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Why Do We Need Rainforest Herbs?

Rainforest herbs enable us to meet the need for concentrated, nutritionally dense food.

  • Do you eat 5 to 10 servings of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables each day?
  • Do you eat 3 servings of dark, green leafy vegetables?
  • Is your diet high in fiber - from a variety of sources?
  • Do you follow an optimal dietary regimen or know what sort of regimen that might be?
  • Have you avoided exposure to environmental toxins on a regular basis?

(Answer "no" if you live in a western, industrialized country.)

If you cannot answer, "yes" to many - or perhaps any -of those questions, we have a health solution for you.

If you are among the minority who can answer, "yes" - we offer you the purest, most nutritionally dense food available. We believe you have found in Rainforest Bio-Energetics a resource that will meet your greatest nutritional needs and exceed your highest expectations.

Shipibo girls in Peruvian Rainforest


"The robust healthy tribes do not live near easily navigable rivers, but retire beyond the range of civilized man. There, I believe, lay the greatest secrets of the past yet preserved in our world today." Col. P.H. Fawcett Lost Trails, Lost Cities 1913

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Why Are Our Herbal Combinations The Purest, Most Nutritionally Dense Food On The Planet?

We work with the natives of the South American Rainforest in order to procure the finest botanicals in the world. Every crop harvested for our products is grown on virgin soil. Our herbal combinations are based on those used by the native Indians for many years to maintain, and optimize health, strength and stamina. Each formula has been carefully refined by a committed group of health practitioners, and highly trained clinicians. Rainforest Bio-Energetics is involved in the planting, harvesting, manufacturing and distribution of the herbs we offer to you

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Approximately 40% of modern therapies and medicines are derived from just 2% of the Rainforest botanicals. With over 200,000 botanical species not yet even studied, clearly much research still needs to be done.

For the sake of all mankind the Rainforest must be preserved.

As a customer of Amazon Herb Company, you can take comfort. Every time a bottle of our formulas is sold, a portion of the money is returned to the Native Indians. This allows the indigenous people to maintain their culture and their dignity. Everyone of our botanicals is harvested leaving the Rainforest intact. In doing so we sustain what biologist Norman Myers called "The finest celebration of nature ever known on the planet. "The Amazon Rainforest contains the highest concentration of life energy on the planet. Enrich your life with the most potent nutritional supplements direct from the source."