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     Keth Specializes in aiding Light Body and DNA Activation.


by Soluntra King from the book "Light Body Awakening".
      Our physical body is already Light, it just vibrates at a different frequency of Light to our other bodies that are not third dimensional.  We have always escaped the physical body whether it be through death and the illusion that we can only be our Light Body and higher frequencies out of the body, keeping us on the karmic wheel and in separation consciousness that everything is out there.   Or as a high priest or priestess, yogi, shaman, wise woman/man where we had incredible metaphysical abilities, so why are we back here now as a normal everyday person?   In our initiations we always tried to get back to our home in the stars, or into other spaces and we did not experience much about being here.  In the temple or cave we did not have to worry about money, getting food, shelter and responsibilities that come with earthly life in families and other relationships were not experienced.  We were holding the beam at a very dense time on the planet and so were focused purely on spirit.  But we were still in denial of being a body and so now we are learning the body experience to fully integrate, this time as an ordinary person dealing with all the initiations of everyday life.  Our biggest gifts are through relationships and money, survival, something we did not have to know about as a spiritual person before.  Realising we cannot escape but to surrender to being in a body and living life on Earth as it is, is our greatest challenge.  In other words coming from the God in us, Loving and Accepting everything we are and experience, seeing it all as divine and beautiful, beloved of God. 
Chackra Body
     In order to do this we need to be in the body one hundred percent, so that we can truly be a spiritual being in matter, the sacred marriage is completed, Heaven and Earth are one through us.  Only by being in a body can we be the vessel for the union, and so we stop having to spin around the wheel of death and rebirth, as we are now fully integrated as our Body of Light in Heaven on Earth now.  Looking at it from the bigger picture and the Cosmic drama we are also back in bodies to repair our creation, as the more unified aspects of us are Creator Gods and Goddesses.  We created life with only two strands of DNA, not full divinity and through power and control issues have ruled to the point of self-destruct. Our future looked bleak if we kept this up so in order to resolve this and unify we are now incarnate in our creation, descended into matter as the only way we can liberate ourselves is from within matter and limitation. 

     So we are busy healing, awakening and activating ourselves with all the help from the non-physical worlds as they are other dimensional aspects of self, plugging for us to get it. To illuminate from within, activate our DNA, the Light codings of creation stored within us and as we do we become the radiant light being we truly are, a radiant Sun as the Earth becomes a Sun, the Sun a Central Sun, the Central Sun a Greater Central Sun back to Source as everyone experiences a graduation party, we are all one and unified we move through the Black Hole and out into another prism of creation. When we are in separation conscoiusness we cannot be fully present in the body, by being present we are so expanded we are in all worlds at once consciously, unity consciousness. 

     When we are out of our body there is still a separation and level of fear about being in it and being who we truly are - God. There are many ways that we stay out of the body and the cause is fear and feeling limited, but the more limitations we have the more unlimited we become, they are the gift. So as we come into the body at conception, and into the world at birth from spirit, we can get quiet a shock, be anxious and traumatised, as we become matter, in a body and descend into the illusion of separation and judgment. So it is only by fully loving and accepting the body and Earth that we are free, to be in the world but not of it, being our Divinity fully present in our body. When we focus mostly on the spiritual without a balance we are often in our higher chakras and the Base and Earth Star chakras are under active. Also when people first start meditating they may feel peaceful, relaxed, wonderful and light but when they finish their meditation they feel they have to come back into the body...clunk. This means that they are out of the body and so can never really heal and transform, as there is so much fear and denial. 

     Often when we are into Love and Light we are like a beautiful Fairy dancing around off the ground all the time feeling high with our meditating, healing and awakening to all things spiritual and metaphysical and seeing love everywhere which is great, but what is going on in our life, are there still money issues? Which means that there are survival issues that are connected to the base chakra, for when we are grounded and in the body we are trusting and open and so live in abundance. Or are there relationship issues that show us about the fears we still hold as we react to others, judge them or set up expectations, all meaning we are not fully present and fear to love ourself and be who we truly are in a body. When we are in our head a lot mentally we are also out of the body, as well as all the distractions we choose to stay out and not present with like; overworking, lust, over/under eating, over/under exercising, substance addiction and abuse, technological addiction such as TV, computer, computer games, internet and video abuse, anything so we do not have to feel and be. Society on the third and forth dimensions is created to keep everyone nicely in separation conscoiusness, distracted and so controlled. 

     The only way through it and to be multi-dimensional is to Love and embrace all our fears as we are confronted with them until we become clear and can hold the higher frequencies of our divine self and the cells become light, we become our Light Body in our physical body and master of our molecules. We can rejuvenate, bi-locate, teleport, move through worlds and dimensions in our body as our body is our Body of Light. So to ascend we have to descend fully first, loving being in a body on Earth rather than judging, fearing and trying to escape it or put up screens. The doorway that merges spirit and matter is the Heart where we come from our God I am presence and love and accept all creation and self in oneness and divine love, we are at peace, in the stillness, in no time where all is manifest. Worlds within worlds are us, we do not have to go anywhere for home is in the Heart and the heart is the all that is, the eternal flow of Love and God conscoiusness, oneness. We become an unlimited being as we accept and love all our 'so called' limitations that are only an illusion. Coming from the higher dimensions into a body and descending is not an easy task, we have all come from spirit and depending on our soul journey, different worlds or dimensions. 

      It's easier to die than be born and we buy into the collective conscoiusness of separation and illusion that everything is outside us: God, knowledge, creativity, love. Some of us/part of us are never fully in life as the fear and anxiety of survival, illness, co-dependency and seeking approval stop the life force energy from flowing. Often we don't want to be here at all, the world seems too cruel or difficult for us and so we try and escape it. We usually do this by abusing our body, whether it be through substances; drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, food, worrying, or through dis-ease holding on to illness, or through our actions; lust, working hard, running around all the time. 

     We have this death urge which is generally sub-conscious, but it controls us, we can actually be in a state of not really being aware of ourself, others, or our environment, note the state of the planet, it is possible to lose touch of reality in our denial, and fear takes us into the underworld and horror for however long we need to experience it. Sometimes what is required of us is too much too cope with if we allow social conditioning, peer pressure and other pressures through school, work or family to stress us out, those parts of us not present are in Fear. Ever observed how you are when you are in shock, pain, stressed out, or in an accident? You hold your breath and so hold in the trauma instead of breathing through it and breathing in life. You also leave your body, it is your escape mechanism, the pain and fear keep you disconnected from your source, your God I Am and from being in your body. When you move through the fear you no longer need to attract to you accidents and traumas that stress you, or if you do you handle them calmly and learn to breath, you stay present.          

     We set patterns up as we are conceived and through the birthing process, it may all seem too hard and cruel, especially considering the peace and bliss we have just come from. By going back and healing this using the breath and Love and Acceptance, we can transmute in Love the duality concepts and fear we had and feel and be in the joy of life. 

     When you were conceived how did your energy feel as you were coming in? If it feels fragmented, dark, disconnected or not quiet right then be connected to Source through your heart and into the core of the Earth and back to Source through your heart in Divine Love and Oneness. Deep breath into you as you are now and send Love from your heart and Golden Light into that beam of energy as you were coming in, until it feels radiant, peaceful and flowing. How did you feel in the womb about the outside world? 

     When you were birthed, how did it feel coming down the birth canal and into the world, was your first breath a full breath? If not breathe Love and Acceptance and Golden Light into you now and send it to you in the womb until it feels safe. Then into you the newborn baby until you are aware of yourself loving the world you are entering, feeling peaceful and taking a full breathe in for your first breath, breathing in Life. See yourself growing up one with your Higher Self, I Am, radiant prescence. 


     Start to have awareness of your fears, be honest with yourself, fear stops us being here one hundred percent, choose awareness of how you really feel about yourself, about your body and appearance, about your age, about dying, family, work and money. All these fears and anxieties are just parts of us still in separation. By Loving and Accepting them we can transmute them and learn to experience peace and joy about our life. To do this just recognise the fear then deep breath, abdominal breathing into the fear with slow deep breaths, getting all the prana and life force energy into the fear, darkness and decay in the cells. Imagine you are breathing in Golden Light while you do this and the words "I am loving it, accepting it, surrendering and embracing it", whatever the fear happens to be, the Golden Light illuminates the cells. 

                                                               SAFE TO BE HERE 

    There can also be a feeling of 'its not safe here', or 'I got sent to the wrong planet, beam me up Scotty', this state of conscoiusness is not so prevalent now as most of humanity is accepting their divinity at a soul level and their acceptance and surrender to divine will. Especially with the Grand Cross 11.9.99 and the alignment of planets May 5th 2000, as well as the stepping up process through the cyclic doorways, Solstices, Equinoxes and Eclipses as well as various Stargates opening and the Grids going into higher octave. We have to remember is that whether we have just come from another universe or not, from the Light Ships, Central Sun, a Star or Council of Light there are no mistakes. We choose to be here, in this particular body and as we clear we remember all our aspects of multi-dimensional self back to unified essence in Source. 
                                                    MERGING OUR FRAGMENTS 

    We fragmented as we left Source and became creation, you do not have to know what all the fragments are from all the parallel worlds and dimensions, but through intention and prayer connecting to Source and the Earth in Divine Love and Oneness be aware of the Golden Sun in your Heart and draw all your fragments back with love into your heart. As you do you will find the Golden Sun within gets brighter and more radiant, warm and loving, calm and peaceful, you now have a lot more energy you can utilise and send into all your cells to rejuvenate them, or send into an area of imbalance to clear and transmute the block, or send into your creative faculty for a project from your creativity. 
                                                                  LOVE OF SELF 

     The secret to healing all this is too simply Love yourself, unconditionally, exactly as you are. Stand in front of the mirror and look into your eyes, your eyes shine back to you from your soul. Heal the soul, feel the Love Within, the Beauty Within, the God Within and you will put out such an energy that everyone will pick up on that energy and feel it for themselves, open up to the Love and Beauty Within themselves and see the beauty that you are. Your physical body will respond to the loving, uplifting messages you are giving it and rejuvenate and heal, try it and see. We are energy and when there are no blocks to that energy through fear and judgement, then the energy flows freely and our bodies are balanced and alive.
      Once we can love our experience of descending into matter and accept the limitations we transcend them and become our Light Body in our physical body. To ascend we do not have to go anywhere but be here fully present. It is an illusion that we have to become enlightened, or become the higher aspect of ourself. We already are God, all we have to do is remember it and by loving ourselves exactly as we are and everyone and thing through total acceptance then the cells become clear, we activate the Light from within, the Kundalini can rise easily and we come into our wisdom and love as we unify ourself with Source and all creation. Through this we do the greatest service of simply Being and allowing all others to also Be, as we see the divine in everything so we do our mission as co-creators as we spiritualise matter, what a mission and what fun. 

     Honour your beautiful body and give it lots of water, nutritious food, rest, exercise, fresh air and a harmonious environment, time to be - still, trust you are looked after and all your needs will be taken care of, it is time to enjoy being in a body on this beautiful planet and to play with joy in our hearts as we move beyond the veils of fear and create Heaven on Earth. We are multi- dimensional beings on a multi-dimensional planet and when we can fully accept ourself and everything as it is Now we open the doorway of our heart into the stillness where all is manifest and we shifts worlds. 
Copyright 2000 Soluntra King All rights reserved 
PO Box 46 Kin Kin Qld 4571 Australia 
Ph/Fax + 61 (0)7 5486 7138 email
soluntra @ 
Web site

Keth Specializes in Aiding Light Body and DNA Activation.

Get Remote Divine Tune-Up:
Light Body and DNA Activation Sessions
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by Soluntra King from the book "Light Book Awakening".
      The standard medical belief is that we have two strands of DNA, you will have learnt that at school, or you can look it up in an anatomy and physiology book. These two strands with all their complex amino acids and with the RNA hold the codings and genetic material that makes us who we are. Or so we thought; only having two strands is actually very limiting and keeps us trapped in the third dimension and the illusion of separation. Believing all we are is our body, believing God is out there somewhere, and that we are worker ants, or slaves that have to work hard just to survive on this planet. Locked into death, decay and being hooked up to survival, being controlled by and slaves to time, cut off from the unlimited abundance of all there is. With the DNA only partially activated our multi-dimensional selves have been trapped in a prison of experience that repeats itself over and over again as though the entire planet was playing a stuck record. Humans have been famous for their inability to learn from their own adventures, tyrants and wars have come and gone, and none seemed the wiser for it until now. This is where the plot thickens as we wake up we start to empower ourselves, awakening to our Divinity, Light Body and Multi-dimensional self. 


      In separation from God Creator there are many Creator Gods and Goddesses and from infinite worlds and different star systems, we are Creator Gods and Goddesses.  The ones we are going to look at are from the planet Nibiru (in the Pleiades).  Nibiru orbits close to Earth every 3,600 years and like most Pleiadians were naughty little children, unaware of their power and control dramas.  They had been playing at star wars, and destroyed their planets atmosphere through their nuclear weapons and needed Gold to fix it up. 

      So they came to Earth to mine Gold, but soon got tired of doing it themselves.  So they decided to use their DNA and mix it with the primates on Earth and create a race of slaves.  Just giving them enough DNA to work, but not enough to realise they were gods also, and so be liberated, this situation has gone on ever since.  Anu was the father of the Nibiruans, and they are immortal in our eyes, living for 1,000's of our Earth years.  But his two chief sons and their sons fought amongst each other, some wanted to empower their creation, others destroy it.  Hence the flood, recorded in the Bible with Noah's Ark and in all cultures it is recorded in their mythology.   Eventually the Galactic Federation stepped in as the waring was nuclear, and the Nibiriuans were creating havoc in the solar system and beyond.   They were put in an energy field where they had to realise what they were doing and in order for them to grow and move on they had to heal their creations.   The only way they could do that was by reincarnating into human form and activating their creations from within, being in the limitation they had put on their creation.   So that is why so many of us are so busy waking ourselves up, as part of our multi-dimensional self is these Creator Gods and Goddesses.   They/we cannot move into their/our future until they/we have healed their/our past. 

      That is also why tantra, kundalini yoga and cosmic sex is being awakened again, as well as the rebirth of the Goddess within us and the sacred marriage of male and female, earth and star, back to unity conscoiusness.   This was taught to humans way back when the Goddess could still function, in the temples the sacred marriage through Tantra was taught.    This was a way to educate humankind about the life force energy and their cosmic source.   But in the battles that went on, the patriarchal gods destroyed the temples and the Goddess, and we have been living under the belief that 'sex is bad, giving birth is painful, that menstruation is dirty and woman inferior' ever since.   Of course these patriarchal gods did not realise they were cutting themselves off also, as they too have the Goddess within them. So now we are back in bodies to get it right, having to feel so limited by being in a body is an illusion, we are our Light Body right now, and divine. As we clear and awaken so do the strands in our DNA increase as they hold the codings of our Divinity. Most of these strands are in the etheric and not physical, but it is interesting to note that some babies born now have three strands physically. 
       The reptiles or Lizzies worked with the original planners and are great geneticists, but they got into conflict with other Creator Gods and are now also back here to heal. So you can see why there are so many ET's here, the Lyrans, Wegans, Acuturians, Orions, Sirians, the list goes on, they all had a part to play with the Foundation Gods and the Creation Story on Earth, and are back here to assist, heal and resolve. The bottom line is we are all One and until the past is healed our future is not too great, that is why everyone is here helping, healing, illuminating, awakening and completing. As we all move together into the new Solar System, aligning to the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, it affects everyone in this universe and beyond. The more you clear, heal and activate the more you become aware of yourself as a Cosmic Being. 

      The 1993 Uranus/Neptune conjunction brought in an infusion of cosmic rays onto the planet creating a potential third strand of DNA in humanity physically. New helixes or strands are being formed all the time as the Light encoded filaments are triggered to reunite themselves together. The scattered and fragmented codings of the living library of Light are being drawn together in your body by electromagnetic energies from God Creator. Since that time there have been many more infusions of cosmic energy as the DNA unify and awaken your Light codings. This creates a more evolved nervous system that facilitates new codings of Light to move into your expanding consciousness. Awakening the dormant 90% of the brain cells, and the full potential of your physical body, rejuvenation and being your body of Light. Your mission is to carry the Light and return Divine Light to this planet, the sacred marriage of Heaven and Earth. 

       So as you begin to clear and activate, so allowing your bodies to hold more Light your memories open and your conscoiusness expands. You evolve as the DNA evolves into your multi-dimensional self, and become aware of yourself as one with God Creator. As well as your dimensional aspects on other dimensions and worlds as you unify them all within your body, your body of Light as you are on Earth. As you merge with the Central Sun and the Living Library of Light becoming the God Creator that you truly are in alignment now with Divine Will as you unify and move back through the black hole and Source then out through a new prism of creation. Creating Heaven on Earth as we all resolve the Creation Story of duality and separation, so we accept and love ourself as the Lizard Reptile aggressive aspects and the Light Being passive aspects through many different Star Systems of experience. As they all become one through us in our body on Earth, the Heart of this Universe that is a special place where this story is completing for all beings who experienced fragmentation to the furthest degrees of separation in matter. As we awaken and activate the light codings we activate the strands of DNA and the remembrance of our divinity. 


     From the two strands we eventually get 40,000 strands in our Gold Light Body, our Solar Self, God I am as we are one with the Central Sun. When I first started working on activating my codings and became aware of the extra strands, I thought that there was only 64 strands to God conscoiusness. But over the years as I have awakened I came to realise that 64 strands is only to the level of the Blue Light Body and a clear Etheric Blueprint. As we continue to clear and love others and ourself on deeper levels we start to awaken thousands of strands, feeling great peace within. Becoming aware of yourself working with the Councils of Light and being a Creator God/Goddess. You let go of any old paradigm ways of operating and work fully in trust, being in the world but not of it. Are you ready to live in joy and have fun? 
                                                                THE STRANDS 

* So Twelve strands are activated at the level of the physical body and related to the twelve chakras and planets. These can be read in the iris and reveal the genetic codes of purpose stored in the blood. 
* Sixty Four strands are activated when our Etheric Blueprint is clear and we are at the level of the Blue Light Body, a state of health, vitality and flow in life. 
* 5,000 strands are activated at the level of our Violet Light Body, when all the final aspects of duality are fully transmuted in the emotional and mental bodies. 
* 15,000 strands are activated at the level of our White Light Body, where we are master of our molecules, a Christ Being. 
* 40,000 strands are activated at the level of our Gold Light Body, one with God Creator in unified essences and we return to Source ready for new adventures. 
Copyright 2000 Soluntra King All rights reserved 
PO Box 46 Kin Kin Qld 4571 Australia 
Ph/Fax + 61 (0)7 5486 7138 email 
Web site www.


Light Body Activation  LightBody Work  The Body of Light is our chariot of ascension that transports us into the higher dimensional system of new Earth energy. With intentional building of the Light Body, you can dramatically accelerate your shift into higher consciousness, activate DNA latent codes, open into your greater abilities and embody more completely Compassionate Love.

 Light Body Work is one of Keth's specialites, he has done much many work shops and seminars and much Light Body work with many Masters and Teachers such as Goddess Ola / Re and LuminEssence, Orin & DaBen and most recently (12/07) with Tiara Kumara of Vortex Sedona Founder of: Children of the Sun... 
These transmissions focus on energy transfer, heart focus and intentionality. And, JOY!  Light Body Activation complements the practices of Reiki Healing, Massage Therapy, Vibrational Healing, Yoga, Meditation and personal ascension practices.  
 Keth aids in your Ascension and Awakening/ Re-membering and expanding/furthering your Light Body. 

Keth Specializes in Aiding your Light Body and DNA Activation!


Light BodyCall Keth to Schedule your DNA Activation and Clearing Sessions
Sessions last approximately one hour and are by  Donation,  ($90 is suggested).
Specials, Maxi - Healing and Reading get Guidance, Heal your Physical Body, Align with your Purpose/ Power and Free you of your Past/Density $155 (recommended donation).  Programmed Crystals are available

Super Special  Four ~ Activations and a Reading (or 5 Healing / Activations), very Powerful!   For Chronic Health problems and to stay "In Tune" and at peace during these changeful times $ 300  (Recommended donation)

 I'm Ready ~ 6 Steps to My Divine DNA Tune-Up

Keth Specializes in aiding your Light Body and DNA Activation!

Get Remote Divine Tune-Up: 
Light Body and DNA Activation Sessions




The" is Free and so are You!

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Keth Specializes in Light Body and DNA Activations.
Soular Astrology, Personal Intuitive Counseling & Healing.
Also unique Astrology Readings & Reports:  Life Maps for knowing YourSelf.

We assist your Healing, Karmic Clearing, Harmonic Balance and DNA Advancement,
facilitating  joyful Relationships, Abundance, Career and a Healthy Vital Body. 
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