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Remote Viewing started as a scientific investigation at Stanford University and because of their interest in the possibilities it was soon immersed in military intelligence.  There are now a number of programs available for training in Remote Viewing -most programs were developed by veterans of the military intelligence program.  I have not evaluated the quality of the programs.  There was a similar research done in the Soviet Union during the Cold War.  If the military is to be believed, they claim that they have abandoned remote viewing as a form of espionage because it has been too inaccurate.  Is this true?  Who knows.  Those trained in this system value it very highly and it is being used medical evaluations.  I have studied Remote Viewing and value what I have learned.  

 Remote Viewing may seem quite distant from Distance Healing, but the scientific theory behind the two are very similar.  I have been a “healer” in a study conducted by California Pacifica Medical Center in San Francisco and funded by a NIH grant.  The purpose of the study is to determine if it is possible to heal brain tumor patients from a distance.  We are midway in the study, and have been told that the results are very encouraging.   I have also worked for years as a dowser healing people at a distance.  Recently I worked on a friend by phone who was on 30 medications (including ones for the heart and diabetes).  After one 3 minute treatment he found he only needed 6 medications.  A few days later I followed up with another treatment and he now needs no medications.  I find that there is no difference between an in-person treatment and a distant treatment -we are profoundly interconnected, and time and space are not barriers.

 In the world of quantum physics all events carry the property of connectivity, no matter what the extent of physical separation.  This unusual property is called non-locality (or non-separability).  E.g., our mind-brain is a non-local system connected with the non-local system of the heart and of the gut through the intermediary of information waves guided by sentient Intent.  Events in the quantum world are instantly connected, even if they occur at separate ends of the universe.  Physicists call light a reflection of the 5th dimension, because light originates from higher dimensional space.  The human body emits biophotons from within the DNA.  The more highly charged-up the electromagnetic field, the more active is this exchange of information.  It is the information derived from our evolving electromagnetic field structures that provides the organization -the structure and form -of substance that we call matter.  Without the electromagnetic field, there would be no materialization or manifestation of ‘solid’ objects.  The electromagnetic field is a hyperfield, that is, it encodes within itself the patterns and information of the hyperfields of yet higher dimensions.  Light and the electromagnetic fields are reflections and vibrations of the 5th dimension and carriers of encoding of higher dimensional information.  Ultimately we will probably understand that light carries the patterns imprinted by Consciouness -the patterns of the morphogenetic field or implicate order of reality.

 When we shift consciousness through Intent, the incredibly powerful act of “wishing”, or “tuning in” to the vibratory pattern of healing, we enter hyperspace, which has the quality of being beyond both space and time.  It is beyond space in that it has the ability to nest in layers more than one thing in the same “space”.  It is beyond time in that all time -past, present and future exist at the same time, and our life experiences are taking place in parallel realities at the same time.  All of these are connected by a web of light to the central core of our essence -that of spiritual being.  When we enter hyperspace we connect with the inter-dimensional cosmic lattice and so we are at one with the entire universe, and we are then completely connected with our client. 

 Matter can be understood as a scalar wave resonance.  The geometry of the patterns and the resonance of the vibration are what determine the nature, quality, and properties that manifest within our universe.  As multi-dimensional beings, there are elements of our essence that reside in hyperspace, or to put it the other way around, we have innate hyperspatial abilities that allow us to nest multiple dimensions.  (Superstring theory presently considers 32 dimensions.)  Intent creates a ripple in time and space through which movement takes place.  In stimulating the opening of the vortex of creation, Intent serves to guide and direct energies across inter-dimensional portals.  Holding the Intent creates the tidal wave that alters space-time sending new events into the reality of our lives.  The key to connecting distinct dimensional elements is to find or establish the links, roadways, circuits, or portals that naturally link the geometries in harmony -in resonance. 

 Consciousness navigates and permeates these geometric layers of all existence.  These roadways are the natural frequencies, life frequencies, magic windows, inter-dimensional nodal points, Einstein-Rosen bridge/wormholes, or geometric connectors across the full range of our multi-dimensional nature.  These energy patterns connected to Spirit contain the element of mutability required within the physical realm of human vibration.  It is these patterns that create change and transformation!  Through our multi-dimensional nature, we are able to engineer our own reality through the conscious imprinting of patterns within the hyperfields of higher space.  The patterns and potentials at the nodal junctions can be programmed and changed with Intent!  The process is twofold: thoughts and Intent form, amplify and project the energies of the light patterns using the interdimensional nodal points, and Spirit cooperates in actualizing the process. This creates a resonance with the external universe and alters the events projected into our lives.  The whole process is guided by Consciousness and Intent.    

This model is built on the premises that:  1) The fundamental purpose of the physical body is to provide a vehicle for learning applied INTENTIONALITY, and applied LOVE.  2) Consciousness provides the information waves that travel the lattice network, affecting energy patterns and influencing particles that interact with physical and etheric substance.  3) The physical atom is surrounded by its etheric and subtle counterparts.  It is therefore surrounded by emotional, intellectual and spiritual elements.  4) Light is a composite of electromagnetic radiation (in physical space), magnetoelectric radiation (from etheric space), and deltron radiation (from the higher subtle realm).  (This is why we have 3 knots in our pendulums -to measure these realms.) 

Thank you for your time in reading this.

Love & peace,

Richard Hunt

PS:  If you are interested in this line of thought I highly recommend Peggy Dubro and David Lapierre book Elegant Empowerment: Evolution of Consciousness -excellent!