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Adamantine System,

   AHS : Adamantine Health System,
Is an Advanced Complementary Energy Therapy.


Adamantine Energy Centers


The Adamantine System is a simple, easy, and profound, system to bring Healing to ourselves and others who wish us to assist them in Healing.   Its hands-on approach is very efficient.   As a treatment it can be as short as just five minutes.  The Energy works in a way similar to acupuncture and other energy-based Healing modalities.   Many AHS students are Reiki Masters, yoga students, intuitive healers, massage therapists, practitioners of Acupuncture, Reconnection, Reflexology, etc.  These Practitioners find that AHS naturally enhances and empowers their work.   A significant percentage of people take the classes because they suffer from some  ailment and use AHS to enhance their medical treatments.



The Adamantine Systemfollows pathways determined by six Energy Centers, similar to acupuncture Meridians, which are stimulated by Energy or touch, not needles.  These Energy Centers are responsive to a combination of the power of one's Love andAdamantine particles, the smallest subatomic particles of the Universe.   When touch is applied, new and rejuvenated particles begin the restorative process.

The gift of Adamantine System / AHS is that it is an instrument for deep, thorough Healing. The core of discord, disease, or disharmony is reached through the systematic approach of AHS.  While AHS may appear to be very similar to other energy healing modalities, it is much more. AHS addresses the broader issue of manifesting our potential within a framework of Love, Reverence, and Sacredness derived from the Source Creator.  By the same token, each person is free to use the system in a way that suits his or her own needs and perceptions.  The invitation, is to expand into wholeness.  This invitation is open to all who are willing to explore, and ultimately trust their Hearts to show them the way.


The Adamantine System is taught insix levels or workshops.  Each workshop covers  information about science and metaphysics, and the method to facilitate Complementary Energy Therapy.  Activation of Energy Centers is also part of the first three levels.  Keth is one of the few official Master Instructors who Facilitate and Teach all 6 levels of AHS and Teaches Instructors.  He can Attune one to one or in group classes.  Keth also does personalized remote Attunements connecting directly and coaching personally over the phone.


Adamantine Meditation by Jan, House of GraceYou will also learn a simple and easy yoga Meditation, which you will be asked to practice separately from any other Meditation.  The new Meditation will not create any conflict with your current meditation techniques and it will require only a few minutes of practice every time.  AHS students often refer to this Meditation as "spiritual fast food."  The simplicity of this Meditation method allows you to reach deeper levels of empowerment and reconnection with your personal potential, while keeping the Energy Centers Attuned.  The AHS Meditation does not require the use of any mantras or mudras.


Besides many Spiritual benefits, the AHS Meditation brings several Physical advantages.  It may reduce stress levels, balance blood pressure, clear and focus the mind.  It is also an excellent tool to start the day, or to find additional clarity when looking for answers to important questions.


The first beneficiaries of learning AHS, besides you, will be family and friends.  They will immediately notice an inviting deep change that stimulates and harmonizes everything around the student.


This change is produced by a combination of factors working inside of the person.  The most important change is produced when one'sSacred Magnetic Heart is allowed to command the mind, bringing a new perspective of reality, which creates a new paradigm and fresh attitude toward life.


Jan & Keth  Adamantine Master InstructorsJan and Keth are Certified Instructors and fifth Level Advanced Facilitators and offer the Adamantine System, AHS Level 1, 2, 3, 4 ,4.1 & 5 Courses and Activations when requested by interested students.   Please contact us.  
Keth is one of the few Master Instructors who facilitate and teach all 6 levels of the  Adamantine System / AHS and Teaches Instructors...    727-842-6788   House of Grace


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Adamantine System, AHS, is not an organization or corporation; it is the name of a complementary Energy-based Therapy.

AHS does not train people to obtain any health care licenses.  AHS does not recommend that its practitioners perform procedures considered dangerous.  AHS does not recommend that its practitioners suggest or discourage the use of prescription drugs or supplements.  The AHS philosophy and practices are not meant to replace professional medical care and/or medication.

Advanced Teacher Training Retreat, Brooksville FL

<AHS Advanced Teacher Training Retreat
at beautiful Chinsegut Hill, University of Southern Florida Nature & Retreat Conference Center, Brooksville FL  11/15-16/2003,  Levels 4, 4.1 & 5.




Orlando FL, Facilitator Instructor Training
<AHS an Exceptional Healing Method,
AHS Instructor levels 1&2 Graduates,  Orlando FL 7/02  picture by Keth, Jan is in the Picture


AHS Advanced Teacher Training  2/ 22/ 2003, in Palm Beach Gardens FL,  we celebrated the initiation of nine AHS Facilitators who facilitate classes for levels 1, 2 and 3.   This group activated their knowledge and frequency to Activate energy centers to 100% capacity.  Congratulations to Linda Hayes Gallegos, Helga Stumpf, Kim Amberg, Sam Shugrue, Pauline Veronica Kaczor, Jan Carter, Keth Luke, Vera Buscemi and Linda Bernstein for their Initiation.  


AHS Classes      Other Classes & Events

Jan and Keth are full Certified Instructors and fifth Level Advanced Facilitators and offer AHS Level  1, 2, 3, 4 ,4.1 & 5  Courses and Activations when requested by interested students.    We offer in person classes at our or your local location, during our travels and Remotely by phone.   Please contact us.  
Keth is one of the very few Master Instructors who Facilitate and Teach all 6 levels of AHS and Teaches all Instructor Levels as well.

Keth also does Personalized one on one unique Remote Attunements connecting directly and Coaching Personally over the Phone.   Manuals, materials and Certification Certificates are emailed or shipped via mail.

Facilitator Training:  All Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 4.1 & 5, Remotely by phone or locally, includes Manual, Certificate,  personal instruction and Energy Activations...  Energy exchange / donation for in-person classes is $ 80 per class level.   Remote Activations of levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 4.1 are available for $ 75 each,  level  5 is $100, or a  complete package of all 5 levels remotely for $404.