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 Sun  ¸- Fiery orb at the center of our Solar System.  The Sun rules the sign of Leo, which rules the "Heart".  The Sun is often linked to the fatherFollowing your "Heart" is to honor and acknowledge your Sun, which represents your vitality, creativity, energy, self-expression, will and identity. 


Moon- Body that orbits around the Earth.  This is the Female Mother energy, ruling the sign of Cancerƒ which rules the "Breasts".  The Moon reflects the light of the Sun.  It is our emotional, feeling nature.  It is connected to our family roots and our past.  When we honor our Moon, we honor our feelings.  It shows how we nurture ourselves and others.



Mercury º - The "Winged Messenger" and the "Trickster".  Planet that orbits closest to the Sun.  From our Geocentric, Earth centered, perspective Mercury is never more than one Sign away from the Sun.  Mercury rules the signs Geminiand Virgo .  He indicates how we think and communicate.  There is also a connection to siblings.  His intimate connection with the Sun reminds us that we Create (Sun) with our Thoughts (Mercury).  Think about it!  Jan's Mercury Message.


» -
Goddess of Love and Beauty.  Ruler of Taurus _and Libra .  Represents our capacity to relate to and attract others into our lives.  It also indicates what is of value to us.  There is a strong connection to the Arts, Music, Dance, Gardening and Counseling.  Venus is an aspect of our female energy.



Mars ¼ - The Red Planet has a two year orbit around the Sun.  Mars is the God of War and represents our capacity to "assert".  He rules the Sign of Aries ^.  His highest expression is "courage" - from the Latin root "cor" meaning "heart".  Mars is our male energy that gives us our drive and relates to our identity.


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Earth Mother Goddess – Mother of Persephone, whose myth created the 4 seasons.  Relates to how we arenurtured and what brings us joy in nurturing others.  Connection to the home and mother

Vesta“Keeper of the Flame” – The “Ultimate Virgo Asteroid”.  Service, focus and perfection relate to Vesta.  May indicate the type of work you will be drawn to and often prominent when changing jobs.

Pallas AthenaGoddess of Wisdom.  Sprang from Zeus’ head in full armor.  Represents one’s capacity for creative wisdom and original perception.   Connection with the arts, healing and political activism.  Mental Asteroid.  A woman in a “man’s world”.

Juno“The Marriage Asteroid” – wife of Jupiter.  Represents our capacity for meaningful relationships.  Indicates the type of partner one might be drawn to.  Prominent on wedding day, etc.

Hygiea Goddess of Healing – Daughter of Aesculapius.  Often strong in those drawn to working in the healing arts and may be prominent when health issues arise or when learning about health and healing.

ChironTeacher and Healer of the Gods – “The Wounded Healer”.   Chiron is a Centaur – half man / half horse.  Related to Sagittarius.  Represents the principle of holistic knowledge.  Prominent in healers and teachers.  Also, its placement relates to healing the wounded parts of ourselves.

North Node“Dragon’s Head” - Placement and sign indicate where we can grow and evolve in this life-time.  Facing our “Dragons” (fears).  Going forward.  In the zone.

South Node“Dragon’s Tail” – Gifts from past-lives and past-life connections.  Comfortable rut.  Important to balance the polarity of our North and South Nodes for our soul growth.