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with  Jan Carter MT(ASCP) 

"Astrology is a wonderful Gift that allows us to view ourselves through Mythical tales woven together to create our very own unique drama called “Life”.  It is a Guide for our Journey!  Through Astrology we can see our Gifts and Dilemmas, Obstacles and Gateways.  We can observe through the planetary cycles, periods of potential awakening and unfolding, when “Windows of Opportunity” are open.  The Choices we make on our Journey are up to us!"


Fun, Enlightening  Counseling  Sessions:
  Learn to Love and Embrace the unique individual that you are!

Through your Natal Chart, we will look at childhood issues, complexes, patterns you have developed over the years and even past lives, both positive and not so positive.  We'll uncover your gifts and buried treasures.  Astrology teaches you to accept yourself and find the inner flow.  It gives you a guide to your Purpose and Passions.

We will look at Current Patterns using Transits and Progressions.  This gives a view of personal and generational cycles you are experiencing.  Periods of challenge are spiritualized by seeing your Divine Plan unfolding, with Free Will being the Choices you make. 

Spiritual and Soul level karmic view points when we look through the ancient eyes of the Sun/Moon Node based Draconic Astrology System.

Relationships are Enhanced through focusing on Synastry and Composite Charts.  Astrology can provide incredible information about the lessons we experience with another.

For Parents and Kids: birth chart interpretation to understand your child / teen - and what they need to grow into their personal best.  Astrology is a great way to learn more about personality needs ... and this is a step in seeing your child through the "lens" of astrology!   BEYOND sun sign astrology, this will tell you where the planets were at the time of your child's birth, and how best to nurture them creatively, mentally and spiritually.  Get insight into working with the new
Indigo, Golden and Crystalline children.

Relocation Charts
 and Solar Maps are also available, if Moving or Travel is an issue.

Astrology Services


Angelic Astrologer Jan Carter, MT(ASCP)

Jan Carter MT(ASCP)  has been a  Professional Astrologer  since 1990. 

A member of NCGR, ISAR and AFAN,  she is the Past-President of the Astrology Association of St Petersburg  and co-founder of The Uranian Circle, an Astrology study group based in the Tampa Bay area.   With her deep past life connections through Nostradamus you will get unique insights into your life, relationships and career.   Jan has a Heart of Gold and is one of those special people who has kept her Divine Child-like Innocence and uniquely blends it with her deep "Scorpio" Intuitive Abilities. 

Published in several journals, she has appeared on talk radio in Detroit, Boston, Kauai, San Francisco, Providence and Phoenix, and on Public Television in Louisville and on Maui with her healing partners, Etheric Surgeon and Reiki Master, Keth Luke and their dog, Dr Light.  Jan is a Reiki Master and 5th level AHS practitioner and trainer.  Jan has given lectures and presentations on Astrology for the AASP in St. Petersburg, the ARG in Orlando, for OPA (the Organization of Professional Astrologers) and the ASK (Astrology Society of Kentucky) in Louisville.  She also offers Astrology Classes. 

Jan grew  up in Kentucky.  She has a B.S. MT(ASCP) degree in Medical Technology and worked in that field for 10 years.   She was also a Photographer and a popular Fashion Model in Denver and Chicago.   Jan has been interested in Alternative Healing for many years and worked in an Acupuncture Clinic in Chicago and in Customer Service at several Health Food Stores.   She was also a volunteer at Landmark Education and Substitute Teacher at a Waldorf School in Louisville, Ky.   Jan trained in Figure Sculpture for 8 years at the Koh-Varilla Guild in Chicago.   

Since 1997, Jan has been a Channel of the Pleiadians, sharing their "Heart Centered" messages for groups and in her Counseling Sessions.   Jan has a Heart of Gold and will do her best to give you insight into and empower you in your Life and Love.

 Astrology Reference Guide

The Planets symbolize basic psychological functions or faculties common to all people.   They tell us what is happening in the birth chart.

Sun  ¸ - Fiery orb at the center of our Solar System.  The Sun rules the sign of Leo , which rules the "Heart".  The Sun is often linked to the father Following your "Heart" is to honor and acknowledge your Sun, which represents your vitality, creativity, energy, self-expression, will and identity.       

Moon - This is female, Mother energy, ruling the sign of Cancer ƒ which rules the "Breasts".  The Moon reflects the light of the Sun.  It is connected to our family roots, our past and emotions.  When we honor our Moon, we honor our feelings.  It shows how we nurture ourselves and others.

Winged Mercury


Mercury º - The "Winged Messenger" and "Trickster".  Planet that orbits closest to the Sun.  From our Geocentric, Earth centered, perspective Mercury is never more than one Sign away from the Sun.  Mercury rules the signs Gemini and Virgo .  He indicates how we think and communicate.  There is also a connection to siblings.  His intimate connection with the Sun reminds us that we Create (Sun) with our Thoughts (Mercury).  Think about it!


Venus » - Goddess of Love and Beauty.  Ruler of Taurus _and Libra .  Represents our capacity to relate to and attract others.  It also indicates what is of value to us.  There is a strong connection to the Arts, Music, Dance, Gardening and Counseling.  Venus is an aspect of our female nature.

Mars ¼ - The Red Planet has a two year orbit around the Sun.  Mars is the God of War and represents our capacity to "assert".  He rules the Sign of Aries ^.  His highest expression is "courage" - from the Latin root "cor" meaning "heart".  Mars is our male energy that gives us our drive and relates to our identity.

Asteroid Belt (see below) Ceres,  Vesta ,  Pallas Athena ,  Juno

Panetary Asteroid Chart

Jupiter ½ - The largest planet, Jupiter, has a 12 year orbit.  He rules the sign of Sagittarius  ˆ.  Jupiter is the planet of expansion and has a reputation of bringing good luck and abundance.  He is also associated with travel, teaching and learning - expanding our horizons

Planet SaturnSaturn ¾ - At the age of 29, Saturn has passed through all of the signs of the Zodiac.  This represents a completion of our first round of lessons.  At our Saturn Return, we are finally considered an adult - as we acknowledge our own inner authority.  Saturn shows where there may be pain and limitation - but eventually where we become masters, through hard work and life experience.  Connected to the father, Saturn rules Capricorn .

Uranus ¿ - Uranus was the Sky God - he represents our freedom to create - our inventiveness and uniqueness.  Uranus rules the coming age - Aquarius Š.  His orbit is 84 years.  Somewhere between the age of 40-42 is our Uranus Opposition - or mid-life crisis.  For women the Throat Chakra begins to open as they become more vocal and assertive - honoring their male side.  For men, it is often a "heart opening" period, as they begin to acknowledge their feelings - their feminine side.  The motto of Uranus is "I liberate".

Neptune À - Neptune's orbit is 165 years.  He is the God of the Sea.  The vast ocean represents our collective unconscious.  The Artist, Victim or Savior are ways of expressing Neptune's energy.  Neptune is connected to our Spiritual Nature and Unconditional LoveIllusion and deception are possible expressions as well.  He rules the sign of Pisces , the last sign of the Zodiac, who's motto is "I dissolve".

Pluto Á - Pluto is God of the Underworld.  His orbit is 248 years.  He rules the Sign of Scorpio ‡.  Pluto is the Planet of Death and Rebirth.  He represents deep transformative experiences.  He shows where our obsessions lie.  Power is his gift - consider using it wisely.  Scorpio's evolutionary symbols are the snake, the eagle and the dove.

Nibiru     Mystery Planet, of the past Anunnaki / Nubirian home planet. Has a long 2400 year eliptical orbit.

Jan's Readings include the Asteroid Goddesses:
See our Asteroid Goddess Personal Reports

Asteroid Goddesses, The Seven Sisters

Earth Mother Goddess – Mother of Persephone, whose myth created the 4 seasons.  Relates to how we are nurtured and what brings us joy in nurturing others.  Connection to the home and mother

Vesta “Keeper of the Flame” – The “Ultimate Virgo Asteroid”.  Service, focus and perfection relate to Vesta.  May indicate the type of work you will be drawn to and often prominent when changing jobs.

Pallas Athena Goddess of Wisdom.  Sprang from Zeus’ head in full armor.  Represents one’s capacity for creative wisdom and original perception.   Connection with the arts, healing and political activism.  Mental Asteroid.  A woman in a “man’s world”.

Juno – “The Marriage Asteroid” – wife of Jupiter.  Represents our capacity for meaningful relationships.  Indicates the type of partner one might be drawn to.  Prominent on wedding day, etc.

Hygiea Goddess of Healing – Daughter of Aesculapius.  Often strong in those drawn to working in the healing arts and may be prominent when health issues arise or when learning about health and healing.

Chiron Teacher and Healer of the Gods“The Wounded Healer”.   Chiron is a Centaur – half man / half horse.  Related to Sagittarius.  Represents the principle of holistic knowledge.  Prominent in healers and teachers.  Also, its placement relates to healing the wounded parts of ourselves.

North Node – “Dragon’s Head” - Placement and sign indicate where we can grow and evolve in this life-time.  Facing our “Dragons” (fears).  Going forward.  In the zone.

South Node “Dragon’s Tail” – Gifts from past-lives and past-life connections.  Comfortable rut.  Important to balance the polarity of our North and South Nodes for our soul growth.

 Draconic Astrology Symbol                               

 Fated Life Events and Patterns
Draconic Astrology: 
An Astrology of the Soul based on placing the Karmic point, the “Dragon’s Head” - North Node of the Moon at 0 degrees Aries.  Will illustrate major Soul agreements and Soul connections in this life-time.        

Dragons throughout the Ages -
Dragons Importance in Astrology.




The Signs
represent 12 styles of being, which modify the planetary energies, coloring how they are expressed.

Aries ^ (1st House, Mars, Fire Sign) -  “
I am.”  “ I want, what I want, when I want it.”  I assert.

Taurus _ (2nd House, Venus, Earth Sign) – “I have.”  Music, touch, possessions, earthy, stubborn.

Gemini (3rd House, Mercury, Air Sign) “I communicate.”  Writing, speaking, good with hands.

Cancer ƒ (4th House, Moon, Water Sign) – “I feel.”  Nurturing, emotional, mother, photographer.

Leo (5th House, Sun, Fire Sign) – “I create.”  Theatrical, artistic, expressive, magnetic, shines.

Virgo (6th House, Gemini/Vesta, Earth Sign) – “I serve.”  Perfection, workaholic, critic, focus.

Libra (7th House, Venus, Air Sign) –“I relate”.  Relationships, beauty, fairness, aesthetics, balance.

Scorpio (8th House, Pluto/Mars, Water Sign) – “I utilize”.  Depth, power, detective, sex, death.

Sagittarius ˆ (9th House, Jupiter, Fire) –“I seek”. Travel, teacher, fun-loving, commitment phobic.

Capricorn (10th House, Saturn, Earth Sign) – “I produce.”  Hard working.  Business before pleasure.

Aquarius Š (11th House, Uranus, Air) – “I’m unique.”  Cutting edge.  Many friends.  Open-minded.

Pisces (12th House, Neptune, Water Sign) – “I dissolve.”  Artistic, lack of boundaries, empathic.




The Houses represent the "where" or departments of life that action is taking place.  They are the areas of focus where the planetary energies express themselves.



FIRST HOUSE : Beginnings, the personality, the physical body, personal affairs and ventures, identity.

SECOND HOUSE : personal income, finances, resources, security issues, needs, values.

: siblings and neighbors, communications, writing, speaking, everyday transportation, study, short trips.

FOURTH HOUSE:  home life, parents, remodeling, relocating, clearing old business, plans for the future.

FIFTH HOUSE:  romance, arts, entertainment, creativity, children, investments, gambling, fun.

SIXTH HOUSE:  health, habits, routines, jobs and employment, diet, service to others.

SEVENTH HOUSE: personal and business partnerships, learning cooperation, teamwork; marriage.

EIGHTH HOUSE: joint resources, financial dealings with others, legacies, inheritance; merging, death, sex.

NINTH HOUS:  long distance travel, religious or intellectual learning, teaching, philosophy, legal activities, publishing.

TENTH HOUSE:  authority figures, parents, career, honors, business, public acclaim.

ELEVENTH HOUSE:  group activities, networking, friends, hopes and wishes, earned income, goals, community.

TWELFTH HOUSE:  solitude, introspection, research and investigation, therapy, the subconscious realm, psychic abilities, dreams, the “wounded child”.