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By Christian Opitz

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         Miracle Salt Rocks

Is there a difference between Unrefined sea salt and Miracle Krystal Salt?

Celtic Salt and Sea Salt are subject to environmental pollution, whether it is from seagull droppings in the water or an oil tank leaking into the ocean.  "The trouble with sea salt is that the oceans have been turned into waste disposal-dumping facilities and are being polluted with heavy metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury and more.  Oil disasters and leaking tanks frequently cause headlines as they pollute our oceans.  The poisons from these sources are harmful to our bodies.  Today, Sea Salt doesn't have the same positive impact on our health as it did in the past.  Also, 89% of all the Sea Salt producers are refining their salt!"*

*("Seasalt's Hidden Powers", Jacque de Langre, PhD) Crystal Salt is pure, and has been undisturbed for millions of years.  Celtic Salt and Sea Salt’s minerals are also not in a compound structure, which mean the chemical elements and minerals in those salts are not connected.   The body must work harder to process these salts.  All the minerals in crystal salt are fully usable and are in their natural original structure because the minerals are all connected in a wonderful crystal structure.  Many sea salt companies say they are natural, yet they are still refining their salt!  Refined salt can destroy the true usable state of the minerals.

  2. What are Electrolytes, and why are they important?

Electrolytes such as Sodium, Calcium and Potassium in crystal salt help restore your body’s fluids.

*Electrolytes in Crystal Salt are important because they are what your cells (especially nerve, heart, and muscle) use to maintain voltages across their cell membranes and to carry nerve impulses and muscle contractions across themselves and to other cells.

*Electrolytes must be constantly replaced whenever we sweat heavily, and we need a constant supply of electrons.  By integrating Crystal Salt into your diet,  you may increase your bodies ability to maintain it's electrolyte balance, which is crucial for nerve conduction and muscular function.

*Muscle contraction depends on the action of Calcium, whose balance and function depends on the presence of other chemicals including Potassium and Sodium.  In Crystal Salt, your body will receive the necessary Potassium and Sodium that your body needs for basic functions.

*Not having balanced electrolytes shifts our bodies out of homeostasis (the balance of chemicals which is conducive to the body’s function).  By using Crystal Salt, your body can utilize all the Electrolytes and find balance in the body.

3. Why do you take Krystal Salt?

Crystal Salt has up to 74 essential minerals and trace elements that harmonize with our bones and enzymes.  Our bones and enzymes are full of minerals.   We need to keep replenishing the supply of these minerals, with a proper diet to stay healthy.  Crystal Salt is a great addition to any diet for your body’s mineral needs. 
Krystal Salt holds a perfect structure, and when we take in whole foods, like crystal salt, our body remembers how to balance itself and begins to resonate to the whole foods we are taking in. 
This means our body can return to its natural state of health by ingesting crystal salt.  We have approximately 84 elements and minerals in our bones and enzymes.  It is important to maintain these minerals through our diet.  We are often told that the body consists of 70% water therefore it’s important to drink water, but that is not the entire truth.  Drinking water is important but our bodies actually consists of 70% of a saline solution containing salt, and it’s the quality of the salt in the water of your bodily fluids that will determine whether or not your bodily fluids can perform their biological functions. 
Now as we know from medicine, dehydration is a problem that can support the origin of any disease that we know of.  On the other hand, Hydration on a cellular level, which requires more than just drinking water, it requires water and the right type of salt that can help us with any health condition and can also improve our well being in general.  The benefits of Crystal Salt are truly endless and the best way to find out is to try it for yourself.

4. Will I get enough Iodine in my diet if I am just using Krystal Salt?

Yes, because Crystal Salt has naturally occurring iodine in exactly the proportion your body needs. Regular table salt is usually iodized.  Naturally occurring iodine is essential, but added iodine is considered a toxic metal.  Crystal Salt offers a balanced spectrum of minerals and trace elements including ionic iodine, which is the most absorbable  iodine that you can possibly have.  So if you use Crystal Salt in your diet regularly, you should have sufficient iodine coverage.

*("The Salt Conspiracy", Victoria Bidawell, Get Well, Stay Well America Printing ©1990)

5. What is the difference between Refined and Unrefined salt?

When you refine salt you bring it down to just two elements, sodium and chloride out of 74 elements that are essential for the human body.  Also a lot of refined salts on the market contain toxic anti- caking agents that sometimes contain aluminum in a metallic form which is not something you ever want to have in your food. 

 Unrefined salt on the other hand contains up to 74 minerals and trace elements that are the essential building blocks of human life.  The differences are vast because any imbalance of singular nutrients like isolated sodium and chloride will imbalance your whole mineral metabolism in your body.  We all need the nutrients in the right proportions and unrefined salt contains the 74 essential minerals and trace elements in very similar proportions as are found in human blood or in the fluids inside of human cells.

6. What Health Benefits will I feel when I take Krystal Salt?

You may start to find your cravings for sugar or alcohol diminish fairly soon after beginning to use the salt.  Of course this depends on how healthy your lifestyle is.  You really need to institute all the components of a healthy lifestyle.  (Drink high quality water, no chlorinated water, no caffeine, and exercise in fresh air, NO TABLE SALT.)

7. How long will it take to notice these Benefits?

The duration varies on a variety of factors such as your overall health condition, your lifestyle, your diet, but most people report that they recognize tangible benefits within the first weeks of taking crystal salt.

  Now in some cases crystal salt may lower high blood pressure within a few days.  This is a reoccurring phenomenon that never ceases to amaze me. 
Other effects that people may notice rather quickly is that their bodies are more easily Hydrated.
  They drink water, but it seems to finally do what water’s supposed to do in the body.  A lot of people report that chronic pains lessen to some extent even after taking crystal salt for only one or two weeks.  Other benefits are more of a long-term nature such as the detoxification of the body which is something you would never want to rush.  Also with weight loss, crystal salt can help over time.  There are immediate, midterm and long term benefits from taking crystal salt but I would not try too much to envision when these benefits should occur because the wisdom of your body always knows best.

8. Tell us about the Krystal Salt solution called "Brine", and how do I make the Brine?

Cover the bottom of a small glass jar with washed Salt Rock Crystals and add enough filtered or artesian Water so that you have three times the amount of water as crystals.  The Brine can be used after two hours, but allow 24 hours for it to reach a full saturation point of 26% in solution.  Start with one drop per day and work up to a maximum of one teaspoon per day.  Take in a glass of pure water on an empty stomach.  The brine is very powerful so start slowly and find the proper amount for your body.  It is highly recommended that while taking the brine you drink two quarts of pure water a day.  When you have used up half the Brine, add more water and Salt Rock Crystals as necessary.

I put several drops in all my drinking water  ~ Keth


9. How is the Salt related to Human Blood?

Salt is related to human blood in two ways.  First of all, human blood plasma has a mineral balance which is very delicate and the maintenance of which is very important for the maintenance of our overall health. 

 The other reason why salt is related to blood so much is the wrong type of salt, refined salt, dehydrates us so that blood actually gets thicker and then the body has to increase blood pressure to still move that thickened blood into the arteries and capillaries. 

Crystal Salt, on the other hand, provides the minerals and trace elements that are needed in human blood in very similar proportions that are needed for optimum blood plasma. Crystal salt helps us to stay Hydrated because it electrically charges the body in such a way that we can use water more efficiently so our blood will stay naturally thin, move easily and gracefully through our arteries and capillary system without increased blood pressure.

10. Can you describe how Krystal Salt Tastes to you and will it change the Taste of food?

Yes, crystal salt tastes better than table salt.  It will make your food taste better.  Table salt or sodium and chloride has a very harsh flavor and is hyper-salty.  Table salt is harsh on the taste buds or the nerve endings on the tongue; it may actually shrivel the nerve endings.   Crystal salt has a gentle almost sweet flavor. In fact some people call it the “sweet” salt.

11. How does Crystal Salt effect Blood Pressure?

The effects of crystal salt on blood pressure are truly amazing.  In my practice, I have seen people who have come in with High blood pressure and have tried everything from medication to exercise and other lifestyle changes.  They use crystal Salt and within weeks their blood pressure has normalized.

 On the other hand if people have Low blood pressure Crystal Salt helps them to raise their blood pressure up slightly so it’s at a normal level.  Whatever your particular problems are, they are probably related to mineral deficiency and dehydration.  Crystal Salt can help with both.  If you take Crystal Salt and you’re also on medication, you might want to monitor yourself closely and under the supervision of a healthcare professional. 

The reason being is that Crystal Salt may correct blood pressure and you may not need the medication any more, if you take medication that is not necessary, you may have harmful side effects.

12. Can Krystal Salt help with ADD/ADHD?

People who are afflicted with ADD always suffer from much lower electrical life force in their brains than average people who do not suffer from ADD.  There is a portion of the brain called the substancianigra which is responsible for producing dopamine that is the neurotransmitter which is deficient in people who have ADD.  If you’re deficient in dopamine and you try to concentrate that part of the brain, the pre-frontal cortex that should increase its activity actually decreases its activity.  All this is directly related to the amount of electrical energy you have available in your brain. 

Krystal Salt being probably the most powerful carrier of electrical life force is one wonderful element in combating ADD and together with a whole food natural diet, exercise and certain applications in how a person learns material.  So use Crystal Salt, drink enough water and eat a natural whole food diet, use organic foods, eat enough raw foods, use Klamath Blue Green Algae (or E-3 Live, which is another wonderful wild food supplement that helps people with ADD.

13. Why do the Salt Crystals have a pink color?

The pinkish color is a form of Hematite, which is a form of iron oxide, and the beauty of that is Ionic Iron which means we can absorb it really well, so if you need some extra iron in your diet this would be an excellent source.  At the same time ionic iron does not build up in the body and cause potential harmful side effects which many forms of iron supplementation potentially can do.  So, hematite is another great reason Crystal Salt is the best mineral supplement you can get.

14. Can Krystal Salt help with muscle pain and Arthritis?

One thing that is not commonly known about Arthritis is that when the body dehydrates there is of course a whole chain of reactions going on to insure rationing the little water that is still available for the body.  One of these reactions is an over production of a substances called histamines.  Histamines can cause all kinds of health problems, from allergies, to chronic inflammation to arthritis. 

Rehydration of the human body will fight anything we do to reduce histamine production.  Using antihistamines, or anti inflammatory drugs, for example, can only produce symptom relief for so long. Of course, there is more that goes into the healing of arthritis than just using the right type of salt. So crystal salt, again as the foundation in helping with arthritis in itself, is not enough, but is very important. In addition to the ingestion of Crystal Salt, using the Crystal Bath Salt is an enjoyable experience. You can soak in a bath tub for an hour at the least, and the water will stay warm when the crystal salt is in it and is a wonderful way to ease arthritis discomfort.

15. Explain Anti-Oxidant and why is Krystal Salt the most complete Anti-Oxidant?

The importance of Antioxidant protection for good health has become common knowledge in recent years.  Free radicals are now considered to be the single most significant cause of premature aging and degenerative diseases.  A free radical is a molecule that is missing one or more electrons to be in a state of balance.  Since seeking balance is intrinsic to everything in nature, free radicals aggressively steal electrons from every source they can find. 
In the human body the phospholipid membranes of the cells are a great supplier of electrons for free radicals - to our great disadvantage.  By losing electrons, cell membranes literally become rancid and dysfunctional.

 The accumulated damage shows up as signs of premature aging and virtually every disease known to medicine.  Antioxidants are nature’s way to minimize this ongoing damage.  These are substances that can give spare electrons to free radicals, thus neutralizing them without damage to the cell membranes.  This shows the paramount importance of electrical life energy to maintain health and youthfulness. 

While there are many antioxidants that are very health enhancing, they all have one fundamental limitation:  They work only in some areas of the body.  Vitamin C and E for example, provide fine antioxidant protection in the blood vessels and in the extra cellular fluids; however, they do little inside the cell.  Selenium works well in the blood and in the brain. OPC’s (Oligoproanthocyanide-  An antioxidant found in some tree saps and pine bark) are most effective outside the cells and in the lymphatic system. 

However, Krystal Salt is the only Anti-oxidant that works everywhere in the body.  The simple reason for this lies in the fact that crystal salt contains 72 elements that the human body consists of in ideal proportions.  Due to the immense amount of spare electrons that all of these elements carry in crystal salt, they all have great antioxidant properties.  Once Crystal Salt is introduced into the body, a profound regeneration of the cell membranes becomes possible.  Other antioxidants are also enhanced in their effectiveness when Crystal Salt is taken.

16. Can Crystal Salt help with Heart Disease? (Please consult your health care professional)

In my opinion, when I talk about Heart Disease, I first would like to expose the myth that cholesterol is causing heart disease, to say that it does is like saying the nail in the coffin has killed the person in it. 

See, what happens is we are exposed to so much free radical damage that free radicals begin to tear up our arteries from the inside and the body would bleed to death if it didn't do anything about it.  Cholesterol is simply nature’s super glue, so wherever there are free radical induced injuries in the arteries and capillaries in the body, we’re using cholesterol together with proteins and other substances to glue over these injuries so we don’t bleed to death. 

Krystal Salt has the broadest spectrum antioxidants you can possibly eat, and ingest in any form. So by using crystal salt you provide anti-oxidant protection which makes it unnecessary for the body to produce the plaque that is then considered to be atherosclerosis and can help heart disease to be easily prevented.

17. How does Krystal Salt affect our body’s Acid Alkaline Balance?

A common question my clients have these days is about the acid alkaline balance of the body because we read more and more how important it is to maintain this balance.  There are so many factors that go into acid forming and alkaline forming properties of the human body.  Crystal Salt, because of its balanced mineral spectrum affects your acid alkaline balance in the most positive way. If you are overly acidic Crystal Salt helps to alkalize very quickly.  If you are overly alkaline, which is rare but happens in some cases, crystal salt helps you to rebalance your minerals because over alkalinity is usually simply a mineral imbalance in the mineral metabolism of the body. Within an over all healthy life style hopefully you will be more and more drawn to whole natural foods. Crystal salt is a great asset in having completely balanced acid alkaline metabolism in the human body.

Also see Alkaline Water 101.
18. Tell us about the Bath Crystals?

19. What are the benefits of the Brine?



20. Will Krystal Salt affect blood pressure medication?


21. Tell us about Klamath Blue Green Algae, and what is your recommended dosage?

22. Can children use the Salt Solution (Brine), and what amount?

23. Is Krystal Salt contaminant free?

24. What does the term, "Crystal Matrix" mean?


25. Will Krystal Salt help with environmental illness or heavy metal poisoning?

26. Explain enzymes and their interaction with Crystal Salt?


27. How does Crystal Salt affect Hormones?

28. How does Krystal Salt affect my Immune System?

Our immune systems are under stress now-a-days as they have never been before in history. So to make sure that our immune system works to the best of our ability we need to stay hydrated. The thymus gland is the part of the body where white blood cells, antibodies, and the parts of our blood that forms our first line of defense, are maturing and the thymus gland also is very easily hindered in its ability to perform that function by dehydration, calcium and magnesium deficiencies. Rehydrate by drinking enough water but by also using crystal salt. Reintroducing all these minerals that tend to be missing in our foods due to soil depletion in agriculture is the first fundamental step in having a functional immune system.

30. To recap, what are the most important things people can do to achieve Radiant Health?


31. Introduction about Christian Opitz.


32. Tell us the ways that Krystal Salt could help women with PMS?


33. In your book you state that the rediscovery of Krystal Salt may be the most important health discovery of the 21st century, explain why?
34. What is the difference between refined and unrefined salt?

35. What is the single most important thing a person can do to improve their Health?


36. Can you drink too much Brine?


37. Could Krystal Salt be the ultimate Mineral supplement?
39. Tell us about the Minerals in Krystal Salt and why we need them?


40. After a hard work out how can Krystal Salt help?

Because of its’ electrolyte properties, crystal salt can be wonderful after a hard workout. The way to do this is to take a glass of water and put a good pinch of crystal salt with a squeeze of lemon. This way the electrolytes naturally occurring in the crystal salt plus the fruit acids and the natural electrolytes occurring in the lemon will combine in such a way that you will have a wonderful electrolyte spectrum that is just what your body needs after exercise.

41. Arsenic?  Mercury?

Yes, these minerals are present in the 74 elements. They are present in the human body at the same level as in the crystal salt and they are not toxic heavy metals when they exist in their natural ionic form.

42. I eat healthy already, why should I eat Salt?

In March of 2002, another prominent laboratory in Europe did a Hagalis Analysis on our crystal salt. The analysis showed that the minerals are in an ionic state with a very large surface area, which is optimal for human metabolism. The necessary trace elements are so small and dispersed that they are available in their entirety for our bodies use. The analysis also proved that the crystal salt has a high range of trace elements as well as 72 traceable minerals. The analysis displayed the crystal forms, which enlivened the life force of the water sample, which means when we take crystal salt, we can expect more life force within our bodies. “I was already living a healthy lifestyle when I discovered crystal salt but when I started taking it, I discovered some interesting benefits. My body seems to have a better ability to deal with stress, it was easier for me to stay hydrated, and I really enjoyed the taste and actually enjoyed the taste of my food more when I used this instead of unrefined types of salt. Then I told friends and later told my clients about it and they all seemed to recognize some immediate benefits. Now, whether a person is already in a very healthy lifestyle or they want to switch to a healthier lifestyle crystal salt is probably the most versatile health enhancing product people can take”. Christian Opitz


43. Does Krystal Salt have valence electrons?  And what are they?

Yes, crystal salt has valence electrons. It is a very expensive test to prove this. A friend of mine with a laboratory in Germany performed the test and yes, the salt gives off negative ions and does have valence electrons which are extra electrons that are available for the free radicals to attach onto.


44. How will Krystal Salt help my system and what can it do for me?

Many studies have been done in Europe on crystal salt. These studies show that crystal salt contains calcium and magnesium. These minerals are essential for staying healthy. Peter Ferreira conducted a study on 400 people (done over a 2 year period) that proves the importance of crystal salt in our diets. In his book “Water and Salt”, he found that by using crystal salt, blood pressure can be balanced, calcium deposits can be eliminated, usable oxygen in blood can increase, red blood cells can be un-clumped, blood can be detoxified, the full spectrum of elements that resonates with our bones and enzymes and builds bone marrow can be utilized, radiation is neutralized, capillaries can become more elastic and blood flow increases, extra electrons are added to the body, (which are free radical scavengers), the entire spectrum of electrolytes that the body needs can be received, uric acid can be detoxified from sodium chloride intake, a possible increase of elimination of heavy metals through the stool may occur, and cravings for sweets are reduced. You can now enjoy salt in your food and in your life.

45. Why 250 million years old and why is this good for me?

Crystal salt is pure, and has been undisturbed for at least 250 million years. As the mine is inside a mountain at an altitude of 10,000 feet, it has been protected from chemical pollutants such as PCB’s which are found everywhere, even in the Antarctic.

46. How do they mine Krystal Salt?

Crystal salt is mined by hand without the use of explosives, and hand-washed without the use of any chemicals.

47. Where is it from?

The Himalayan Mountains.

48. How is it ground?

It is hand and stone ground.

49. How do they refine salt?

When we speak of refined salt, we are speaking of table salt that has passed through numerous processes to clean it and then “free flow agents” are added for clumping. Crystal salt is natural, just as it was created millions of years ago. Refined salt is washed to remove excess magnesium and other minerals which render the salt whiter and dryer. However, important elements of salt are lost which alter its natural ratios and constitution.

50. How will it detoxify me?

The salt can detox in two different ways: By taking the brine or salt you detoxify through the elimination process and the other by bathing in a salt bath, using the Miracle Krystal Bath Salt you detoxify through the skin. The bath is a gentler way and can be used by people who have been more severely poisoned through industrial chemicals. The bath is gentler because the toxins come through the skin and do not have to pass through the liver and kidneys to exit the body.

51. Will it make me sick with the detoxifying effects?

If you are heavily toxic, for instance from industrial poisoning, yes, you can experience a healing crisis (such as headaches) using the brine, in which case just salting your food and bathing is recommendable. By salting your food, you will detox slowly and not experience headaches, etc. Take the bath, maybe twice a week for some weeks until you no longer experience symptoms. It is good to work with your health care practitioner.

52. What are detoxifying symptoms?

One of the first symptoms of detoxification that a lot of people notice when they start using the brine is that they have a natural desire to drink more water. This is not the same as being really thirsty from over-eating salt, as you may have experienced in the past with table salt, but it’s a natural inclination because the body needs more water to flush out the toxins that are set in motion by the use of the brine. Some people experience mild detoxification symptoms in the form of a light headache for a day or two, maybe some skin rashes, change in body temperature, a skin irritation, constipation or bowel movements. Usually these detoxification symptoms are very mild and only if they should persist and bother you would I recommend you stop using the brine and simply use the granulated salt on your food which will not cause a detoxification reaction.

Brine Detox Information: For some people the brine can be a powerful detoxifier. Those who are taking any prescriptions or over the counter medications, or have any condition that may be salt sensitive, are advised to consult a knowledgeable healthcare professional before taking the brine. We strongly suggest that you start with one drop and slowly increase to a maximum of one teaspoon per day. More is not necessarily better. Small amounts on a daily basis will bring the best results. If you experience any symptoms of discomfort, stop taking the brine immediately and consult your healthcare professional. Not recommended for children under the age of 18. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. Drink a minimum of two quarts of pure water daily when using the brine.

53. How does it pull toxins out of my skin with the bath salt?

The salt is alkaline and it pulls out the toxins which are acid.

54. Can I cook/bake with this Krystal Salt?

Yes, you can use it just like you would use any other type of salt or condiment on your food and in any of your cooking purposes and it will enhance the flavor of your food so much better than any other type of salt that’s on the market.

55. Can I add fragrance to the Miracle Krystal Bath Salt?

Yes, of course you can mix crystal salt with your essential oils for bathing, just be sure you use them in the recommended strength.

56. Does it have an added fragrance?

No, the Miracle Krystal Bath Salt is completely natural.  It does not provide fragrance of its own, some people would like to add natural fragrance to there bath while others do not. I highly recommend only natural fragrance products like high quality essential oils. Do not use products that are artificially and/or chemically synthesized because they may not combine well with the skin rejuvenating effects of crystal salt.

57. How fine is it ground?

80 mesh.

58. Can I use tap water for the Brine?

No chlorinated water. We suggest artesian or filtered water.

59. Can we eat too much salt?

Of course, you can eat too much as you can do with anything, but the beauty of crystal salt is you can not overdose it as long as it tastes good to you in your cooking purposes. More is not better. crystal salt enhances the flavors in your food.  There are two basic applications of crystal salt, one is to use the rock crystals and to dissolve them in water and make what we call brine or a salt solution, and of this concentrated brine we should use only a drop to start a day in the morning on an empty stomach with an 8 ounce glass of water.  As far as the granulated form of the salt goes, the kind that comes in the salt shaker, in which you can use in all your cooking purposes, just use to taste.

60. Can my children take the Brine?  (Per Christian Opitz

Yes, it is perfectly safe. In my experience, it is actually wonderful if children use the brine. Children are a special interest for me since I’m counseling a lot of families with children who are having a hard time giving up junk foods, such as lot of sugar and often being addicted to sweets. The brine helps so many children to develop natural instincts toward healthier eating. so it’s not because they're parents tell them, it’s not because they're forced to do it, but because their own taste buds actually regenerate using crystal salt in the brine form. They will gain less pleasure from super processed junk foods and more pleasure from natural whole foods. This is one of the most magnificent effects of the application of the brine that I’ve seen personally in my clients.


61. What will it do for my children?

The same balancing effects it has on adults. They should start to find their cravings for sugar diminish fairly soon after beginning to use the salt. Of course this depends on how healthy their life style is. You really need to institute all the components of a healthy lifestyle as I have written about in my book. (Drink high quality water, no chlorinated water, no caffeine, and exercise in fresh air, NO TABLE SALT.

62. How much Miracle Krystal Bath Salt do I use for a bath?

1 to 2 cups or more if desired in a tub of warm water.


63. I am finding processed food too salty, why?

When you eliminate Table Salt from your life and replace it with crystal salt, you will become more and more adverse to the harsh flavor of Table Salt.

64. Will the Krystal Salt cleanse my blood?

Yes, it helps detoxify the blood.

65. What kind of container should I use for the Brine?

Glass, always.

66. Do I take the Brine with water?

Yes, 1 drop up to one half of a teaspoon brine in an 8 oz glass, or 1 drop up to one half of a teaspoon in your "Five Element Smoothie".

67. Do I take the brine on an empty stomach or with food?

With water, as above, on an empty stomach for most people, so it will get into the blood stream faster.

68. How will my skin look after a bath?

This is the most pleasant application of crystal salt.  Using the Miracle Krystal Bath Salt Crystals in the tub will be surprising for you.  It will maintain the heat in the tub for at least an hour and maybe more.  There is also a myth in dermatology where we’re usually told that the skin has an acidic protective layer.  It is true that most adults have acidic skin, but this is not because there is a protective layer there, in fact babies whose skin, we all admire and envy, have an alkaline skin, they were born with skin of a PH of 8.0 which is very alkaline.  Amniotic fluid has a PH of 8.5 which is even more alkaline.
Using crystal salt in your bath alkalizes your bath water significantly, so you can actually get to and 8.5 PH in your bath tub, just like amniotic fluid in the mother’s womb.  This will result in an incredibly soft, smooth silky feeling on your skin that rejuvenates the skin.  A lot of women tell me that since they are using crystal salt in the bath tub that they have a much lesser need for other expensive skin care products, moisturizers and so on.  So using crystal salt in this way is a wonderful home spa that you can treat yourself to. It also helps with detoxification.  A lot of people who are in chronic pain report that taking a bath with crystal salt on a regular basis really helps with decreasing their symptoms.  So try it for yourself and see how wonderful it can feel to soak in crystal salt.

69. Should I apply lotion after bathing?

Not necessary, in fact it’s much better to let the salt water dry on your skin with nothing else added. You will not feel dry after the bath.

70. Will it dry out my skin?

Sometimes people ask me if taking a bath in the crystal salt will dry out my skin, on the contrary this will help to rehydrate your skin and this is why everybody who takes a bath with the crystal salt experiences the skin to be incredibly smooth and silky and just feel wonderful.   So if you want to rehydrate your skin use the crystal salt and this is the fastest way to get dead skin cells off and to hydrate the healthy skin cells that are these and give your skin a wonderful overall feeling.

71. What are the things remaining in my tub?

There may be little pebbles in the Miracle Krystal Bath Salt. These are not in the food grade crystal salt.

72. Will this effect other medications I am on? (Per Christian Opitz, see Brine Detox Information)

Brine Detox Information!!  For some people the brine can be a powerful detoxifier. Those who are taking any prescription or over the counter medications, or have any condition that may be salt sensitive, are advised to consult a knowledgeable healthcare professional before taking the brine.  We strongly suggest that you start with one drop and slowly increase to a maximum of one teaspoon per day.  More is not necessarily better.  Small amounts on a daily basis will bring the best results.  If you experience any symptoms of discomfort, stop taking the brine immediately and consult your healthcare professional.  Not recommended for children under the age of 18. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.  Drink a minimum of two quarts of pure water daily when using the brine.

73. How big is the mine?

4 million tons a year are hand-mined.

74. Is it clean?  How is it cleaned?

The crystal salt is naturally clean, being deep within a mine, and not susceptible to environmental pollutions. The crystal salt is hand-washed.

75. Is heat applied?


76. What is the difference between Rock Salt and Krystal Salt?

Rock salt does not have the crystalline formation.  Rock Salt is like Sea Salt.

77. Can I preserve food with Krystal Salt?

The brine makes for an awesome food preservative and being a real German, of course, I like to make my own sauerkraut, and I, as well as many other people have found that using the brine as a food preservative, for example, to make pickles, brings out a flavor in these foods that we have never experienced with anything else before.  If you are into preserving your own foods, use the brine and expect a lot more flavor than you ever have before.

78. Epson Salt vs. Krystal Salt?

Epsom Salt is a magnesium salt.

79. How did Krystal Salt become crystallized?

The term crystal matrix refers to natures’ favorite way of storing electrical energy. Now we have to understand that we are electrical beings in a very real sense because our entire metabolism, all the processes of life, death, health and disease are governed by electricity, by the exchange of electrical energy. So our food is not only a supplier of chemical nutrients, calories, vitamins and fatty acids, but also a supplier of electrical energy. Much like a diamond is condensed out of simple carbon atoms due to millions of years to exposure to high pressure and temperatures, crystal salt is condensed out of a simple form of sea salt which contains all the minerals and trace elements found in the human body due to the exposure of high pressure and temperature, probably over 250 million years old. This means that crystal salt gives our bodies, not only the minerals and trace elements which are the essential building blocks that are found in the human body, but that these minerals and trace elements are carriers of an enormous electrical life force field of electric life energy which we need to have for a healthy metabolism.

80. What is the shelf life?


81. When cooking with Krystal Salt, does heat diminish the mineral content?

Ionic minerals such as those in the salt are not altered or damaged by heat at all. Only complex chemicals substances like vitamins or proteins are changed through heat.  Cooking with crystal salt is no problem.

82. What is the difference between Colloidal minerals and Ionized minerals?

Colloidal refers to a particle size of around one micron that these minerals come in.  Ionized refers to having an electrical charge, which is unrelated to particle size. Ionic minerals as they occur in crystal salt are one angstrom in particle size. An angstrom is one million times smaller than a micron which is the particle size of colloidal minerals. Therefore minerals in Crystal Salt are more absorbable and usable than colloidal minerals, since the body does not have to break them down into smaller particles.

83. How do I store it?

In a jar or bag in the cupboard or in a salt shaker.

84. Will it clump?

Yes, it may.

85. How do I keep it from clumping?

Keep the salt in a dry place and put a cracker in it.

86. Why is Table Salt bad for me?

Table Salt is highly refined Sodium Chloride. The majority of the other 70-82 elements that occur in natural sea salt or rock salt have been eliminated. This leads to a one-sided overload of Sodium and Chloride that in turn leads to all the well-documented undesirable effects of diets that are high in refined salt. Table Salt also comes with additives such as aluminumhydroxide, sodiumferrocyanide, calcium phosphate, stearic acid and others. Some of these are harmless, but some are definitely toxic.

87. Will Krystal Salt oxygenate my blood?

If your blood is thick it will thin it provided you practice all the components of a healthy lifestyle as I have discussed in my book, “The Miracle of Krystal Salt”.

88. What is the difference between the Iodine in refined salt and the Iodine in Krystal Salt?

In refined salt the iodine is added. In unrefined crystal salt the iodine is naturally present.

89. Why is it contaminant free?

Because it is mined out of the inside of a mountain where it has sat for millions of years protected from environmental pollutants.

90. Will my cravings for sugar and processed foods subside?

Yes, "According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), refined Table Salt creates an energetic imbalance in the body that we then crave to neutralize. Since refined sugar creates the opposite imbalance, TCM maintains that consuming Table Salt increases sugar cravings. Instead of balancing one extreme with the opposite extreme, we can use crystal salt to balance our energy field within a few minutes upon intake, as extensive studies in Europe have shown. The use of crystal salt will greatly enhance the body's instincts towards eating natural foods rather than craving unhealthy stimulants like refined sugar. In my own practice I have observed many times how incorporating crystal salt into one's diet resulted in an effortless change towards a more natural diet and lifestyle."
(Stated in Paul Pitchfords book "Healing with Whole Food")

91. What are the studies you have had done on the salt?

Please read Christian’s book, “The Miracle of Krystal Salt”.

92. Can I use plastic to make the Brine?

It’s better to use a glass jar for the brine but for short term or travel plastic is okay.

93. Why do I need to use artesian water?

Any water in its clean natural state is good to use. Artesian water like Trinity bottled spring water is unlike most other bottled waters.  It is not heated, ozonated or treated in any other way that would diminish its life force, making it outstanding high quality artesian water.

Alkaline Water is great too.
94. How much water do I have to drink a day when taking the brine?

It is suggested to drink a minimum of 2 quarts of pure artesian water daily.

95. Will it take time to build up in my system?

Each person is different. The important thing is to use the crystal salt in combination with all the components of a healthy lifestyle.  Please read Christian’s book, “The Miracle of Krystal Salt” for more information.

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