EFT — Emotional Freedom Technique    

    € Learn to tap into the realm of Energy Psychology to overcome self-defeating emotional patterns, achieve higher levels of psychological well-being and open to a higher spiritual realm.
     € Learn how to clear energy blocks that are physical.  (ie chronic shoulder pain, back pain, sciatica, RA, knee injury)
     € Tap into an effective way to release emotional energy blocks (ie grief, loss, fear, anger, worry, sadness)
     € Learn how to release phobias and fears you’ve been dealing with your whole life (ie fear of bridges, heights, elevators, claustrophobia).
     € Learn how to stop addictive behaviors (ie smoking, alcohol, drugs, food)
     € Learn an effective technique for psychological issues (ie anxiety, depression)
     € By focusing on the body’s “energy systems” you will come to understand the link between chemistry and emotions.  

       Through these practices you will learn to deliberately shift these molecules of emotion to become a more balanced and harmonious being.