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  Your Spiritual CNN    1-1-2006

Kabbalah is the spiritual Blueprint for Creation, the "inside story" of life. Since it is Divine wisdom, it contains everything necessary for true happiness, fulfillment and success.   What is Kabbalah

Just as a house is built, in precise detail, according to its blueprint, GOD/Goddess created the world and all of its details according to a precise plan. Everything that exists on the physical plane flows from this plan, its spiritual source.   In fact, as the blueprint for Creation, Kabbalah actually predates the existence of the world.  The spiritual principles of Creation guide and control everything, from the cycles of the planets and constellations, to the weather, to the trends of history, to the precise and specific details of human functioning.   So, the more you understand these principles, the more you will understand about your own nature and the nature of life on earth.

Setting Intention for the New Year
of 2006

The Integration of the Eight-Fold Path
The Four Noble Truths

Through the
Tree of Life  as the Spiritual Foundation for Incarnation

The ten Sefiroth (circles) on the Tree of Life are:


1. Kether  or Keter  (Supreme Crown);  
(editor Keth's namesake, specialty & connection)
2. Hokhmah (Wisdom);
3. Binah (Understanding);
4. Gedullah (Greatness) or Chesed (Love); Mercy
5. Geburah (Power) or Din (Judgment); Severity
6. Tiphareth (Beauty); or Rahamim (Compassion); Balance
7. Netzach (Endurance); Passion
8. Hod (Majesty); Thought
9. Zaddik (Righteous One) or Yesod (Foundation of the world); Feeling
10. Malkuth (Kingdom); Body.
11. Da’ath – Knowledge

We welcome you to the New Year of 2006.  Speaking on the topic of integration is the I AM Presence of Kuthumi, World Teacher, and my co-creative partner,  Pallas Athena.
Those of you who have been following our discourses over the last two years will recall that the first message of 2005 was also based on the Kaballah pathway. 
The year of 2005 was a time of finding balance. 
The sacred form of the star tetrahedron was manifesting in form over many areas of the Earth through your efforts of the Mental Development Aspects of the 8 fold Path: Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration. We told you in that first discourse of 2005, the following:

The sacred form of the star tetrahedron is manifesting …because of the increased mass consciousness of spirituality. …What you are bringing into reality is the power and potentiality of this living sacred form, which holds all other sacred forms within it. What you are bringing into consciousness, is the reactivation in your cellular memory of the full and complete power of your creative thoughts, words and actions. What you are bringing into your life through intention, is a return to balance and harmony of the masculine and feminine, the old and the new, the sacred and the mundane and the dark and the light. You are providing humanity with the ascension pathway to transcend to the third point on the triangle, the position which can exist within such dualities but at the same time, transcend them.”

We remind you of the Eight-Fold Path:

1. Right View
2. Right Intention

3. Right Speech
Ethical Conduct
4. Right Action

5. Right Livelihood

6. Right Effort
Mental Development
7. Right Mindfulness

8. Right Concentration

The Structure of this Discourse:

We will do this by showing you an integrated Pathway: that of combining the four Noble Truths and the Eight-fold Path of Buddhism with the Esoteric Wisdom of the Kaballah. This modality has the potential, when lived in consciousness, to create your reality from the underlying base of Faith and Purpose and thus, manifest the highest potential of Spiritual Love.

This year, we take a different approach to entering the Kaballah: we enter from the top triangle of the three celestial sephiroth, 1: Crown-2: Wisdom-3: Understanding. We will challenge your belief system to a certain extent because we will associate the teaching of the Four Noble Truths with the celestial triangle and the integrating fourth factor of Da’ath – the unseen sephiroth of Knowledge. Then, we will shift to the bottom of the Tree of Life and enter the 8 fold path through the Malkuth sephiroth (10), moving up through the lower two triangles: 9 – Feeling, 8- Thought, 7 – Passion; then 6 – Balance, 5 – Power, 4 – Love. We will integrate this information again, through the Da’ath into Knowledge, and in our case, Right Concentration.

The Four Noble Truths Reframed

The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism provide us with a temporal explanation of a soul’s pathway of Incarnation. Traditionally, the Four Noble Truths are about suffering. We will show you the traditional meaning of this and then reframe it to a higher level of spiritual teaching and consciousness. In 2006, you have the potential to move away from the need to suffer, if you choose to embrace Spiritual Consciousness. As a result of this, we are asking you to reframe your belief system. This means that we will show you a new modality for integrating wisdom.
Traditionally, the four noble truths are described in this way:

1. Life means suffering
2. The origin of suffering is attachment
3. The cessation of suffering is attainable through detachment, perspective and objectivity
4. The path to the cessation of suffering is the middle way between asceticism and hedonism. It leads to the end of karma and the path of Dharma, or spiritual Service.

We will reframe this through the Creation Reality of the Divine Mind, focusing on the Purpose of your incarnated life.

We have asked you throughout the last few years: Are you truly here as souls to suffer? Is this the Purpose of your incarnation? We have answered this question over and over again by telling you this:
You are here to Love.
You are worthy of Love
You are the incarnated form of Divine Love.
There is no greater energy in the Universe than Love.
Love creates and moves all things.

You may wish to ask then: what is going on here? Why am I still suffering and struggling through life? Let us first show you the energy of Divine Love through a beautiful fractal:

Our dear hearts, this is the great beauty from which you were all, each and every one of you, Created. Does this look like the out-picturing of Suffering? Does it look like the intention of the Divine was to send souls into Creation to suffer? Most assuredly, you see that the answer to this is No.

Let us reframe the Four Noble Truths:

1. You are here to Love. Life means walking the Experiential Path to Remembering that you are here to Love
2. The Origin of Love is the Divine Mind, the Creator of all things. When we Live in the Purpose of our Creation, the energy of our incarnation will attract and express that which is the Prime Moving Energy: Love
3. The incorporation of Love is through the Sacred Trinity: the full engagement and integration of All of who we are: Mind- Body- Spirit; Love-Wisdom-Power, Father-Mother-Child, Earth-Moon-Sun, and many more trinities.
4. The Path to Love is the Eight-fold path which leads us to Dharma, the actualization of Spiritual Service. Serving Humanity from the Heart of Love. From here, we return to the knowledge (Da’ath) that we are here to Love, pure and simple.

The Supernal or celestial Sephiroth:

1: Crown-2: Wisdom-3: Understanding

At the top of the Tree of Life, we have the first trinity: Crown-Wisdom-Understanding. We refer to this as the Creation Trinity. The Kether, or the Crown Sephiroth, 1, lies just above the head in human form. It represents no-thing and contains the potential of everything. It can be likened to God, who simply Is, without needing to relate to anything else. From this nothingness, God Creates.

In our reframing of the Four Noble Truths, this is represented by the First Truth: You are here to Love. The impetus of Creation is to send energy, or souls, into the vastness, the “no-thing” of creation to walk the Path of Love. This is Experience. We equate this to the impetus for the Creation of your Soul. Reframed into the Kether of the Kaballah, this is to Remember that you are Here to Love. Simple and True.

If we approach our experience and incarnated path as one of Suffering, our dear hearts, what do we experience? We experience our belief system: we experience suffering. The origin of suffering in this negative belief system is Separation. We suffer because we believe that in being sent into the vastness to Experience, we are separated from the Divine Mind.

When we consciously reframe the first noble Truth from suffering to Love, we Remember that separation is the Illusion and
Unity is the Truth.

In Truth, we are never separated from God or the Divine Mind. We experience incarnated life as our Service to the Divine. We awaken to our True Purpose and Calling by remembering that we are here to Love, not to suffer. In this frame of reference, all things we encounter, whether our ego-mind labels them as “good or bad”, “difficult or easy”, “ecstatic or painful”, etc can be transformed, through the spiritual mind to the lessons of Love.

How many of you have had a session with my I AM Presence in the last year? Almost all of you have had the courage to look into the root cause of issues in your life and discover discordant energy patterns, stemming from this lifetime or even a past lifetime. And what has been our response, as you have looked at past negative actions, the times when you have been hurt or have hurt others, that are still resonating into your Now? Did we say: “Oh, this indicates that you are deserving of this karmic negativity? Or: No wonder you can’t manifest love, light and abundance!” No, we did not! We said to you, through many Masters,

Now is the time to release blame of self and others,
Now is the time forgive at great depth so you may move on to higher Truths,
Now is time to Trust in the Unconditional Love of the Divine Mind.
You are Worthy.
You are Loved.

We have even offered the integration of what you perceived as suffering and negativity into the heart through compassionate gratitude. This is the activity of welcoming back into your heart, all aspects of your persona that you had previously judged as “negative” and “less than”. When we operate from the energy of “I control”, rather than “I surrender”, we invite in this aspect of struggle and suffering. We have also said to you many times over the last few months:

What you do not question, you cannot change.

What if you were to affirm:

I embrace all aspects of myself.

With great compassion for my self, I give thanks to the wisdom of my soul for bringing me to exactly the right place and the right time, to learn the true lessons of the Divine:

I am whole, I am worthy, I am loved – NO MATTER WHAT!

This is the activity of entering into the Kether, the Crown. This is the Unified field of Love, the energy which has impelled you into incarnation as a soul. The First Noble Truth, thus defined as :

You are here to Love.

We remind you of the beauty of Creation, by referring to the gifts we received in the springtime of 2005. In Arizona, we experienced a 100 year bloom, when the dry desert was abundant with life from the massive Spring rains. In meditation, the voice of the wildflowers spoke to your hearts, offering the following affirmative statements, which align with your chakras:

Red: “I am safe, I am grounded, I am whole.”
Orange: “I am perfect in all my expressions, I am powerful, I am creative.”
Yellow: “I am a limitless being of Light, created to shine for the greatest good of all.”
Green: “I am here to Love. I am Love. I am Joy.”
Blue: “My thoughts and words are beautiful as I express my perfection.”
Violet: “I am the fullness of All, I am the reality beyond physical, I Know the Truth of my existence.”
Deep Indigo: “I am part of All. Within my existence is the Truth from whence I was born and impelled into this moment in time. There is no difference between me and the flower, between me and my friend, between me and the Creator.”

All of these affirmative statements align with the Kether and the First Noble Truth.

The Sephiroth of Wisdom

In the second sephiroth of Chokma, or Wisdom we enter into the creative force that pours itself into existence. This outpouring contains all things, hence the name of Wisdom, which contains everything as opposed to nothing. This is the energy of self-reflection. After we become aware of our existence, the I AM, then we are able to understand the second Noble Truth: The origin of Love is the Divine Mind. We must first be aware of existence, and then we may incorporate it to Wisdom. When we remember the Purpose of our creation, our souls will attract and express the Prime Moving Energy of Love.

Another way to express this through belief is the Truth that what you think, you create. Do you think that you must learn through suffering or that the potential exists at all times to learn through Love? In self-reflection, is the initiatory power of conscious creation. Do you wish to focus on the origin of suffering, or the origin of your Purpose here: Love? If you are indeed suffering at this moment from lack or less-than energies in your life, you may wish to enter into the Wisdom circle, into the deep inner process of asking, what is the origin of this? Where in my being am I acting from the belief system of attracting struggle rather than attracting Love? Is my self-expression reflective of Love or is it reflective of conditions, negativity and doubt? This is the foundation of the second Noble Truth, the wisdom to self-reflect upon one’s own conscious creation.

The Sephiroth of Understanding

In the third sephiroth of Binah, or Understanding, we enter into the energies of incorporating Love through the sacred Trinity. When we reframe the third noble Truth from the activity of the “cessation of suffering”, to the “incorporation of Love” as our belief system, we manifest greater grace and ease in our lives. This is the wisdom of understanding that all is created in Balance. This is the understanding that balance is not about duality, the white-black balance of polarity, but the balance of the Trinity. Binah or the third Noble Truth, takes the extremes of polarity and creates balance by moving to the top of the triangle. We are no longer struggling in this position to cease a negative activity, but to create a reality based on the Higher Truth, that we are here to Love.

Creating from the belief in suffering: a typical example

For example, let us take the situation of a person struggling with financial lack. In duality thinking this person may say, “I am broke, I never have enough, I am always in lack.” This is the mind energy functioning from less than love. Next, the person may then have an accident and hurt the physical body, for this is in alignment with being broken. This is the body energy functioning from less than love. Next, the mind-body energy may move to the railing against God by cursing one’s bad “luck” and blaming God for not being supportive and not answering the person’s prayers. This is the spirit energy functioning from less than love.

Creating from the belief in Love: a different example

By contrast, if one reframes the four noble truths as suggested above, perhaps a person may be willing to create from a different belief system. This person may begin to invoke a new reality by affirming:

“I create from the Trinity of Mind-Body-Spirit.”

The mind energy may choose to function thus:

“I create an abundant reality as new opportunities move into my field.”

This is the mind energy functioning from the incorporation of Love. The person may then begin to be more aware of the sacredness of all things, including the physical body. One may then begin to take more care of his/her physical body which creates a positive shift around loving the Self. This is the physical energy functioning from the incorporation of Love. Next, one may begin to practice gratitude for the small miracles in each and every day. One may see the sacred in the mundane, the reality that each person is a soul sent by the Divine to experience not suffering, but Love, and thus, one engages in Life from the energy of compassion and love. This is the spirit energy functioning from the incorporation of Love. From this belief system, many new opportunities arise, because one is not activating the principles of lack through a belief in suffering, but the principles of abundance through a belief in Love

Da’ath and the Fourth Noble Truth

The Fourth Noble Truth is found in the unseen sephiroth, the Da’ath just below the Kether. This is sometimes referred to sephiroth #11, but it truly has no number. This is called the Abyss, where we leave the heavenly realms of the Divine and move into more concrete experience. The Fourth Noble Truth is about the concrete path to Love. That path is found in the eight-fold path which leads us to our spiritual service, or Dharma. It is in crossing the Abyss of the unknown and unmanifest that we truly enter into the concrete creation of our Life Path.

This unseen circle is associated with Knowledge. This is the ability to translate our wisdom and understanding into the realm of concrete knowledge of how to create our reality from our underlying belief systems.

The challenge in the abyss, is to Know what we Believe.

You see, most people simply accept what they believe and what they have been taught, without examining the origin and usefulness of their own thought forms. When we delve into and examine our own belief systems, we will often encounter many dark places. This is the abyss, the rift and often, the dark night of the soul. We acknowledge that this takes great courage and determination.

We say again: what you do not question, you cannot change.

When we examine in conscious clarity what we believe and we still the mind enough to enter into personal connection with the Divine, we often encounter One Truth:

“You are here to Love”.

The return to the First Noble Truth. This is the Unified Field of Love, the reality that you are never separated from the Divine.

In the abyss, we have the opportunity to shine light on all the places where dark has cloaked this Truth. And then, our friends in Light, one makes a conscious choice: enter the path of Service to Humanity or stay in the thought form of suffering and lack.

It is not possible to serve humanity from lack. If one chooses lack and suffering, one will engage in struggle in life such that one cannot serve the greater good. One will engage in the travails of self through one of the many pathways of struggle. Another choice is to serve the self. This is the path of ego and the “I” without the “I AM”. From this choice, one creates a solitary life. The third choice, is to Serve Humanity from Love. This is the middle way, the Buddha consciousness of incarnate Nirvana.

The Eight-Fold Path through the Kaballah

We now enter into the lower sephiroth to examine a pathway to actualizing Spiritual Love in your life, in the Now. By reframing the Four Noble Truths to Love, we have shown you how your belief system, (what you hold in the Crown chakra), provides the energy for how you create. Now let us move this onto the 8 fold path, which integrates the Higher Truth that you are here to love. This pathway provides us with the practical steps of wisdom, ethical conduct and mental development.

1. Right View: Malkuth (10)– the incarnated Body

Right View is the beginning and the end of the Path. It is contained in circle 1, and in circle 10. One and zero, the beginning and the end. If we hold Right View, in the reframing of the Four Noble Truths to Love, we create reality in the energy of harmony and balance. Malkuth is the Kingdom in which your consciousness operates, the Now of your current incarnation as a soul. It is represented concretely by your physical presence here on Earth. When you hold the Right View that you are more than a physical being experiencing life, you are able to set the stage for creating Spiritual Love.

Right View is the first building block in positive manifestation. It is to see and understand things as they really are. It is the cognitive aspect of Wisdom. Right View requires the development of the quality of discernment and discrimination. It is the activity of asking: “What is Reality? What is Truth? What is my Purpose?” Do you see that the answers, and thus the reality manifestation are very, very different if one holds the view that the purpose of life is to suffer, versus the view that the purpose of life as an incarnate soul, is to Love? “Why am I existing in this physical body, here and now?” The body is the outer manifestation where personal energies enter into the kingdom of earth. From this concrete reality, the soul carries out its Purpose – and this is, as we said, in connection to the Crown, - that you are an incarnate soul, here to experience Love, to Love God, Love your own self, and Love others. This is Right View which creates the impetus for living a spiritual life in incarnate form.

2. Right Intention: Yesod (9)– Feeling

Right Intention is best described as our commitment to living a spiritual life. It is the volitional aspect of will, or the choice, that we exercise in each and every moment: Do I choose to love or do I choose to fear? If one does not define and live through Intention, one is operating at an unconscious level of being. Yesod is known as the Foundation – all things must pass through feeling before they can be actualized on the physical plane. What are the two primary feelings? Love and fear. Right Intention is exercising your spiritual volition, to create out of Love. This is precisely why we have asked you to examine your belief system first and foremost, through the Crown, before even entering into the lower sephiroth.

We often provide you with affirmation statements. Let us ask you a question:

What is the intention, what is your feeling which energizes the following statement?

I am whole, I am worthy, I am loved – NO MATTER WHAT!

If you repeat this statement with lack of conviction, lack of feeling, lack of passion, what do you believe happens? Nothing much. Because truly, it is Right Intention impelled by passionate, deep feeling that creates the foundation of reality. If you state this affirmation with conviction, with feeling, with passion, your very soul resonates with the Truth of your spiritual pathway: I am here to Love. Love attracts more love, love expresses in exponential fashion – so when you choose to love, it is not a matter of linear energy, it is the Fibonnaci pattern we spoke of last summer.

There is an exponential mathematical factor that exists in sacred geometry which you may know as the Fibonacci sequence. We would like you to know that there is a similar dynamic for the energy sequence of Love…. let us tell you that when sacred movement towards Love begins, it is exponential such that after only 200 “turns”, angles or factors, the number in the sequence is thus:


Can you even fathom that number? Can you count it? Can you measure it? This is the number or value of energetic outpouring of Love of only 200 people! With only 200 beings of Light sending Love to fellow beings in need, the sequence pattern generates this amazing amount of power…. sacred geometry is about much more than shapes and numbers. It is about the structure of reality.

If this much love is generated by only 200 people, what is the power of 2 million, 20 million, 200 million, 2 billion? It is infinite and this is the message:

Love in this proportion has never been seen anywhere in the galaxy.

Do you see that Right Intention, through passionate feeling, is the Foundation for your reality and your creation? From this place, indeed, you have the power to create great beauty, pure and simple.

3. Right Speech: Hod (8)– Thought

The Hod septhiroth is the realm of thought and communication. The quality of this circle is Truthfulness. We have spoken frequently about the energy of Right Speech, often referring to the words of the Master Christ: “there are no idle words”. All words have meaning, carry resonance and create an aspect of your reality: thought manifestation. If you carefully monitor your speech through your choice of words, you will learn much about the process of how you create. Do you find yourself engaged in self-criticism and doubt? This is the energy of “I don’t know.” “I’m not x,y, or z enough…” Do you find yourself engaged in the speech patterns of obligation through fear? “I need to, I should, I had better…etc.” Do you find yourself apologizing for your very existence? “I’m sorry …” - sorry for what? We ask you to think about why and how often you apologize.

We suggest to you that apologizing when it is not appropriate, is an insidious, learned pattern of many females.  Apologies are indeed an important aspect of self-responsibility, but the activity of constantly apologizing for ones’ actions, when not necessary, is truly the energy of not loving the self. It reflects that you are afraid, fundamentally, to BE, that you do not feel powerful enough to claim your space. We simply ask those of you engaged in the apology pattern to monitor this habit to determine if you are ready to move away from the thought-form. If you apologize constantly, pure and simple, you cannot create from power because this undermines your existence – if you believe you do not have the right to be here now, you will continue to manifest in the small realm of lack.

Right speech is the first step of ethical conduct. Do we choose words of love and encouragement or words of criticism and fear? Your thoughts are reflected in your speech. Your thoughts and speech then lead to the next step of creation: Right Action.

4. Right Action: Netzach (7) – Passion

Right Action and Netzach are the same concept: They represent the passion and energy of the creative process in humanity. It is the realm of expression and the area of relationships. Right action involves making a conscious choice to use your incarnated form, the body, to express your Purpose as a soul. Do you choose to express through actions of fear? For example, “I give a little to charity but save most of my wealth for myself just in case.” Most of you are able to actively share much more than you do, out of fear. Do you choose to express through actions of Love? “I give of my time, my treasures and my talents, to the fullest of my ability – for I Am here to Love.” When we give in the energy of Passion, we are indeed creating from Love. And then what do we attract our dear friends? Yes, more Love. As you give, so shall you receive. This is a spiritual Truth. If you give in passion, you Create, from the depth of your soul, the opening to receive passion.

Right Action is about much more than the abstinence of wrong behavior. Abstinence is the traditional framing of this step of the 8 fold path. The Buddhist tradition formulates this principle as: Abstinence from harm, abstinence from taking what is not given, abstinence from misconduct We suggest to you that Right Action is creating not from an abstaining principle but creating from a positive principle which combines the previous steps: Right view, right intention and right speech. Thus, activating this step from power and from the source of Spirit: to act kindly and compassionately, to be honest, to respect the belongings of others and to create from Love rather than from fear.

5. Right Livelihood – Chesed (4) – Love/Mercy

Right livelihood is about much more than how we “earn a living”. It is about more than our profession or avocation. Right livelihood is connected to all previous steps on the 8-fold path and bridges into the final two steps of mental development. Livelihood is about how we live, in entirety, as a soul. Again, do we choose to love or do we choose to fear? Do we judge the self for not doing or being “enough” by some exterior measure? Do we attach value to the self by a dollar sign of how much we make or how much we have saved? Or as do many of you, by how little we make and how indebted we are? Or do we live in the passion of chosen activities, thus, reflecting the beauty of our inner soul?

We have spoken at length about Right Livelihood recently. WE have given you the steps and keys to the creation of your path to Right Avocation. The only thing we will add here is that the quality of Chesed, or Love and Mercy, underpins the way your livelihood will manifest. If you love what you do, if you exercise Mercy, your avocation will be fulfilling, no matter what it is! And what is Mercy? It is the quality of compassionate treatment, especially of those under one’s sphere of influence and power. It is clemency and the principle of generosity. All of these things are reflected in your livelihood, in how your live your life, day to day.

We have told you that you may express the highest of all spiritual principles no matter what form your avocation takes. As a cashier at a Walmart, you may engage people from the heart and acknowledge the greatness of their souls with a simple energetic exchange of recognition. This has far more power to positively impact the world than does the activity of people in the pursuit of personal wealth who rarely look up from a computer screen or a cell phone to see the great beauty in each and every soul they encounter. If you understand this, our dear ones, you have indeed incorporated a great fundamental Truth.

6. Right Effort: Geburah (5) – Power/Judgment

Right Effort is different than Right Action. Right action requires movement through the physical body. Right effort is the act of will, exercised through the mental body. Thus, mental energy is the force behind right effort. It is our ability to judge or discern the rightness of our actions before we engage in them. Judgment in this sense in not about inner criticisms – it is the sacred activity of examining the quality of our thoughts and resulting actions.

Judgment is a difficult word for you our dear friends. There is a fine line between critical, harmful judgment and productive, creative judgment. Judgment in the useful sense is about discernment. We ask you as a soul experiencing incarnation, to hold yourself in compassion and love, not in criticism and shame. Judgment is about reflection and introspection. Used properly, it is an important part of actualizing Spiritual Love of self and others. Releasing critical judgment frees your energies to attract Love. Activating compassionate discernment creates the consciousness to choose Love in all areas of your life.

The Geburah sephiroth is also associated with severity. For in critical judgment, we will tell you that you are very severe on your own souls. You are much more severe than other people, for the most part, and assuredly, you are infinitely more severe than those in the realm of Spirit who hold you constantly in compassion.

You may also wish to ask how Right Effort is different from Right Intention. As we stated, Right Intention is primarily a feeling state, thus existing in the yesod or foundation sephiroth. Right Effort is the activity whereby we exercise our mental capacities (power) through our belief system (a form of judgment) to keep us on the path to Spiritual Love.

Right Effort is the constant awareness that we are more than physical beings; Right Effort is the willingness of evaluate in compassion, our past in order to determine the best course of action into the future. This is why it occurs as step six on the path, rather than step two or four. (We must add that the steps are in no way sequential but work as a unified whole – but indeed, there is an energetic rationale for the presentation in this order.) In a constantly renewing cycle, we evaluate our experiences to form our Now. “Am I in right intention, right action, right livelihood?” This is the mental energy of thought, through power and judgment, the Geburah sephiroth.

An example of Empathy

Let us say for example, that a person has the consciousness to address the issue of empathy in their lives. Many people do not possess the full quality of empathy, believing that what happens to others is not related to what impacts the self. When one has been on the path of a spiritual seeker for quite some time, the quality of empathy will most assuredly arise. “Am I empathetic to my fellow humans and souls on this path of incarnation? Do I believe that harm to one person is isolated and does not impact me? Or am I willing to raise my consciousness to a global level – thus, serving humanity from a place of Spirit and Heart?”

If one chooses to look at this quality of empathy and activate it in one’s life, it will require Right Effort. In Buddhist terms, this effort is to “arouse a state that has not yet arisen in your consciousness.” Right Effort then, would be to mentally bring in the quality of empathy to your heart. Can I relate, through the vastness of my soul, to those who are in need? This is not the energy of accepting the intensity of other’s sufferings, but the activation of the principle of: “How am I willing to Serve?”

If one engages the world as a Server of Humanity from the Heart, by definition, one carries the quality of empathy. Empathy is knowing that there is truly no difference between self and other – while at the same time, understanding that to empathize does not mean to take on the suffering of another. This releases us from fear. This releases us from doubt about the existence of Unity in all things.

We will tell you, herein lies a key to Ascension Consciousness:

For when one can feel the essence of another soul- without the cloud of fear and doubt, one releases the need to be separate.

7. Right Mindfulness: Tiphareth – Balance/Compassion

Tiphareth is in the center of the Tree of Life. It is the balance created by holding the higher mind functions as the operative consciousness. This means to be aware that you are a soul experiencing incarnated life to express Love. The higher mind functions are what connect us to the Soul; cultivating intuition, generating a direct dialog with the Divine, experiencing the unseen realms through the reality of spirit guides and angels, connecting to the Truth the one is not separated, cast out or alone.

When we balance in the middle of the Tree of Life, we are centered in our spiritual being. Thus, we are less likely to fall into the trap of duality, of “either/or”, “good/bad”, “right/wrong” when the exterior of our lives change. When we stay centered, by exercising mindfulness, we remember the Truth: I AM here to Love. When we encounter difficulty, it is from a much different perspective. You see, our dear ones, we are not here to tell you that following the eight fold path to perfection will bring only the elements of grace and ease into your life, not at all! As a soul experiencing incarnation, you will encounter many different things. We are not speaking about creating perfection, but about how you take ownership of what you create. If your life appears random and unfair, it is because you are operating out of a belief system which aligns with this reality.

In mindfulness, no matter what we manifest, we are able to activate the spiritual principle of balance and compassion for our own soul! In right mindfulness, we have the consciousness to ask: “What is the lesson? What is my soul calling for me to examine in my belief system, in my thoughts, in any part of the 8 fold path or 4 noble truths?” Rather than to say: “Oh, this is bad, where did I go wrong!” Do you see the difference?

We learn in many ways as souls on this path. We learn through hardship and through ease. We learn through suffering and through ecstasy. It is in releasing the duality judgments that we enter into balance. It is in holding the self and soul in compassion, in the energy of Spiritual Love, that we are able to live life in the Now, in compassion, connected to the depth of our souls and the Divine Mind.

8. Right Concentration: Return to the Abyss of Da’ath – Knowledge

On the eight fold path, right concentration, or meditation, leads us to the connecting point between the concrete world (sephiroths 4-10) and the realm of Spirit (sephiroths 1-3). In the traditional Buddhist teaching, right concentration focuses on the mental development aspect of one-pointedness of mind that a person enters into in the meditation process. In our integrated framework through the Kaballah and the 8 fold path, Right Concentration is about a larger activity than the mental sphere. Right Concentration is holding the knowledge in all bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, that all things are connected. So when we then enter into meditation, it is not only about the self, it becomes an activity of the collective consciousness. We connect to the Unity consciousness that all is One, by entering the dark, pristine place of Truth, where all becomes Light when examined by the soul. In the Da’ath, one connects the lower principles of concrete manifestation, with the higher spiritual principles of the Four Noble Truths. Perhaps you may wish to practice this simple meditation:

Center yourself in your heart, take a few deep breaths and allow this integrative Truth to enter your being:

I am here to Love
I Am Love

Continue to breathe Love in and out through your energies. Perhaps adding only one thing to this, the Intention to Integrate this teaching for your greatest good.

Intention for the New Year of 2006

Let us remind you that 2006 is a year of Integration.  We have presented this treatise so that you have a full set of tools in your consciousness toolbox, so to speak.  It is one thing to read this text in its entirety, but it is quite another to then use what you have learned.  It is your task to set your intention for this New Year.  What beliefs will you question and examine?   What is your soul calling for you to do this year?   To stay in fear, or to expand in Love?   Perhaps in the simple activity of reframing the Four Noble Truths to the creation reality of Love, you will experience a synchronous shift into abundance and joy.   This is our hope for you, our dear ones.

We leave you with the image of Transformation, the Beauty of Creation and our Love for you all as souls on the Path of Ascension.

We behold the Christ-Buddha Consciousness in each one of you.

For the greatest good of all concerned,

Kuthumi and Pallas Athena

© Ronna Prince 2006 (This document may be forwarded with permission with the attached copyright.)

The fractal images in this document were copied from the following website, with permission granted to all to copy and enjoy the images.    http://lunararchives.com/index.htm

Theme of 2006: Integration

For the year of 2006, our theme will be Integration. This is a year of great power, strength and potential. The numerology of 2006, is 8. Eight indeed corresponds to the Eight-fold path and the energies of Strength, card number 8 in Tarot. Strength carries the word and thought-form of “I AM determined” and the higher octave of Faith and Purpose. The tarot card of this higher octave of 8, is the Star, card 17. The energy of the Star is hope, healing, and renewal. It contains the potential to realize Spiritual Love. Our hope for you, our dear ones, is that 2006 will be a year for you to actualize on your plane of existence, the highest expression of Spiritual Love. And thus, we present a treatise on Integration to aid and assist you in the manifestation of this Reality.

Background to where we have been in 2005:

Last year, many, if not all of you, were working through the energies of 7 (2005= 2+0+0+5=7). This was a year of transition and change. The Lessons of 7 come in many forms, with the overriding theme of Perspective and Evaluation. The 7 energies are related to a time of spiritual awakening and reevaluation. It is a deep inner process, often associated with seeking esoteric wisdom. It is more contemplative than the outward searching you had previously engaged in. Those of you working through the energies of Trust, Faith and Love, experienced 2005 as the energy of the Chariot (card 7 in Tarot); this manifested as a successful year in repositioning your pathway to one of transcending duality and moving beyond “either/or” and into many opportunities to engage from the energy of “both”.

On the other hand, many of you struggled through 2005. The theme or thought-form of that year was “I Control”. You see, there were so many shifts occurring in your inner and outer realities, that many of you adopted this controlling theme rather than surrendering to the Divine. The result was the higher octave of “7”, represented in Tarot by the Tower, card 16 (7), and containing the energy of Shock and Dramatic Change. We assure you, our dear ones, that you are held in great compassion and love as you move through these changes. Even when you have felt abandoned and confused, we have been with you.

We show you the great depth of our compassion for you in the outpicturing of one manifestation of our former Incarnate Forms:

Kuthumi, as Balthazar and Pallas Athena as Lady Athene

We show you this outpicturing of our energies so you will connect to our Voice and our Intention to hold your soul in great love and compassion throughout 2006. As Kuthumi, my I AM Presence addresses you from the position of great clarity and insight. As Pallas Athena, my I AM Presence holds forth the recognition of the beauty of your heart and your Infinite Capacity to Love. This is the Path of the World Server in 2006: Clarity, Insight, Beauty and Love all integrated in Service.

The duality aspects of 2006:

We begin by offering to you the duality aspects of 2006 so that you will be conscious and aware of the practical aspects of how this year may unfold from a mundane perspective:

Working again through the energy of the Tarot, we will tell you that there are two positive aspects of 8 and two challenges of 8:

The Two positive areas of 8 in 2006:

Finances and Worldly Pursuits (the suit of Pentacles)

In this area of your life, the keynote is success through Prudence. Prudence is associated with discernment and discrimination. If you hold these elements in your consciousness, new projects and activities in finance and worldly pursuits, will be met with greater harmony and less disruption.

Career/Creativity (the suit of Wands)

In this area of your life, the keynote is Swiftness. In your career and creative pursuits, there will be the potential to very swiftly manifest what you set out to accomplish. This is precisely why it is of utmost importance to exercise Prudence. For what you intend, affirm and visualize, will come to pass with great Swiftness.

The Two challenge areas of 8 in 2006:

Thought patterns and mental attitudes (the suit of Swords):

In this area of your life, the theme is interference and self-imprisonment. This means that your thought patterns will have a tendency to focus on the negativity of things, rather than the positive potential. This will most assuredly keep you stuck in the previous energy of “7” from last year. Interference may come in many forms: your own negative mental patterns resisting the energy of integration, others around you who wish for you to stay where you are rather than expand to something new, or outer circumstances which appear ambiguous or negative. The self-imprisonment energies manifest as your fears – all of the things that you tell yourself: I AM not. All of the things that you say in the negative such as “I can’t”, “I should or I should not”, “I won’t”. etc. This is the energy of living in limitation and the ego. This is the energy of unconscious negative prayer.

Relationships and Emotions (the suit of Cups):

This area of your life may also be a challenge in 2006. The theme of this area is Withdrawal. How do we integrate this mundane potential in the area of relationship and emotion to the overall theme of 2006 of the great potential for actualizing Spiritual Love? What we will tell you is this: Spiritual Love is not about holding onto relationships and emotions which do not serve the greatest good. Spiritual Love is based on the Truth that one must above all else, Love God, and then learn to Love the Self. Only after this do we have the potential to enter into Relationship from a position of integration and balance. What we tell you is that if you are in a relationship of imbalance and lack, the energies of withdrawal will be very prominent in 2006. If your emotions are running amok with blaming others for your reality, of seeing primarily the weaknesses in self and others rather than the innate perfection, and of judgment and criticisms, you may well find yourself in the energies of Withdrawal.

We tell you these things not to cause fear, but to raise your awareness of the mundane factors of 8 operating in your third dimension. Now, we will begin to weave in the higher Truth of Integration, which is the ability to transcend duality, as we spoke of last year, the “ascension pathway to transcend to the third point on the triangle, the position which can exist within such dualities but at the same time, transcend them.”



Kabbalah is the blueprint for Creation.

Just as a house is built, in precise detail, according to its blueprint, G-d created the world and all of its details according to a precise plan.

Everything that exists on the physical plane flows from this plan, its spiritual source. In fact, as the blueprint for Creation, Kabbalah actually predates the existence of the world.

The spiritual principles of Creation guide and control everything, from the cycles of the planets and constellations, to the weather, to the trends of history, to the precise and specific details of human functioning.

So, the more you understand these principles, the more you will understand about your own nature and the nature of life on earth.

Studying Kabbalah will give you insights into your own soul, and the power to use those insights to make a huge difference in your own life and the lives of others. It will give you the wisdom to better understand the purpose of creation and the opportunity to experience a growing intimacy with your Creator.

With the rising popularity of Kabbalah, especially among celebrities, an essential misconception has taken root. This misconception is that, because Kabbalah predates organized religion, it is either a religion in its own right, or a spiritual system devoid of any religious association.

Nothing could be further from the truth! It is true that the teachings of Kabbalah are, for the first time in history, accessible to everyone, regardless of religious affiliation or level of observance.

But Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism, the deepest level of the Torah, the Divine communication given to Moses at Mount Sinai. It is the ultimate mission statement for the human being. If Kabbalah is disconnected from its Divine source, it is stripped of all that makes it powerful, holy and real. We are left with nothing more than another interesting-sounding, generic New Age self-help technique.

But when you understand the true foundation of this profound wisdom, something amazing becomes possible. As an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, you can tap into a level of Divine light that is above the limitations of the physical universe.

We are entering the climax of history, the time when we will begin to ‘see through the walls’ that appear to separate the physical world from its spiritual source. That is why Kabbalah has been made accessible to anyone, Jewish or otherwise, who wants to live with joy, purpose, truth, power and passionate aliveness. The path of authentic Kabbalah is open to any person who sincerely wishes to reach his highest potential as a human being created in the image of G-d.

Darkness and Light

According to Kabbalah, everything in the world is made up of two parts - that which we see and know, and that which we can't see and don't yet know. The concealed part - the spiritual source, essence and purpose behind every detail of creation - far exceeds the revealed.

In our world, what we can't see is perceived as darkness, and what we can see as light.

Paradoxically, anything we can see is by definition concealing its own essence. Essence is indescribable, unbounded and infinite. Whatever can be seen with the eyes or understood with the mind is limited, separate and has a specific form. By relating to the known as if it is the whole picture, we disconnect it - at least in our perception - from its infinite source. But, like the hand within the puppet, this essence is not only present but is the activating and guiding force within everything that can be seen and experienced in this world.

So in a sense, the light, by concealing the infinity beneath it, is actually darkness, and the darkness, which is too vast to be perceived, is actually light.

This same truth is reflected in each of us. Concealed within what we experience as the self - our limited personality and identity - there is a self far vaster, more powerful and more true. The fact that we exist and act on this earthly stage points to our truer self - the hand within the puppet. The fact that we experience ourselves as defined and limited conceals it.

The ultimate perfection and fulfillment of the world lies in bringing this vast hidden light out of the darkness of concealment, thus illuminating creation with the radiance of its own essence.

In the same way, our own ultimate fulfillment as human beings lies in revealing our own inner light - the power and potential of our concealed essence - thus creating a life illuminated with the light of our truer self.

This is the purpose of Kabbalah.






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