Holographic Repatterning

Holographic Repatterning®, developed by Chloe Wordsworth, is a powerful process for positive change where the energy constrictions (and non-coherent patterns) that are holding us in limitation are easily identified and transformed.

We all have areas of our life we want to change. This change could be more fulfillment at work, greater prosperity, a more positive mental state, health, satisfying relationships, increased confidence and peace of mind. The Holographic Repatterning process, which can be done on oneself or others, accesses the innate wisdom of our human system in a step by step process which can guide us to significant breakthroughs as we identify and transform the non-coherent patterns that underlie our pain, sickness and other life problems.

Firmly grounded in the principals of new physics, Holographic Repatterning is based on the understanding that we are an energetic system with frequency patterns.

In earlier experiences when emotional pain was not resolved, our life energy constricted. Our frequencies lost their optimal pulsation, or coherent state, and this now manifests outwardly in the (ongoing and recurring) problems and concerns in our daily lives.

As we easily identify the non-coherent frequency patterns we are in phase with and the coherent frequency patterns we are out of phase with and return them to their optimal state of coherence, profound changes occur in our lives.

Holographic Repatterning is receiving global recognition because of the phenomenal results people are experiencing.

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    Executive Director - Yvonne Bost-Brown
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