Exodus Focus

Orreen, Council of Miramar, Pleiadian Star, Electra

Now that you have engaged in the totality of the third dimensional experience with Exodus.  It is thus that we shall unveil the meaning Exodus within the remaining dimensions affecting you.  You will begin to sense the energy of Exodus as a portal, which creates a vein of communication between the higher self and the 11th dimensional level, where the creative substance of many healing forms lie.

The Practitioner, when fully dressed with the many moves in Exodus, begins to access the Akashic record of this solar system and all of the indigenous healing that has taken place between the 3rd and 10th dimensions.  this will naturally empower Practitioners to the many forms used in every civilization that flourished on Earth and their effect on the residual states of Spirit in all dimensions supporting this Earth.  The intricate forms used in Atlantis, Egypt, the entire Essene congregation of healing  patterns, the Mayans, the Anasazi, the Buddhists, and on and on. It is not that the Practitioner necessarily creates a project around evolving these healing dynamics into form but is able to bring the energy produced in their prior utilization into being without specifically addressing a 'form'.

Once the various forms that the Practitioner has been associated with in other lives actively produces energy within the Exodus portal, the access point moves to the Akashic realm of the galaxy.  Though many of the indigenous forms of healing on earth oriented from this point, many have not been retrievable due to the vibrational limitations the human population has imposed upon itself.  Because of the Master completion level of Exodus, and the fulfilled alignment with the 11th dimension, this library of unmanifested healing forms can be accessed when the Practitioner's personal vibration warrants that access.

Personal vibrational equivalents are a matter of choice, for the access vibration is a very secular position and will be entitled to only a small group.  It will be more than satisfactory that the vast majority of Practitioners fully access their 10th dimensional capabilities and the already manifested healing energies.  The 11th dimensional access is employed at a point of plane, where the cause and effect nature of your existence can no longer produce a negative response within you, and your perfect health supports that mindset.

The ultimate position within the Exodus Practitioner, fully manifested, is a complete telepathic reign within the essence of their Christed Being, so that the Christed state of the body and Christed state of the mind speak equally to the Christed state of their Spirit. On the practical side the Practioner should Honor their Humanness and accept where they are at Now in that process of Awakening.

Keth has been a practicing Exodus Practioner since 1995.

Jan & Keth, Advanced Energy Healing Session