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This information is under-stated.  Major stuff will Happen in Your Life!

Get a Session Now and Save Your Body, Mind & Soul much pain, time, work and money. 

We are very Gentle and low key but we carry a Big Light Saber with lots of Light.  ~ 
edi we are.
We may not always be nice, we are  going through our stuff too.

Rev Keth is
not a Florida licensed health care practitioner. He is an
Etheric Surgeon, Knights of the Solar Cross recognized and honored through out the Galactic Federation, but not by backward Medical Systems such as our own.

Jan is a US Licensed Health Care Professional.  MT(ASCP)


We Are Ordained Ministers   GOD / Goddess is our SOURCE and does the Activations & Healing...


DrLight is Officially Licensed #10-46317 to practice in Pasco County Florida and is a Registered Senior Higher Service Dog.
do not perform procedures considered dangerous, such as cutting, puncturing the skin or prescribing or recommending the non-use of prescription drugs.  We do not do anything which could cause an imminent risk of significant harm. We do Not do massage.

We don't do it,
GOD does it All.



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Introducing the Ultra Delphi

The first Fully Featured Under sink Water Ionizer

Jupiter Delphi water ionizer for undersink


Just imagine if you could instantly get healthy, alkaline water for you and your family from a water ionizer manufactured by the world's leading manufacturer.

Now imagine that all you see is a discrete and elegant chrome plated tower that is activated by an easy-to-use control pad. No counter-top clutter and the ability to choose different levels of alkaline or acidic water at your fingertips.
Well, please imagine no more.
Introducing the world's most advanced, under-sink, domestic water ionizer - the Emco Tech Delphi

Convenience is critical in designing the ideal ionizer. From the beginning the Delphi was designed as a specialty undersink unit. Under the counter is the most advanced ionizing unit. Above the counter is an elegantly designed faucet with a beautiful and discreet LCD display.

No ionizer is as easy to use as the Delphi. A light finger touch on the faucet control pad selects your preferred level of acidic, filtered or alkaline water. The LCD display shows you the water level selected and the life of the filter (in ionizer below counter).

Jupiter Delphi water ionizer for undersinkThe Delphi comes from the world's top manufacturer of water cell technology. Featuring the ultimate cutting-edge in electrode technology, the Delphi uses patented mesh electrodes that give an increased surface area. This means not having to increase the voltage that causes wear on the plates.
The advanced technology protects the electrodes while increasing the efficiency.
If you used a microscope to look at a mesh-plated electrode you would see numerous valleys and peaks of platinum titanium that are there to give you, year after year, the ultimate conductivity and durability.
Some importers buy from assemblers (not true manufacturers) and use large cheap plates from China and elsewhere. They claim that large plates are the answer to better ionization and pH but since when has electronics become larger as it evolved?
The Delphi has been especially designed to give you the best ORP at every levels of pH (as well as giving the big -ORP numbers at the higher pH ranges).

The Delphi uses the advanced 9-stage Biostone filter that is exclusive to the latest Emco Tech models. As the most advanced ionization filtration system currently available you can enjoy the best in healthy clean water. The Biostone filter contains calcium, granulated activated carbon (GAC) and BioCeramic Tourmaline.
To find out more about the revolutionary Biostone Filtration System Click Here

The Delphi delivers both clean AND healthy water and this is an important step forward when simply clean is seen as no longer enough.

Your water ionizer is an important investment that you want to last for many years.  Inside the Delphi is the patented MARC system that allows for your ionizer to be cleaned with every use (without you having to wait and without you noticing). This feature alone is a good enough reason to choose only Emco Tech as your preferred brand. All other brands on the market still use the old technology of reverse polarity to clean - which will create scale buildup over time and a decrease in the electrode efficiency.  With the Delphi you never have to give cleaning a second thought!

Something else to consider is that just in the past three years about 8 new manufacturers have come and gone leaving their customers without technical support and with no place to buy filters. Emco Tech supplies major companies such as Samsung, Toyo, LG and Hyundai. With their track record of giving quality service for over 35 years they are unmatched.

in brief here are some of the many other Delphi features that are not mentioned above:

  • inbuilt flow control valve to automatically control and create the ideal water pressure
  • Calcium port where you can add extra calcium in small calcium inserts
  • Automatic temperature shut down if the cell gets too hot
  • Quality glass fuse to protect your investment in case of power surge
  • Adjustable voice confirmation that tells you the water level selected
  • Each Delphi comes with a pH test kit for testing your water, an installation DVD, a beautifully illustrated manual and an installation kit


The Delphi is now available for   $2,845  

Comes with Lifetime  Warranty

Healthy Products Team
Healthy Products / House of Grace,    Healthy Authorized Distributors since 2005

  1-727-842-6788      or   1-213-DrLight    for Information  and to Order  Health in your Life...


Other Emco Tech / Jupiter Science Models:
Athena  latest high quality model
Melody - an affordable above or undersink alternative
Venus   Value Alkalizer
Water Ionizer 101 Basics



The statements enclosed herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor.

Call us to Order or for Information at  1-727-842-6788   or 

1-213-DrLight   (1-213-375-4448)

Breath Pure Ionized Air as well...

Air Ionizer / Purifiers   Quality US made for pure Air.


Healthy Products    for Ionizer    or  Donations


    For Sessions or information contact us at:  1-727-842-6788  9AM till Midnight  Eastern US time.

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Contributions and Credit Card Payments are Welcomed through PayPal or by Phone 1-727-842-6788,   Paypal is a secure way to handle credit card payments.   Skype: drlight  Free calls Worldwide, even Video Calls, email us so we can be on when you want to talk ( to download the Skype communication software)..  (Click to "Make a Donation" button below to pay for our Products and Services).

Light for you from us in  Florida  the Sunshine State


 For our Services,  Healthy Products: Special Pricing,  LightNews Contributions  and  Love Offerings.  Thank you!   We Love and Bless You  Also Please contribute to our Traveling House of Grace Church Motor Home Fund...and our Sacred Land Trust to save our  Sacred Natural Lands... We are asking for the Contribution for or of a reliable, quality Traveling Motor Home for our Church, home and office:   good for secure long distance travel... prefer a newer efficient Diesel, 34-40' with lots of storage, for long distance economy and reliability (i.e. Revolution, American Dream or Tradition, Country Coach, Mountain Aire,..   

Today is a day of Celebration.   Your Generosity has become your Abundance, for in Giving Love you have Received Love. 

No Refunds,   Please only get our work if you are truly Committed to receiving it and Empowering your Life and Health...

Say "No" to Drugs


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 Disclaimer: We are Not Florida licensed health care practitioners.  We Are Ordained Ministers and Certified Spiritual Healers...   God /Goddess is our Source and does the Healing!    Jan Carter MT(ASCP)  is a Nationally Certified Health Care Professional,  Medical Technologist  MT(ASCP).   The House of Grace does not train people to obtain any health care licenses.  We help them Awaken and Be Healthy.  The House of Grace does not recommend that its practitioners or Any other Practioners perform procedures considered dangerous.  The House of Grace does not recommend that its practitioners suggest or discourage the use of prescription drugs or supplements.   The House of Grace philosophy and practices are not meant to replace professional medical care and/or medication...  The House of Grace is not a nonprofit.  We are a Catalyst for people to Remember who they are, Be Empowered and come into Harmony with all Life.   


DrLight2   Higher Service Dog  , making faceRefunds / Non-Payments

There are No Refunds given. Please only get our work if you are truly Committed to receiving it and Empowering your Life and Health...

 You are paying for your commitment to have your Intensions and our time spent with you before, during your Sessions and in the Many Sessions we include you in after and in-between your package Sessions.   GOD/Goddess does the Healing...  

PRODUCT REFUNDS:  Only given for Returned unused, unopened Products.  There is a 15% return fee as well as whatever the credit card fees and other shipping and associated fees, are all subtracted from any money refunded.   Used or opened products are Not returnable.

If Sessions are not paid for as promised or the money is returned the Session Energy and Results will be Re-scinded, Voided and Removed.   As well, you may incur Karmic Results you bring to yourself with your own Out Integrity, which has nothing to do with us.    All the work is really between God/Goddess and You...




"The Lamb and the Lion" Jesus Painting by Artist Glenda Green


In Divine Partnership through Christ and his friends.

       We are in the Service of the Divine...






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