Egypt Tour  "The Road Less Traveled" ~ Oct-Nov 2000 (Gallery photos below)

We journeyed through the ancient land of Egypt discovering the mystery of ourselves in ancient times while visiting theSacred Sites of the road less traveled.  We gazed in wonder at the  Pyramids and Sphinx. We awakened to the sound of the call to prayer as we awakened our inner knowing of the ancient mysteries by gazing into the eyes of the Sphinx and accessing the energy of the pyramids.   We experienced the wonder of sunrise /sunset at Abu Simbel marveling at the grandeur of this temple.  Contemplating how it was built with four 60 foot colossal statues of Ramses (a good friend of Keth's) and then moved from its original site near the Nile ... There was personal time for meditation and exploring this temple of our past.

We sailed up the Nile on a deluxe cruise ship and had tea with it's wonderful captain.  As we sailed from Aswan to Luxor we visited the Isis Temple in Philae, the temple of duality at Komombo, and the Horus Temple of Edfu, arriving in Luxor we visited and hugged our friend Sekhmet the Lion-Warrior Goddess of Light at the grand complex of Karnak. We saw the Temple of Man in Luxor, Queen Hatshepsut's Temple and the Valley of the Kings

Then we explored the Temple of the Hathors at Denderah seeing the ancient Egyptian Astrological Wheel on the ceiling.  The Temple of Osiris in Abydos part of ASAR our friend and channeled God.  Also where the "Flower of Life" etching is inscribed on a pillar.  We then journeyed on to the rarely visited sites of Tell El-Armana where Akhenaten and Nefertiti (parents of the infamous King Tut) established their following for the worship of One God; on route to Cairo we stopped for a visit to the Faiyam Oasis and the rarely visited Medium Pyramid and Step Pyramids of Dahshur and Saqqara.

We strolled among the sacred objects of the Egyptian Museum including the treasures of King Tut and continue on to the magnificent Citadel and churches of old Coptic Cairo.  We concluded the main portion of the trip with an Initiation Ceremony in the Great Pyramid laying in the stone sarcophagus of the Kings Chamber.. then on to an incredible ride on camel through the desert, enjoying a panoramic view of the pyramids,to the Solar Cross the North (male) Pole of the Earth's Grid of Consciousness...

We extended our stay in Egypt to visit the sites of Alexandria with a rare opportunity for relaxing by the Sea and major meditative safari adventure into the desert.  Staying in a desert Bedouin tent at Siwa Oasis under the brilliance of the stars and energy of the 11/11 Full Moon.  Jan played Cleopatra skinny dipping in the very beautiful hot springs bath of Cleopatra near the Temple of Amen  Oracle.

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