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Healthy Products
Alkaline Water
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Air Oasis  Purification Technology

 7 Most Advanced Technologies
Fused Into One

Why settle for just a filter, high ozone air purifier or simple ionizer that uses old technology. With an Air Oasis Air Purifier you will receive proven and Lab Tested technologies that are the most advanced today.   Air Purification Primer


Every Air Purifier Comes With:

Nano Technology:

Our air purifiers utilize true nano technology in our Patented quad Nano Xtreme™ catalyst.  Many UV air purifiers claim they have nano technology simply because UV light rays are measured in nano meters. Beware of false claims and imitators.

Redundant Oxidation:

The Air Oasis air purifier technology converts ozone into four additional ions: hydroxyl, hydro peroxide, super oxide and ozonide ions.  By utilizing redundant oxidizers you receive greater benefits than that of ozone alone without the harmful side effects of an ozone air purifier.
AHPCO™ (Advanced Hydrated Photo Catalytic Oxidation):

Our Patented quad Nano Xtreme™ catalyst coating utilizes the power of five strong catalyst metals as well as a hydrating agent making our catalyst the most effective on the market today.
Don't be fooled by competitor air purifier products using Titanium alone.
Ion Blanket™:

Reduces mold, bacteria, fungus, viruses etc. not only in the air but on surfaces such as counter tops.
UVC Radiation:

UVC utilizes the short wavelength of UV that is harmful to forms of life at the micro-organic level.  It is effective in destroying the nucleic acids in these organisms so that their DNA is disrupted by the UV radiation, which is a form of ionizing radiation.  This removes their reproductive capabilities and/or kills them.
 This can only be achieved using a UVC or UVX lamp in the 254 nm range.  Any other UV lamp air purifiers will not be effective!
Gas / Vapor Decomposition:

Gas and vapors are decomposed at a molecular level and not just partially trapped in a filter media.
Biological and Aeroallergen Elimination:

"Minor trace of inoculum were observed in Petri plates at 2, 4, and 8 ft after 24 hours, indicating a definite reduction of the microbial aeroallergens in the room air.  After 72 hours with the air purifier on, no
microbial colony were observed on the Petri plates."

Nabarun Ghosh, Department of Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences, West Texas A&M University



ozone decomposition

The Air Oasis™ air purifiers utilize state-of-the-art technology unique to any product currently on the market today:

AHPCO™ Cell (Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation Cell) - The next generation in catalytic oxidation. The AHPCO™ Cell technology is far superior to the older stand alone UV lamps and catalytic oxidation methods with only one catalyst used in competitor air purifiers. This is the latest advanced oxidation technology that consists of a proprietary, high-intensity broad spectrum UV lamp in a hydrated catalytic cell utilizing our patent-pending quad-nano Xtreme™ coating. Ozone is produced in the cell via the HE/UV lamp, the majority of which is converted into airborne hydro peroxides (H2O2), hydroxyl ions(OH-), super oxide ions(O2-) and ozonide ions(O3-)  via the quad-nano Xtreme™ quad-metallic catalyst.  These friendly cleansing ions treat your indoor air by:

• Suppressing bacteria growth (bacteriostatic)
• Suppressing mold growth (mycostatic)
• Suppressing viruses
• Suppressing VOC's
• Reducing odors
• Reducing small particles
(for larger particles, such as pet hair, a filter is recommended)

Learn more about the AHPCO Cell Technology (Click Here).

The Air Oasis air purification units do not require noisy high speed fans in order to clean the air in your home or office. CADR (clean air delivery rate) is also a word of the past with our advanced technology. The fans utilized in our units simply push the five ions created into the air which then radiate through your entire home constantly destroying air borne and surface contaminants. Since the ions are present in your air 24/7 the air is constantly being cleaned without have to pass through the unit. This makes our units extremely effective yet extremely compact in size so they can fit easily into your home decor without becoming a main focal point.

Pros over competition: Low cost, no yearly maintenance, no installation, airborne hydro peroxides, super oxide ions and hydroxide ions travel through the house providing 24-hour protection against airborne mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOC’s. The cell also acts as a germicidal lamp and treats the air that passes by it.

*Note 1: Federal safety limits are .04 ppm. At .02 ppm or less this is not considered an ozone device.

quad-nano xtreme catalyst

Development of Our Patent-pending
quad-nano Xtreme™ Catalyst Coating



AHPCO™, is an Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation technology. Basically, it is a broad spectrum high intensity UV light targeted on our patent-pending quad-nano Xtreme™ quad metallic catalyst in a low-level ozone and moist atmosphere. This creates an advanced oxidation of friendly oxidizers. Unlike ozone, these oxidizers are safe, but yet aggressive at killing mold, bacteria, viruses and more.  They also effectively neutralize odors and VOCs. Once they have done their job they revert back to oxygen and hydrogen. AHPCO technology has been successfully used in water, air, food and laundry applications.


The UV light and ozone are not new discoveries. Ozone was first discovered in the late 1800's and used as a water purifier in Europe. UV light was discovered in the 1930's. Actually, nature discovered it before; it was called the "sun". The disinfection qualities of UV light are also not new. Hospitals have used UV light for decades in operating rooms. Barbers were disinfecting combs in the 1950's with UV light. What is new is the enhancement of both these natural, friendly oxidizers and the validation for use on air, water, food and laundry.

History of Air Systems

In the mid-1980's air purifiers started to make their way into the residential market. Ozone air systems were widely used in the commercial restoration business for fire and flood damage to buildings. These applications utilized corona discharge systems (CD) that use a spark or electrically charged plates to simulate lightning. This converted the oxygen (O2) to ozone (O3). The CD method creates very high concentrated ozone.  Plus by using air as the oxygen source, you are receiving 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen.  The problem with CD systems is with oxygen conversion you also get a nitrogen conversion, which makes nitric acid and nitric oxide.

The problem facing the residential air systems was that the cost of an oxygen generator was so high they went without one. This, of course, created a CD corona discharge systemunit that produced high concentrated ozone plus low levels of nitric oxide and nitric acid.  The maintenance was a problem due to the corrosive nature of nitric acid and the high concentration of ozone exceeding the Federal safety limits of .04 ppm.  Ozone readings at the exhaust have exceeded 10 ppm, which is potentially lethal.  Air Oasis decided to stay out of this dangerous market.

In the late 1980's it was discovered that the lower concentration of ozone could have an effect on odors, mold and bacteria. Testing this theory, determined that safe, low levels of ozone could have a significant result with airborne mold, odors and bacteria.  The problem was to create a safe residential air purifier that could produce safe, low concentrations of ozone that would not exceed the .04 ppm Federal limits.  This was accomplished in the early 1990's, about the same time as the Federal Government was going after the ozone residential units. This battle of the Feds and manufacturers gave ozone a very bad name.

With the technology to build a device that produces safe, low concentrations of ozone and the ability to ensure a room would not exceed .04 ppm, it was time to set out to validate the use of this device on mold, VOC's, odors and bacteria.  Fox TV News was doing a three-part series on indoor air problems and tested one of the ozone units.  The unit they had tested was producing 18 ppm ozone, a lethal amount that drove the camera crew and news reporter right out of the office.  The Fox people then asked if they could independently test the AHPCO technology.  They ran tests supervised by an independent air specialist and two medical doctors.  The series turned out to be a fantastic infomercial for this technology.  The results couldn't have been better. Fox ran this on their national news network and their national health news.  Popular Science picked up the story for the magazine and ran it on the Popular Science TV Show.

In 2003 the AHPCO Cell was developed. Rhodium was now added as a catalyst and improved hydration compounds were also added.  Plus, a total new target concept was used.  A 360 degree cell provided maximum exposure of the catalysts.  The bulb was reworked and a HE/UV Broad Spectrum bulb with a heavy duty filament and long life coating was developed.  This gave the new AHPCO Cell an unprecedented 3 year, 25,000 hour life.  This was a major improvement over the current standard 8,000-10,000 hour UV bulb life. The most important improvement was the efficacy, the new cell design created more hydro peroxides, super oxide ions and ozone levels were .01-.015 ppm or less.  Country or forest air is usually around .01-.02 ppm of ozone.  Most people can smell ozone at .01 ppm, and .05 ppm is the federal safe limit for medical devices.  The new cell also produces hydroxide ions and ozonide ions which broadened the scope of capabilities.

By using a AHPCO™ Cell with redundant oxidizers our scope of effectiveness is widely broadened.

quad-nano xtreme catalyst

In March of 2006 our new quad-nano Xtreme™ catalyst coating was introduced. With this new patent-pending coating a fifth powerful catalyst metal was added.  We also reduced the particle size of our metals down to a nanosize particle in order to increase the surface area and therefore increase the kinetic rate of reaction.  The hydrophilic gel was also improved to further hydrate the coating and react in combination with the metal catalysts (by donating hydrogen to the ozone) to decompose ozone to form hydroxide ions, and radicals, as well as hydro peroxides, such as the HO2 radical and hydrogen peroxides, which are desirable reaction products from the decomposition of ozone due to their strong oxidizing properties, which enhances the germicidal effect of UV radiation.

While competitors are using TiO2 alone with no hydrating agents or other less effective catalyst coatings, Air Oasis is setting the trend for the next generation of air purifiers.

Air Oasis Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers made in the USA               Better Business Bureau        
Made in the USA!

we ship air purifiers with FedEx
Most orders ship in 24 hrs

Get your's today, it will be one of your best Investments in good Health!

Air Oasis Product Page

Lab Tested


Summary of test results:

Figure 1 Control (No treatment with air purifier)
control at 1 ft
Plate A: Control 1 ft.
control at 2 ft
Plate A: Control 2 ft.
control at 4 ft
Plate A: Control 4 ft.
Figure-1 shows the number of microbial colonies produced in the Control set, before any treatment of indoor air with the air purifier.
Figure 3 (After 24 hr treatment with air purifier)
after 24 hr at 1 ft
Plate A: Control 1 ft.
Plate A: 24 hr, 1 ft.
after 24 hr at 2 ft
Plate A: Control 2 ft.

Plate A: 24 hr, 2 ft.
after 24 hr at 4 ft

Plate A: 24 hr, 4 ft.


Figure 3 shows the petri-plates after a 24 hour treatment with the air purifier. Note the reduction in number of colonies compared to figure 1 (Control, No treatment with air purifier).


It was also evidenced that the petri-plates placed closer to the distance to the air purifier (1ft. and 2 ft.) produced least number of colonies after 24h., 48h. and 72 hours of treatment of the indoor air with the air purifier. Figure-3 shows the level of infection after 24 hours with distances 1 ft, 2ft. and 4 ft. away from the air purifier. There was very minor trace of inoculums from the petri-plates from 1 ft. or 2 ft. and 4 ft. distances after 24 hours of treatment of the room air indicating thereby definite reduction of the microbial aeroallergen in the room air. After 72 hours of treatment of the indoor air with the air purifier there was almost no micro flora or propagules left in the indoor air since there was no microbial colony produced on the petri-plates. All the experiments were carried out with setting at High in the air purifier. Figure 1 shows the Control plates without any treatment. All the 3 petri plates from the set up of 1ft, 2ft and 4 ft show vigorous growth of the microbial colonies after incubation in an incubator at 37 degrees Celsius.

Figure 1A
Number of microbial colonies produced
after 24 hours in Control (no Air Purifier)

figure 1A

Figure - 2
Effect of air purifier after different periods of exposure
on the number of microbial colonies.

figure 2


From the figure-2 is a graph on the distribution of the number of microbial colonies before and after the treatment of indoor air with the air purifier, it is very clear that there was a gradual reduction in the number of microbial (bacterial and fungal) colonies with greater interval of exposure with the air purifier.

Figure - 3
Effect of treatment of air purifier on the concentration
of indoor aeroallergen concentration.

figure 3

The petri plates from the set up of 24 hour treatment with air purifier from distances 1ft, 2ft and 4 ft from the air purifier showed no significant microbial growth. At the distance of 1 ft no microbial colony was recorded on the petri-plate while the petri plates from 2 and 4ft showed very minor trace of inoculums. Figure 4 shows the distribution of the aeroallergen count after the treatment of the room air after 24hour, 48 hour and 72 hours. After 72 hours of treatment there was almost no aeroallergen left closure to the air purifier.

View full abstract from West Texas A&M University, click here


Get your's today, it will be one of your best Investments in good Health!

Air Oasis Product Page




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