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Excerpts from the 2005 March
     Newsletter of Choice


"Success causes executive burnout" is a myth. It is seldom caused by success, however much hard work that may involve. Executives not making Choices, or not knowing what Choices to make, creates the most stress. Difficulty making decisions many times produces feelings of helplessness and failure.

Negative beliefs, self doubts, and denials create self-limiting stress, which if left unattended flows into the body through the subconscious and creates manifestations of physical illness. The end result is that we become stuck in the feeling (and the "reality"!) that we have NO CHOICE concerning any positive future outcomes.

We are taught to think success, plan for success and to emphasize accomplishments. When we have a problem we often respond by diving headfirst into denial. "If I get busy enough, the headache will go away." Too often, we are not aware that the denials are the cause that creates the symptoms that rear their ugly heads.

Many companies, organizations, and even families fail because they are afraid to make choices. Sweeping problems under the rug in hope that it will solve the problem will only bring on more stress.

Dr. John Bonn, stress management consultant and former director of the stress unit at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London says: "Stress is not the same as pressure. It has to do with feeling unable to cope, and its symptoms include chronic low-grade anxiety."

Since 1982, Three In One Concepts has presented the ONE BRAIN" method for relieving unresolved emotional stress in almost every country of the world. We have trained Facilitators of almost every nationality.

Our ONE BRAIN' method is an innovative, unique approach to identify and correct the stressors that keep us from creating a productive and fulfilling life.

The magic of our ONE BRAIN' Defusion approach rebalances physical, mental, emotional and spiritual power.

When we Defuse the negative emotions fused to past events, we are free to stay in Present Time, which is where conscious Choices can only be made.


The Three In One Concepts Facilitator utilizes biofeedback from the body through Stress Testing to identify stressors. By taking our Getting Better Series you will learn techniques to release the stress and allow for the creation of constructive life decisions.
Our Consultant Facilitators work to help the client defuse stress at a cellular level, thereby releasing the traumatic blocks that inhibit the therapeutic process. This allows the client and the Consultant Facilitator to proceed more effectively toward achieving positive results.

The ONE BRAIN'" SYSTEM is easily integrated into other theoretical frameworks treating mental and physical health and promoting social well being. Among those who have enhanced their existing practice with this method are Physicians, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, MFTs, RNs, and Educators. Other participants are concerned parents and people who just want to get better.

Our purpose is to help you learn to integrate your body, mind and spirit so you can create the kind of life you really want to live.

We will help you on how you can change your perception in any area you choose, including stress release, relationship disharmony, anxiety, learning new activities and "dyslexia."

With our exclusive ONE BRAIN Tm SYSTEM, you also learn your own power of choice.
For instance:
Choose to Be the Star of Your Own Life  Or You're the Supporting Player in Someone Else's


Through a unique combination of skills and insights, we have put together a program of self-discovery which is like nothing you have ever experienced.

Its foundation is that there is only one legitimate source for what you need to know about becoming the person you've always dreamed of becoming - and that source is YOU!

Our workshops begin with a two-day program called TOOLS OF THE TRADEtm, WHICH WILL INTRODUCE YOU TO YOURSELF IN AN ENTIRELY NEW LIGHT. You will be taught to use our Behavioral Barometer, an ingenious road map for identifying where you are emotionally right now and where you want to go.

You will be taught effective and gentle ways to reduce stress on any issue in your life.

And since YOU are the only source for information about yourself, we will teach you how to get biofeedback from your body/brain to use as a tool that will assist you to identify and defuse any suppressed negative emotions that could sabotage the positive changes that you want to have in your life.


That's right. To many people, our work is a bit unconventional. At first you may need some encouragement to unify our skills and all they represent with your current beliefs. The best way to unify yourself and the work is to do it; to experience its clarity and incredible benefits of insight, understanding and release, which you will experience almost from the beginning.


We call our second (three day) work-shop BASIC ONE BRAIN" or IMPROVE LEARNING AWARENESS.

We all know that stress can be destructive. What we teach you in this workshop is to change a stressful situation - any stressful situation - by changing the way you feel about it. Changing how you feel can release, even eliminate stress.

This workshop puts the focus on awakening specific learning abilities. The emphasis is on identifying and defusing the physical blockages that limit perception in any field of learning.

Comments from the parents whose children had ONE BRAIN' defusions: "I have noticed a big change in James. He takes more care of his personal appearance. He does his homework without my getting after him. He helps more with the yard work and the housework. Thank you."

"My son.Robert has shown great improvement in the school year. His grades have greatly improved."

"This year has been a turn-around for David. He has adjusted much better to Junior High than we had anticipated. He really seems to enjoy school. We have not heard one negative comment from him about school, teachers or going to school. Last year these were numerous. He also seems to have made lots of new friends and gets along better with the other kids."

COMMENTS FROM PARTICIPANTS: "I'm still markedly aware of the positive shifts in my being since doing the courses. I feel more grounded, clearer, and more self-confident."
"Thank you for creating ONE BRAIN' - its unlimited potential sinks further into my consciousness each time I work with it. Look out world, here we come!"

CODE tm. You will learn the basic principles of Structure/Function, where we will show you how to "read" people according to their physical structure. To us, there is no other skill as immediate or effective as Structure/Function if you want to recognize and under-stand your own individual unique-ness. Together with the Behavioral Barometer, (introduced in TOOLS OF THE TRADE), Structure/Function forms the spine of our insights into helping you to have a better time, all the time, in Present Time.

This program begins the "people skills" training we find invaluable when working with others. UNDER THE CODE' applies ONE BRAIN's' skills to defusing communication problems and the Negative Emotional Stress of past relationships and stressors. More: via Structure/Function insight, you'll learn to recognize physical indicators that outpicture instinctive and/or conditioned patterns of behavior. All of this comes together in our unique battery of communication skills -- including the amazing Feel, Want and Willing formula. This skill stops the "mind chatter' that blocks effective decision-making and/or the successful bridging of communication gaps.

The phrase we hear most often (and for over 20 years) is "THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS!" Why wait? CHOOSE to get better!

Keth has taken all these courses and many more Three and One Concepts Work and uses it in the Divine Tune-Up Sessions as needed

We restrict our potential through the image of ourselves, then we live up to this image.

Move outside yourself and put your energy on a worthwhile, creative goal.

Look to create unification and be more adapt-able.

Be happy for the achievements of others without feeling jealous.

Find your own self, your own inner being.

Trust your own opinions.

Focus outside yourself on the beauty around you and create memorable relationships.

Focus on what you really want and take steps toward long
range goals.

Quit reflecting on what's happened in the past and create what you want in present time - the kind of future you're longing for.

Find your own assurance and quality within; express your concern and doubt to some-one you trust.

Support others, but don't forget your own importance.

Excerpts from the 2005 March          Newsletter of Choice