

Fire Ants:
I came home today to find a fourth of my carport covered with FIRE ANTS. There were so many of them I felt terrified. I immediately filled a spray bottle with water and approximately 2 to 3 oz of Industrial strength Miracle II. I sprayed on the ants, found the main bed and sprayed it. Within several hours all ants were dead.

As long as I live I will thank God for giving you the vision for this formula because it is all you will need in your home. It cleans, deodorizes, and degreases any surface.

Faithfully yours, (Mrs.) Betty R. Dean

I used some of your Neutralizer for tooth pain on Sunday evening. At this writing it is Wednesday and I have not been bothered by the pain since I used it on Sunday. My mouth had been hurting so bad - the whole left side hurt. I couldn't tell which tooth was hurting. I was surprised and relieved your product worked so fast and has lasted so long. Thanks so much for your wonderful product.

Debbie Terral

Teeth Stain:
My husband brushes his teeth with this and it has taken the brown stain from smoking away. We were just about out of it and we don't want to use anything else. We feel and smell cleaner, even after 12-18 hours of outside work. We feel clean and know it is God's work - we love it. Thank you - Bless you - Praise the Lord for all!

Velva Housworth, Texas

Hello, I'm 16 years old and I had warts (15 of them) and I could not find something to get rid of them. I have had them for several years. I moved down here from Colorado to live with my aunt and grandmother. That was when I was introduced to your product of "Neutralizer." My grandmother kept trying to get me to use it, but I didn't have faith. Then I started using it like a daily lotion and about 2 1/2 week later my warts went away. You can't hardly tell they were there. I wear rings and now it's easier to put them on and take them off. Thank you so much, and God Bless you all.

Sincerely yours, Jennifer Meads, Louisiana

It wouldn't occur to me to buy Miracle II products because so much of what was being said about it sounded so faith based and sales-oriented that I figured, whoever beleiveth might benefit (why not) and whoever profiteth might exaggerate, but whether there's anything else there I didn't know and wasn't particularly interested in.  Then one day I got it as a present from a very nice lady (an aromatherapist/Reiki master whom I was consulting on the use of essential oils for cancer), she just gave the whole Miracle set to me without any sales pitches or promises -- "try it" was all she said -- so I decided, why not.  I tried it on myself though, not on the family member with cancer! -- and I have to admit I was impressed out of my mind.  Don't know if it does anything but, but it is just about the best cleaner I've ever used.  (Kills mold on contact yet doesn't cause irritation when applied directly to the eyes!)  I went to research then, and read a lot of interesting stuff about "surfactants" and what they can do...  Then I went to "dodecyl sulfate," the ingredient in those Miracle products, and it transpired that it's the same thing as "sodium laureth sulfate," the ingredient in most commercial anything foamy with a bad carcinogenic rap to it.  Then I tried to figure out whether "ash of dodecyl sulfate" that is supposedly what is used in the Miracle products is so different that it's no longer the same...  and that's where I hit a roadblock: no clue.  Elena

Our answer: Yes, there is always confusion about the difference in the Dodecyl and the Ash of Dedecyl solution. The Ash of Dedecyl solution is made from the burned husk of the coconut; the husk, not the coconut itself. People get all upset about this issue. It is simply the ash of the Husk. Take it for all its worth, Clayton says that God would not give him anything that was going to harm us.

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