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Pure Air and Water are our bodies most basic and important requirements, for great Health take care of the basics first.  Give yourself the best Air and Water possible. This equipment can help, it's the best we have found.

e are a small, USA-based  Healing Sanctuary / Church, who value Good Health and who offer Spiritual Healing and sell quality Health Products of universal benefit in the USA and around the world.

We appreciate the precious gift of this life and notice how grateful the body is, for happy thoughts and for quality food, water and air.   Only the best  Water and Air Purifiers (and other Healthy Products and services) that have been personally tested and proven to promote health are offered.  They must also be reliable, durable, of the highest quality and a great value.   To this end we continue to research and test many new products as they become available.  When at our Healing Sanctuary in Maui Hawaii we stated researching testing and using many types of water, purification, ionization, alkalizing and energizing machines.  Always looking for the best quality and value.  The IonWays, Emco Tech, Jupiter Science machines have been our favorites since 2004 .

nanotechnologyAir Oasis™ Air Ionizer / Purifiers utilize state-of-the-art technology unique to any product currently on the market today.
 Pros over competition: Low cost, no yearly maintenance, no installation, airborne hydro peroxides, super oxide ions and hydroxide ions travel through the house providing 24-hour protection against airborne mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOC’s.  The cell also acts as a germicidal lamp and treats the air that passes by it.

The hydro peroxides and super oxide ions will radiate through an entire house providing 100% silent air purification.  For faster and improved results in areas of high contamination an extremely quiet fan is included on the 3000 and 1000 models.

All Air Oasis products are made in the USA.  They own the shop, the equipment and pay hard working Americans US dollars for a job well done.  Almost every vendor used by Air Oasis for raw material is an American company.

Healthy Products / House of Grace
is an authorized IonWays distributor. IonWays is the North American exclusive importer of Emco Tech water ionizers which are manufactured by Emco Tech in Japan and Korea.

Emco Tech, as the world's largest manufacturer of water ionizers has an ISO9001 certified production plant that can produce well over 100,000 quality ionizers a month. They also provide OEM manufacturing for globally recognized businesses in Japan and Korea such as LG, Samsung, Toyo, and Hyundai.

taken inside Jupiter's Pmain production plant

Emco Tech / Jupiter Science's quality control, advanced research and great value is why Jupiter sells more units in the USA than all the other water ionizer companies combined.   It is also why Jupiter only uses Platinum (at $1233 a ounce for their ionizing plates) while some new companies use cheap mixes such as white gold (which is more than 62% silver at only $12 an ounce).


As (USA and International) suppliers, of Air and Water Ionizers and Purifiers, we challenge you to find better quality or prices anywhere.  By dealing directly with manufacturers in Japan, USA or Korea we can pass on big savings to you, our valued customer.
We ship from one of three warehouses/ repair depots in the US and make sure your item arrives quickly.  Our highly qualified consultants are available to give ongoing support and service.

You can be assured that we are here to help answer your questions and provide caring, after-sale advise.  We know and appreciate how much of our business comes from personal referrals.  Please Click Here for Testimonials.

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