Quantum Technologies

  How do they work?

Our biological systems operate on natural electrical currents that generate a harmonious field surrounding the body. There is growing evidence that the electricity of our bodies can be adversely influenced by an inaudible noise inherent in man-made electricity. This noise can cause a range of experiences from mild irritation to more debilitating effects. It disrupts our biological systems.

When Quantum equipment is introduced to the body's electromagnetic field, it neutralizes this noise and allows the physiology to resonate with its own natural frequencies instead of the usual, all-pervasive, disorderly, man-made frequencies coming from the environment.  So you can enjoy a greater degree of comfort than you ever dreamt possible in this high-tech world.   This comfort comes from the relief the human physiology feels when it is freed from the chaotic electrical burden imposed on it by the environment and allowed to recover the integration of its bioelectrical system.  The physiology can now more easily function at its best and stay in top condition.  Then life can suddenly become easier--we can get more done with less effort.


Quantum Technology, This Quantum Energy Wave has a profound effect on the performance of electrical equipment and the Beings within a given area surrounding its location. 


Keth has Quantum Professional Equipment installed in Home, Office and Motor Home to aid the electrical Harmonizing Healing~Blancing Process of our work.


Keth has worked with Light intimately as a Professional Photographer and Healer for more than 30 years.  He uses a unique combination of Etheric, Laser, Halogen, Quartz and special Color LED  Practioner Light Wands.     We use the latest Scalar Wave  Quantum Laser and other cutting edge Laser and LED Healing Equipment and Sound.




Quantum Technology uses innovative electronic design based on super field principles of quantum physics.  Integrated circuits filter and condition electricity to neutralize any inaudible noise.

How does Quantum Technology affect an electrical system and its surrounding environment?

The electrical currents flow in the same way throughout a building.  When you influence one part of the current, you influence all of it.  So when you plug in one of the Quantum environmental units anywhere in a building, the impulse of coherence is sent back into the electrical system maintaining an efficient electrical current throughout the entire electrical system of the building and affects the whole environment.  This is what is called a 'Field Effect'.