Rose Quartz Crystal Singing BowlsCrystal Bowls  All About Crystal Singing Bowls

What are Crystal Bowls?  Crystal bowls are made from 99.992% pure crushed Quartz and heated to about 4000 degrees in a centrifugal mold.

They are available in clear or frosted bowls in a variety of sizes, ranging from 6 to 24 inches in diameter.  The bowls emit a powerful, pure resonance.  The larger bowls are much more reverberant, with the tone lingering longer, simply because of the size and amount of crystal.  The clear bowls, somewhat more expensive, are more readily available in smaller sizes.

The size of the bowl does not necessarily determine its note, although the larger bowls sound lower octaves and notes.  Each bowl is tested with digital technology to identify its sound.  One will have a sense of which tone "feels" most congruent with individual needs or desires.  The notes, C, D, E, F, G, A, B correspond with one’s energy centers or chakras.

Some bowls harmonize with other bowls, and when both are played simultaneously, the effect is exquisite and synergistic.

Types of Crystal Bowls

Classic Quartz Crystal Bowls The Original Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls
Stationary, deep tones, group meditation, heavy use

These beautiful and luminescent bowls emit an expansive sound that is healing for the body’s deeper tissues. Evocative of ancient temples, our Classic Frosted Bowls exude a healing matrix wherever they’re sounded. The effects of playing Classic Frosted Bowls in the home, office or a large group setting can be more grounding and help promote a stable, peaceful energy. The highly tactile and light-filled Classic Frosted bowls are perfect entrainment tools for large groups, meditation and indoor and outdoor healing and garden spaces.

The Classic Frosted bowls carry an Earth energy. Their white color reminds of purity and new beginnings. Natural light enhances the bowl energies and Feng Shui appeal. Their Zen-sculpted looks are healing and their Yin/Yang qualities stellar. Classic Frosted rounded and light-filled bowls ring with fuller, smoother tones to combine for the sweetest Universal harmonies.


Clear Quartz Crystal BowlsClear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
Angelic Tones, hand held, light weight for travelling

Perfected water and purifying sonic energies combine in bowls that resonate and entrain quickly with the body and psyche. Practitioners often choose clear quartz crystal bowls for transmuting energies. Just as healers in the past have carried pure quartz crystals and small crystal singing bowls in their roles as nomadic priests and shamans, today’s doctors and holistics embrace the clarity and entraining effects of our Clear Quartz Crystal Bowls. Smooth energies flow from these bowls for releasing and clearing work and can also be helpful in creating harmonious energies in the home.

Available in various styles including flat and round bottom, specialty bowls such as Rose Quartz and Aqua 24-K Bowls and The Practitioner and Tuning Fork Bowls®


Practitioner Quartz Crystal Bowl

The Practitioner Series® Bowls
A Quartz Crystal Healing Tool

The Practitioner Bowl® Series are pure quartz crystal singing bowls that have been designed with a quartz rod handle. These newly developed healing tools have been specifically created for therapeutic use for both the sound healer and as an addition to any alternative form of healing work.

"The Practitioner Bowls are the most practical of the crystal sonic tools that have thus far manifested on the planet. They are lightweight and easy to use - the glass goblet design allows you to comfortably move with them while resonating their wondrous sounds. They are a true gift to assist with sound healing and frequency shifting."
-Jonathan Goldman Author of "Healing Sounds" Composer of "Chakra Chants"


Rose quartz crystal bowls

The Rose Quartz Series®

A fusion of natural rose quartz and pure quartz crystal, this bowl is a high-quality and natural quartz and gemstone blend with no chemicals or dyes.

The soothing and healing qualities of Rose Quartz are well known. It's natural affinity for love makes it a wonderful Heart Chakra tool. The vibrational energies of Rose Quartz are powerful while not over-powering, flowing gently through our auric fields and helping to erase emotional traumas, release blockages and return us to a natural state of childlike wonder.


Anethyst Crystal Bowls The Amethyst Series -Connect to the Source

A fused mixture of pure silicate quartz and amethyst which supports the expansion of the crown chakra and evokes serenity and composure.

Moldavite Crystal Bowls

The Moldavite Series® - An Otherworldly Light

A powerful transformational blend of moldavite and quartz crystal. This very high frequency mineral catalyzes change, bringing catharsis, growth and changes. Moldavite stimulates our connection to the stars and opens our hearts to the Universal All.


The White Glove Series®

Gold Crystal Bowls

The Solid Gold Series® - Your Inner Sun Connection

Enter into a gleaming "Golden Age of Sound" with Crystal Tones new Solid Gold Bowl! Gold symbolizes unity and assists in balancing brain hemispheres, releasing ego and feelings of depression and self-reproach.

Silver Crystal Bowls

The Solid Silver Series® - A Ray of Healing Moonlight

A new dimension in crystal bowl healing with the look and feel of sterling silver. Our Solid Silver Bowl mirrors sophisticated elegance for the New Age.

Tibetian Quartz Crystal Bowls
The Tibetan Quartz Series® -Om Mani Padme Hum.

Ancient prayer energies of 16th Century Tibetan singing bowls blend with Aquarian quartz crystalline frequencies. Healing energies radiating from this shiny copper bowl with a rich patina of bronze and silver, amplify healing sounds to new levels.