EMF Chapter from Kryon Book 7

The Universal Calibration Lattice

by Peggy Phoenix Dubro

This article originally appeared in an edited version as a chapter in Letters From Home - Kryon Book #7, by Lee Carroll.

Introduction by Lee Carroll

Peggy Phoenix Dubro channeled the information for the Universal Calibration Lattice, a system in our human energy anatomy that connects each of us to the Cosmic Lattice.  Peggy also originated and developed the EMF Balancing Technique.  This is a new energy system which accelerates the integration of Spirit and biology, so that you can increase your health and co-create the miracle you are.  The EMF Balancing Technique is also designed to work with the Universal Calibration Lattice to enhance and accelerate the evolutionary process.  The technique utilizes the human-to-human effect upon the electromagnetic field, and is a simple, systematic procedure that anyone can learn.  Channeled from Spirit, this procedure is a precious tool we may use now.  This is the first of the new energy systems to which Kryon refers when he invites us to hold the full charge of our being.  This is positive practical empowerment.

Peggy has worked with the lattice information for a decade, and has established herself as a leading authority on the nature and benefits of this gift of Spirit.  Kryon says the Cosmic Lattice is the greatest tool we humans now have available to us (New Hampshire channel, November 1997).  Tap into the energy of the Cosmic Lattice, through your own lattice, and enter into a state of cellular awareness that brings about new abilities.  The latent abilities activated include clarity, profound peace, better health, and rejuvenation. People all over the world are waking up to their Divine Nature, and want to help others to remember.

The EMF Balancing Technique opens the door to the Universal Calibration Lattice in a gentle, powerful, nurturing way. As members of the Kryon International Seminar team, Peggy and Steve present life empowering workshops in the technique all around the world. The technique is a contemporary initiation into a new awareness of our electromagnetic nature. It provides information about our energy anatomy that permanently establishes a powerful connection to the Cosmic Lattice and allows us to use the new energy immediately. In effect, the EMF Technique rewires us for the new energy so that we can accept a greater charge of our being. Peggy has developed a unique understanding of the human energy field as fibers of light and energy. I now invite Peggy to tell you about her pioneering work with the UCL and the EMF Balancing Technique. Kryon calls the Universal Calibration Lattice the "doorway to the cosmic lattice". This is the energy work Kryon foretold.

The EMF Balancing Technique - An Evolutionary Energy System of Love

It is a beautiful, sunny day in California. The room is bright and full of light. I watch twelve people in the room work with one another energetically. The golden strands within each one's energy field are being calibrated using a procedure called the EMF Balancing Technique. Today is the fourth day of the six-day training seminar for practitioners of this technique, and their movements already reflect grace and skill. Faces shine with the joy and recognition of Creator within as they work with the golden energy. Suddenly, the familiar warmth I know as Kryon begins to intensify in my heart. "Look at these people, these Dear ones," he says. "Only a few days ago, they were what you call strangers, now family-all". My eyes fill with tears of joy as I feel a wave of Love wash through the room. When I mention to the participants what has just happened, they report feeling that energy of Love. I tell them that in the last class someone was humming the tune "Getting to Know You," and we all laugh. This is Kryon's energy work in action.

Carrying Our Full Charge - Integrating Old and New Energy

Kryon urges us to be Self-enabled humans and encourages us to carry the full charge of our being. He says that we are already carrying more of our energy than ever before. The wonderful challenge each of us humans now faces is creating and maintaining a strong spirit capable of holding and using all of this energy! This can, at times, seem like an overwhelming task, but as Self-enabled human beings, we have earned many gifts to help us. The Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL) is one of those gifts. It allows us to make use of the unlimited energy of the Cosmic Lattice. Until now, the general path of the spiritual seeker has been vertical, that is, we have reached up to our Higher Self, or we have reached down to connect with the Earth. This movement was appropriate in the old, traditional energy. Now, in addition to the vertical movement, we are able to use a new horizontal energy movement to bring the energy into the here and now of everyday life. This empowers the co-creative process with Spirit as partner.

As you look at the illustration of the UCL you can see the horizontal fibers that connect the chakras to the long fibers of the Lattice. As you learn to strengthen these horizontal fibers, you increase your ability to co-create with God/Creator. This is the new spiritual path in the new energy, the result of all the work accomplished in changing the Earth's energy grids. We can now access the UCL to fully empower the co-creative process. This Lattice, when activated through awareness, energy exercises, and the wisdom of our emotions, is like an invisible armor that strengthens the being. As we come to realize that home is right where we are, we are being given an opportunity to build the framework with joy.

A Little Personal History and a Big Meeting with Ahnya

Twenty-seven years ago, in my early twenties, I felt a deep desire to remember God/Creator. I was brought up in a religious environment; I attended Church, sang in the choir, and played the Christmas angel every year. I was passionate about God and reasoned that if God were my Father (I didn't know about Mother Goddess then), there must have been a time when I was a part of God. With all my heart, I wanted to remember God - not the judgmental, biblical God of old, but the God of NOW.

I didn't know then that my desire to know God in this lifetime, was also a desire to remember who I was. I knew nothing of meditation or mantras.

Nonetheless, I began to live and breathe this mantra: "I remember, I remember." And I did indeed remember. In an overwhelming burst of energy, I became "no beginning and no end." There was light everywhere. There was a rush of energy through every cell of my being, a feeling that I had stepped outside of time, and a Love so profound and nonjudgmental that I knew God was a reality. Such Love, such Light, and ... such confusion! It felt as though all the cells of my body were turned up to full power, and that power had lovingly overloaded my circuits. I later came to understand that all my chakras had been blown wide open.

There were no new-age magazines or resources to help me understand what had happened to me. For the next sixteen years, I studied anything that might help to explain the intense love energy I had experienced. That segment of my life I now refer to as "Confused by the Light." During this time I immersed myself in many different disciplines - Zen Buddhism, Shamanism (African, Brazilian, Native American), born-again Christianity, Siddha Yoga, even the martial arts (Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu). I tried anything to get that wonderful energy active in my life. My studies yielded many fine spiritual truths: "the truth is within you and so are all the answers;" "we are magnificent beings and capable of Mastery." This gave me hope, but I had a hard time using these truths in my daily life, and they did not produce the intense love energy I so wanted to enjoy again. Despite the years of effort, my life, my work, and my home were a mess! I had touched the Unlimited and continued to have profound visions, yet my daily life reflected powerlessness. My frustration deepened, but my love for God remained. I knew I had a "power pack," but how could I turn it on? This was a constant thought during my seeking. My heart filled over and over again as I gained understanding of ancient truths and the realization that we are all one. I also passionately wanted to hold the electrical charge of my truth. After years of seeking, in sincerity and exasperation, I asked, "If the answers are within me, then I want to know exactly where within me they are ... and HOW do I get to them?"

Finally, in the spring of 1988, I once again had the joyous experience of "no beginning and no end." This time, a magnificent, luminous female energy form was present. Her name is Ahnya. Kryon tells us there is no gender in the realm of Spirit. I have experienced Ahnya as a feminine energy, so, for convenience, I describe this Being as a she, though she is really an aspect of an entity that is a genderless whole. She is one of the Kryon teachers, a part of the entourage, complementing Kryon's planetary changes with the work we bring. Whenever I teach, Ahnya is present. I find myself in and out of channel because that meld is most comfortable for me at this time. Ahyna is present whenever and wherever an EMF Balancing Technique teacher presents the work, and whenever an EMF practitioner performs a session.

Ahnya and I merged as one being and I became infused with the energy pattern we would come to call the UCL. This was my first experience with channeling, and I received a tremendous amount of information in this one momentous event. When I first received the energy pattern of the UCL from Ahnya, I knew it was a gift, but I didn't know what for. The energy lay dormant for a year. Then, in 1989, with the arrival of Kryon, the Lattice became activated. My job (or contract, as I now understand it) was revealed: I was to interpret the Lattice, learn how to use it, and teach others to use it. Piece by piece the gifts of this Lattice were unveiled. I spent six years interpreting and mapping the Lattice that you see in the illustration, and developing the first four phases of the EMF Balancing Technique.

In 1989, I began to work out of my home, giving energy sessions following the patterns Ahnya had shown me. (I later likened it to tracing crop circle patterns through the human energy field.) I followed the patterns as they were given to me, but the results varied according to each person's need, or intent. There were sometimes physical healings, but these I viewed as side effects since my focus was to balance and activate this new system of the energy field I was touching. At the same time, my life began to change dramatically. While activating the Lattice within others, my own energy system became stronger, more capable of "holding the charge." I now had a place for all that universal energy to circulate. I realized I could hold my own power - I call this "Core Energy" -, and my partnership with Spirit came alive. For the first time, I started to feel at home right here on planet Earth.

Word spread of the positive results my clients were having in their lives and my private practice was begun. People reported feeling "different," and "lighter," and they noticed that their lives were more fulfilling. This did not always come easily, for there was work to be done, but the clients found they had more energy and stronger guidance to follow through on their Souls' next steps. By staying consistent and working with one person at a time, the reputation of the work grew. In the ensuing years, I taught in many public school adult-education programs and lectured at universities, new-age stores, whole-health expos, and mainstream businesses. I appeared on some small radio and television shows and was featured in a positive way by the local newspapers.

There was an exciting event along the way: in the summer of 1995 a respected Connecticut based research and development firm approached Stephen and me. The company specialized in government and military contracts (and produced J. Everett Koop's video health series). They wanted to collaborate with us to apply for a NASA grant to study the effects of using the EMF Balancing Technique to improve individual and team performance, and to strengthen the human health maintenance process for the astronauts. Our part of the experiment was to provide the training and exercises to test the effects of electromagnetic field energy balancing. In other words, we were to stimulate collective consciousness by integrating Spirit and Biology! We learned the timing wasn't right then, and were disappointed when the company did not get the NASA grant. Yet, we were very encouraged and still knew we were on the right track. One year later in the summer of 1996, Stephen and I finally read the words of Kryon. Like many, the recognition we experienced was profound. By the fall of 1996, we had met Kryon, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. In February 1997, we formally became co-workers.

The Universal Calibration Lattice is the Energy Pattern of Self-enablement

"What does the energy pattern of Self-enablement look like?" I asked Lee/Kryon this question when we were in Atlanta for a Kryon channeling. As I felt the familiar warmth in my heart that I know to be Kryon, Lee said, "I don't know what this answer means, but it is "crocheted." Yes, what a wonderful way to describe the Lattice I have been working with for the past ten years! Awareness of and understanding the energy pattern of Self-enablement is a crucial aspect of our evolution. Fibers of light and energy radiate horizontally from the chakras. These fibers form figure eight shaped loops that feed into long vertical fibers of energy that surround and permeate our energy anatomy. This is the framework that forms the UCL. I think of it this way. The physical anatomy has many systems within it, e.g. muscular, skeletal, etc. The energy anatomy also contains systems. The basic pattern of this particular system - the Lattice - is universal, i.e. it is fundamentally the same in each person. When light fibers are stretched in one part of the UCL, other fibers may respond in a different part. Like the Cosmic Lattice, the UCL is pliable and interconnected. Our personal energy lattice is a microcosm of the macrocosm! The UCL functions similarly to an electrical transformer, transferring energy from one circuit to another. This is why we refer to this process as the "rewiring for the new energy." It allows us to receive and use the energy we are learning to release from the Cosmic Lattice through our intent.

The Role of Intent

Though the basic pattern of the UCL is the same for all of us, the calibration (meaning to gauge or strengthen) is uniquely personal. It is determined by the mathematical relationship between each person's vibrational frequency and the Cosmic Lattice. The calibration of the fibers of the energy anatomy is quite complex, and this is where the role of INTENT is so important. The basic intent of an EMF Balancing Technique energy session is to balance the human electromagnetic field, allowing the individual's energy to open as many circuits as possible to the Cosmic Lattice.

The movements are graceful and simple to perform. The person receiving the session may give intent for almost anything - from healing to Self-knowledge to simple stress reduction to the reconnection of their DNA. As the session progresses, a rewiring of the individual's energy field occurs, and a new order is created within the field, producing a stronger structure to receive energy from the Unlimited Source (the Cosmic Lattice). After the connections have been made, we often see a dramatic increase in the co-creating process of life. The determining factor is soul's growth. The process of balancing the electromagnetic field can lead to spontaneous release, even without insight, in a single heartbeat. With this strong foundation, we raise our own vibrational level, which in turn raises the Earth's vibrational level. This is how we can personally achieve what many think of as Ascension.

Kryon reminds us that the love we have given to Creator, the Masters (such as Jesus and Buddha), to our spiritual leaders, families, and to other relationships is a reflection of the love we have for ourselves. As we claim that love, Self-esteem grows. This love of our "higher Self" is vast, and the biology must be strong enough to hold it. That is why preparation is necessary! Holding that love in ourselves first, we become whole, or wholehearted. We then share our love with others from a different perspective, one we may have never known before. Activation and exercise of the UCL is an integral part of the preparation to receive the energy of Self Love and Self Worth as it rises like the Phoenix within us. This is a gift of Spirit as we move into grace. It had been some time in my own teaching since I had spoken of love. I felt, through the years, that the word was misused. Then I met Kryon and, oh, how my heart filled! The energy of the Earth is finally ready for the constant flow of Love, and we are going to be able to handle it. We can do this graciously, lovingly, and joyfully using the UCL.

Strumming the Strands of the Universal Calibration Lattice - An Electrical Evolution

If you want to be really good at communicating with the Universe, you can develop this skill through practice. It's a lot like strumming a stringed instrument. Many of you already reach out and directly strum the strands of the Cosmic Lattice, creating vibration through meditation, energy work, or intent. By strumming the strands of the UCL first, you add your personal signature to the connection, and you give the Universe your return address! The outer strands of the UCL are part of your energy anatomy. As you look at them in the illustration, you may sense that they are alive and vibrant. When you learn how to use these strands of energy, you clarify and amplify your communication with the Cosmic Lattice. The resulting vibration within the Lattice can now respond directly and intimately to you. Touching the UCL through your personal connection makes for much more potent Self-empowerment. You are invited to participate in the cosmic scheme of things in a way that only the Masters have done previously. You are a master, you are soul. We invite you to unlock your own mastery.

We have been making great changes on the planet with all our "lightworker" efforts, and we've made great changes within ourselves. Our energy anatomy reflects these efforts as we move in the direction of holding as much light and energy as we can. Our hard work has contributed to the birth of this contemporary energy system, including the UCL. The mineral composition of your bones makes your skeleton an ideal conductor of electromagnetic energy. We are all electric-blue inside, whatever color our skin is. The "stuff" of which the UCL is composed is a part of your energy field and has begun to take shape. As I work with the energy patterns over and over, I realize that I have the awesome privilege of occupying a front-row seat to view the evolution of the light body. The information presented here about the UCL results from working with thousands of people, individually and in groups. (See illustration)

The Figure '8' Infinity Loops

Ahnya began to reveal to me the figure-eight fibers that radiate from the chakras and connect us to Core energy. These are the self-balancing loops of the UCL. They form the infinity symbol, representing the infinite connection between you and Creator. I observed these light fibers feeding information back into the human biology from the universe. When I saw the biology sending information back out through the figure-eight loops, I realized we had taken a sizable evolutionary leap with the activation of this part of the energy anatomy. Here is the means of bringing co-creation into the here and now. The returning wave of energy from the universe brings with it experiences that shape your future reality.

A short time after I first observed the figure-eight infinity loops, the long fibers that create the outer framework of the UCL formed. Twelve of these long strands constitute the outer layer of the Lattice. Recently, twelve more strands that run through the middle of the figure-eight loops have become activated. Working with intent and energy exercises, along with tracing templates through the field, helps the Lattice take its complete form. What a beautiful evolution this is! As you exercise the UCL, you strengthen your capacity to hold the new energy in your Biology. This in turn helps the UCL to reach its full formation. Even as you read these words and study the illustration; you are stimulating the energy of the Lattice within your being. When we gain a basic understanding of how this "message system" works, we realize we truly are creators of our own reality. By sending out stronger, clearer messages in a loving, gracious way, we create a stronger, clearer reality.

At the time of the 11:11, we accepted greater responsibility for ourselves. Solara's work involved accepting more of our own energy and, as a result, our personal records were released into our energy fields. Your history - your hereditary patterns, past-life records, and all the events you have experienced in this lifetime - are recorded within the long informational fibers located behind you. These records look like tiny disks of light; they hold the information in place electromagnetically. When an excess energy charge surrounds one of these disks, it will often manifest as a reality that repeats over and over in what we call present time. If that reality is one we desire, that's good. But too often our "energy history" creates a repetitive pattern that becomes an anchor of negativity that holds us back from forward growth. As we balance the energy charges within the long fibers behind us, our intent is to transmute the "energy history," or the "past," into a column of golden wisdom and support. We gently release the excess "negative" energy, now freed to be used in more beneficial ways as we co-create our reality in the NOW. We live in a time of opportunity for Karmic release in grace. These fibers are channels for the higher charge of energy we need to claim this personal state of grace.

Note in the illustration the column of pure light that runs straight down through the center of the body. Here, in your center, is found the unification of the chakra system in progress. This is the core energy, the open circuit of the UCL that connects us to Unlimited Source. The greater the flow of energy here, the greater the release of spiritual knowledge within. As Kryon told us in Lake Geneva, the wisdom of the ages is right inside of us. Spiritual intelligence is inherent in all of us; it is up to us to give the intent to use it. The marriage of Spirit and Biology is a reality, and the task at hand is the facilitation of that reality. A characteristic of this process is a feeling of profound peace, no matter what may be happening outside you. Remember Kryon's "Parable of the Tar Pit"? [The Parables of Kryon, Lee Carroll, Hay House, Inc., 1996] As you release the excess energy charges of the past and strengthen your core energy, the thick "tar" that slowed your progress washes away. You now move toward partnership with your Higher Self, and eventually to Ascension status. Here, in your core, you can begin to experience the eternal NOW.

The more present you are in the now, the greater the electrical charge you carry. The electrical charge of your history and the charge of your future potential all feed into the now. The power or "juice" needed for Ascension is in the unified now. The light strands in front of the human energy field comprise the field of potential possibilities. In linear time, we call this the future. Here, we place our hopes and dreams and wishes. We also place our fear-filled and worry-filled events in this portion of the UCL. The light disks contained in these long informational fibers function like transmitters, attracting "like" energy. The Universe does not make a judgment call - we have free will here. We are beings of infinite possibilities. Depending on how strong the transmission is, a potential reality may be manifested. Of course, when we focus on our hopes and wishes with positive thinking, we work toward eliminating our fear and worry. Thus, we strengthen our co-creative ability as we wash away the "tar", and "plant" our co-creating intent in the field of future possibilities. Now you may better understand the technical information about the UCL, what occurs as you co-create, and why we are told that what we place our attention on, we become.

Circular Time

As you study the illustration of the UCL once again, notice how the energy from behind (the past) connects and feeds information to the energy in the center (the present). This core energy connects and feeds information to the energy in the front (the future). The channels are open in both directions, so the future can feed into the present and even back to the past. Here, we begin to understand what it means to live in circular time. This connection of past, present, and future creates the eternal NOW. There really is no past, present, or future; there is only the NOW. This information is not new. I read (and loved) Ram Dass' book "Be Here Now" nearly twenty-five years ago. After all these years of study, I have returned to "be here now."

Yet, there is a difference: we can do this in a way never before available to us. This is because of the magnetic adjustments Kryon is making on the planet. Kryon encourages us to experience being in the NOW when he says, in channel, that "this information is for those of you who are hearing this in the now, and for those of you who will listen to this on tape in the now, or read these words in the now." In Portland, he reminded us that "the time is the same; the time frame is identical." As we learn how to live in the arena called circular time, we are indeed "carrying the greater charge of our being." The EMF Balancing Technique teaches us a practical way to work in the NOW with this knowledge.

A Call to Universal Calibration

Kryon reveals to us that the Cosmic Lattice is one of the most powerful tools of Spirit that exists today. He urges physicists to study the energy of the Cosmic Lattice and promises great discoveries that will benefit humankind will be found there. Kryon also invites us to move into a vibrational frequency wherein we can personally use the energy of the Cosmic Lattice. In order to utilize more of its energy in our daily lives, we must strengthen and balance our own energy anatomy. The UCL is our personal interface with the Cosmic Lattice. This process of evolution will bring about, within our physical bodies, the complete expression of the golden energy beings we are. This energetic alignment sets the stage for a unique, interactive union with Creator. Calibration enables us to hold and express the increasing electrical charge made available to us by Kryon's work. We refer to this as the rewiring for the new energy. The electrical charge is the spiritual spark or power that is within all of us. The goal of the call to Universal Calibration is to consciously create a stronger union with the Infinite using our personal interface, the UCL. Coincidences (or synchronicities) are just the beginning! Some of you are now living the reality that home is right where you are. The feelings of aloneness are fading, as the veil of separation from Spirit becomes ever more transparent. This process intensified in the early 1990's and will continue to do so until the year 2012. Energy work is of utmost importance during this time!

Restoring the Electromagnetic Laws of Love

Spiritual laws of Love and Electromagnetism wait to be discovered and restored for our use in reconnecting with Spirit in co-creation and integrity. The UCL is alive and vibrates with Love, and this must be respected. When interpreting the energy balancing information imparted to me by Ahnya, I was usually able to follow the energy patterns correctly. When I did not do a particular move the right way, Ahnya gently aligned me in a loving and patient manner. I felt as though my arms and hands were not my own as they were gently moved in the preferred sequence. I have since had several Guide changes, but initially there were three tall beings of golden light. They were always present and stood to my left. I lovingly called them the Three Wise Guys. One day, it came clear to me that it was time to name the work. Following strong guidance, I named this procedure "The EMF Balancing Technique" (with EMF meaning electromagnetic field). "What!" I said, "That's not catchy or flashy! How dull. Can't I call it "Stargate", or something else?" "No", they replied emphatically, and graciously explained that in the near future, people would become very aware of EMF and this name would have meaning to them. Remember, this information was received in 1989. We now know the electromagnetic field of the human body holds many keys to our evolution.

Golden Energy Patterns - Templates of Light

Along with the information Ahnya channeled to me I became aware of golden light radiating from within and all around us. I also saw many patterns of crystalline light. My experience of channeling these patterns was to "energetically become" them. This is not the place to describe that process, but to date I have "become" five of these patterns. They look like diamond-shaped templates of light and energy. I regard these templates as the tools that are the heart of the EMF Balancing Technique. The templates are catalytic as the information is awakened, or clarified, within the UCL of each individual. The templates enable me to teach the energy balancing technique very quickly, and to make adjustments to the students' energy fields to allow them immediate access to the UCL.

The classes are presented with lecture, practice, and wordless communication: words to explain the theory; practicing the technique for hands-on experience; and channeling the light templates for wordless instruction. The instruction is very visual and easy to learn. There is much joy, and participants always comment on the sacred and loving feeling of the energy. These golden energy patterns are traced through the field in a repeating sequence of movements. This results in an energy repatterning, or tuning, of the energy with specific intents for activating and strengthening the UCL in a state of grace, without having to re-live the pain of the original insult. Lesson learned = Wisdom gained. The work also facilitates understanding the dynamics of the human-to-human electromagnetic connection. The movements are graceful and Tai Chi-like as we work these patterns through the human energy field. The procedures are precise and very thorough. We work from the feet to the head, from the front to the back, and from the head back down again to the feet. We always complete this universal alignment with a strong connection to Earth. You don't need me to tell you how sacred and imperative it is that we honor our partnership with Earth!

The Four Phases of the EMF Balancing Technique - A Brief Overview

During an EMF Balancing Technique session, the calibration process occurs for everyone, whether or not one is conscious of it. Most people feel the energy moving through their bodies, but this is not necessary for a successful session. Each session begins: "From the Creator within me to the Creator within you, and the company we keep, let us begin." This serves as a mutual acknowledgment and honoring of inner wisdom. The EMF Balancing procedure contains within it four different energy patterns, or Phases, that are traced through the human energy field. These movements facilitate the calibration, which in turn strengthens the personal connection (or, as I sometimes call it, the "Ascension connection") to the Cosmic Lattice.

Each pattern has a specific intent:

Phase I: to balance the wisdom and the emotions (the mind and the heart). This first pattern results in stress reduction and a sense of freedom and well being. It is helpful, in the new energy, to contemplate what it may mean to think with the heart and feel with the mind. Learn to work with fibers of light and energy which compose a layer of the energy anatomy that interrelates with the chakra system. Balancing the wisdom and emotions is important. By wisdom, I am referring to mental qualities of reasoning, organizing and understanding.

Phase II: to focus on Self-direction and support. Here, we may gracefully and gently release emotional issues stored within our history without having to relive the painful events that gave rise to them. Our intent is to transform our history into a column of golden wisdom and support, a column of core energy that centers us in the now. This golden column supports the energetic posture of Self-enablement. No more negative energy anchors from our past to hold us back! The question is "How can I connect to the whole more efficiently?" This is why understanding the fibers, which I see as geometrically patterned discs of light containing information - hereditary, genetic, past-life, present life is important. Every minute detail is recorded. Kryon (8th May 1999) talked of the magnetic sheath to our DNA, which he said that scientists would not be able to find until they realize that there is "something missing". These are the magnetic codes of Creator.

Phase III: to intensify the core energy. This allows us to radiate the light we hold. Platinum energy is introduced, and a union takes place within the energy anatomy as the chakras align with the core energy. This alignment is necessary as we take a greater responsibility in the Universal scheme of things. Here we express our spiritual intelligence and experience peace, and the remembrance of I AM that I AM.

Phase IV: to focus on energetic accomplishment. We have a potential, to which we often refer as our future. In this Phase, we learn how to choose to tune specific energy receptors and transmitters within the UCL for the purpose of co-creating our lives with Spirit. We calibrate this part of the Lattice so that we may joyfully co-create our potential together. What a privilege it is to be in partnership with Creator!

In all the Phases, the pattern is followed in the same way it was originally received from Spirit, but the calibration is always in accord with each person's innate wisdom. Everyone is unique, so the results are always interesting and individual. I am still amazed at how personal the Universe is with each of us! The Cosmic Lattice is an intricate part of all of us, and we are all connected. Thus, Kryon calls us Family-all.

Mastery: The Posture of Balance

A major focus of the EMF Balancing work is the posture of balance in everyday life. This golden posture of balance is challenged repeatedly as we, our Earth, and the Universe continue to calibrate to the new structures of energetic reality that are in development. As you hold this posture, and gain the higher vibrations associated with it, you will find that conditions that are out of balance may simply fall away. Then you have what many people call healing. As you hold your individual sacred balance, you also contribute great peace and stability to the collective whole. This balance, then, is a key to the expression of grace.

Remember, we have been asked to practice mastery. To gain mastery is to hold the full charge of our being. Kryon asks us to do this and tells us we can do it gracefully. Some of us may do it comically, but we can do it. (Ahnya says it's okay to be a cosmic brat occasionally, as long as you do it with love and humor). Think for a moment about what living in mastery might mean to you: an always peaceful countenance, a joyful heart, complete lack of judgment of others, patience, humor, kindness, humility, quiet, grace, and so forth. Practicing mastery includes gaining the wisdom to know when to give and when to receive; it includes the discernment Kryon speaks of.

By gaining mastery over ourselves we help others achieve their mastery so that we can all hold the energy to reach Ascension. This is a loving process - we make our own lives happier and raise our vibration, helping others to raise theirs. One of our EMF Balancing Technique teachers said of this work: "To explain what can be expected from this system would be an impossible task, for when you begin to integrate Spirit and Biology, the outcome is never the same from one person to the next. But it always attains the highest good for each of us, our Earth, and our Universe."

The martial artist becomes a master as she learns the forms and practices the postures for strengthening the ability to direct energy. The concert violinist gives his life to the practice of the instrument. The Enlightened Human can practice mastery by living as if every moment matters, and by assuming responsibility for continued growth. Here is a spiritual strategy which, when combined with intent, and integrity, can be practiced to make your co-creative efforts much more potent. I teach it in every EMF Balancing Technique seminar. First, honor your history (the past) by expressing gratitude for the wisdom you have gained. Second, center in your core energy (the present), which aligns your connection to unlimited power. This leads to the third step: reach out, in balance, to potential reality (the future). Henceforth, you will co-create consistently and with greater clarity, whatever your intent. The more you practice living in the posture of a Self-enabled Human, the more Self-enabled you become. This isn't so very mystical, but it works!

A School with Wings

I have been teaching the EMF Balancing Technique for eight years. My years of experience have given me great confidence in the program and in the Beings of Light who attend every class with me. The one-day Universal Calibration Lattice Workshop is for everyone; it provides helpful information about the UCL, as well as energy exercises to strengthen it and gives you practical tools you can use from day one. Those who choose to continue can learn the patterns of all four Phases of the technique, and can go on to become practitioners, and even teachers. The four-Phase practitioner certification and personal growth program requires three days for the basic training and another three days for the advanced. The training moves quickly because it provides each student a direct alignment with the new energy, and the instruction is concise. The movements are graceful and easy to learn. The energy is self-regulating and self-directing; it moves through the body according to the particular needs of the individual.

The EMF Balancing Technique seminars are energy events! Some people learn the technique for their own personal use, and perhaps for their relatives and friends. Some learn EMF as an additional modality to complement an existing practice. Still others learn the technique in order to begin a new career as an EMF Balancing Technique practitioner. For those who feel a strong alignment with this work, a certified teacher program is also available. Each teacher has successfully completed both the practitioner training and a six-day teacher-training program. A teacher is qualified to perform all four Phases of the technique, as well as to teach all four Phases to others.

Marrying Spirit and Biology Through the UCL

Kryon tells us that human consciousness has uplifted the Earth into a new vibration, that it has changed the physics of our own reality (New Hampshire channel, November 1997). Humanity has stepped forward to take responsibility and to work toward Ascension. Indeed, we have already reached critical mass. As we gain mastery of ourselves, we move in the direction of holding as much light and energy as we can. The UCL has taken form as a result of this work, done by Lightworkers everywhere. We are able to use a horizontal energy pattern to power the co-creative process; through this mechanism, we have brought co-creating energy into the here and now. We all have a part in this process of evolution even as we are the instruments of its achievement. Clearly, the gifts of the new age result from a true partnership between Spirit and us.

As we reach our full potential, physiological changes will occur. Our hormones will secrete differently. This will have a chemical reaction upon our brains and bodies, which, in turn, will prepare us for Ascension and to live in a new age and a new reality. Once the energy is coursing through our whole field - through the energy body - it will affect the physical body through these hormonal and chemical changes. Eventually, the body will be able to heal and regenerate itself over and over again with astonishing speed; hence, the lengthened lifespan Kryon has told us about. Moreover, our learning processes will change as we learn in dramatic new ways by knowing how to connect to the collective consciousness to obtain information.

The UCL begins in your heart at the very core of your soul/self. It strengthens your biology in a state of grace as a fully Self-enabled human being. This is where your personal connection to the collective All begins. Every one of us holds a piece of the collective truth within him/her self. On the road to spiritual success, when we help another human being move forward into full expression of his/her Divine potential, we help ourselves - so connected are we! As Kryon says, "Energy is being released and time is being altered - all through human intent. There is no greater power in the Universe than HUMAN INTENT and LOVE (New Hamphire channel)." Kryon also reminds us how dearly loved we are by Spirit. Your personal connection to the Cosmic Lattice enables you masterfully to express the Love, grow in the Love, and BE the limitless Love of Spirit.

A Calibration Celebration

My husband, Stephen, is the other half of the EMF Balancing Technique work. Stephen and I present our seminars all over the world. We activate the light templates, human-to-human. There are currently EMF Balancing Technique Teachers in six countries: the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, and Singapore. My Teacher/Partner, Ahnya, the Luminous Being from whom I received all of this information, is radiating Love at this very moment. And she is in a posture of celebration. She reminds me to tell you something I take pleasure in telling my students: the long fibers of the Lattice that surround you often look like wings to me!

Namaste, Dear Family.

Peggy Phoenix Dubro


Originated by "Peggy Phoenix Dubro, who Keth has studied with at a Kryon Workshop.