Immunics is the conscious, immediate, and intentional control of the physiological and psychological aspects of your immune system and the use of your control to do methodical immunological actions that effect cure.  - Robert Casola, D.O. 

 The drawbacks: it's too simple, too easy, too quick, too direct, too painless, doesn't cost enough, and makes you to responsible for yourself. It also brings a responsibility to help others, and it looks ridiculous. Yet every day a few more people start doing it.

We have a saying, "first you remove it, and then you remove it."
Immunics works very much like Western medicine. Certain people think, when given a medication by their doctor, that they're cured when they feel better. This is why doctors always caution you to take the full regimen prescribed. Within a couple of days of taking a good antibiotic you may be "completely free" of an infection, but if you stop the antibiotic the disease grows back. Immunics is exactly the same. There are a great many other immunic actions that you're going to have to do to terminate virtually any disease then you will find in this basic tutorial -- and they're different for every disease. That's why our Web College is so huge. Curing things is work.

But you already knew that, didn't you?
You already knew that curing cancer would require a lot of you. Everybody knows that. At least, though, we're giving you something that's simple and easy. You can do it in your car. You can even do it when you're talking to somebody. And it feels good. Be thankful.

What are the bodies? You learn about them, and about all the pathologies that can be contributing to your condition, and a host of other things, in the advanced area. But you may find that, even though you don't know what bodies you're taking the pathologies out of, or specifically what the pathologies are, that you feel markedly different, just from doing the simple thing we just showed you. It probably won't cure you, but it has definitely improved most of us.
One more thing:
If you just tested that you no longer have that disease, be skeptical! Skepticism is very important to the Scientific Method. We want you to approach curing yourself scientifically. If you test there's no more disease there, and you feel completely free of it, enjoy the feeling. And retest that question later. And go on doing this basic tutorial. You're doing great, so push it. The whole trick with learning how to cure things is to push on to the next thing, and not stop when you've had success.

One of the main tricks -- habits -- that you must develop is to simply keep pushing on forward.

Also, God will tease you while you're doing this. God loves to kid around with us. It may seem like kind of a cruel joke to tell you that you're well when you're not, but if you're working hard, and doing your homework, it's not so cruel, isn't? And teasing us as probably just God's Way of befriending us. God may not be, when you get right down to it, much better than the rest of us at social interactions.

During the Cure shows our guests have almost always succeeded in completely removing their diseases in all aspects. If you were to hear, for example, a Cure Show about cytomegalovirus, and hear the woman completely eradicate the virus in all its aspects in the first hour of the show, and express how different she feels, you would get a real, practical sense of how what we're showing you works. That's why we do the Cure Shows -- they document not only our cures, but also how people arrive at them.

Listening to the Cure Shows would give you an overview of how this actually works in nature that's probably just not available from these text lessons, but is certainly available through your own perseverance with doing, and taking further, what you're teaching yourself with these text lessons.

Well, curing your disease. Diseases are in three areas: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Any disease will have, at least to some extent, components in all three.

More soon.