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Angelic Astrology and  Healing

with  AstroAngel Astrologer  Jan Carter  MT(ASCP)
 and Partners  Solar Knight 
Keth Luke  D.D.
&  DrLight Higher Service Dog  NPR Lic#000057.

God Speaks to us through the Heavenly Bodies.

"As Above So Below"                        

The Planets are GOD's Messengers, Representatives of Heaven.
Wise Men Follow the Stars and You can too.

Astrology is a way to Listen and Know the Word of God/Goddess.

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Personal Astrology Reports



Nostradamus, French Astrologer and Doctor

 Jan Carter, Angelic AstrologerGet a Personal Reading with Angelic Astrologer Jan Carter  MT(ASCP)  In depth and detailed guidance on Relationships, Career, Direction, Travel, Health, Business and Spiritual growth.   Know your Self.  Learn to Love and Embrace the unique individual that you are!   A look at what's next, an Astrology Forecast of upcoming possibilities for you:  

Jan uses a unique blend of Soul Based Astrology,  Uranian and Western Astrology with the Goddess Asteroids in her Intuitive Spiritual Counsel.



Angelic Astrologer Janice Carter



<Astrologer Janice Carter  MT(ASCP)

With her Soul connection and Inner Mentor Nostradamus, French Astrologer and Doctor, 1503-1566.



Read the Nostradamus Report





Jan Carter and Keth Luke, Kosmic Healing Partners


<Jan and Keth the Cosmic Couple

Astrology Team and Sound / Light Healers Extraordinaire






Healer Keth Luke with friend Yoda,

Kosmic  Keth Luke
 D.D.  Computer Doctor,
<Etheric Surgeon, Doctor of Divinity
and Spiritual Energy Healer

and some of his Past Life / Soul Connections and Inner Mentors: Pharaoh  Ramses II Sun King Louis XIV of  France,  Horus and  with friend Yoda 



Isis and OsirusRamsis Ii Egyptian Pharaoh Louis XIV, Sun King of FranceChrist the Hands on Healer









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JK Reading   with Astrologer Margret Koolman 11206