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Sacred Magnetic Heart,

The Poetic Sacred Magnetic Heart
Spheres of Awareness


Jan Carter  Astrologer, HealerBy Jan Carter 
Awakening-Healing Partner 


Let us Begin…  




To Light up and Lighten up this World - and Dance to the rhythms of the SACRED MAGNETIC HEART


Go Within…to the ZERO/ Still POINT, where the essence of God/Creator and the Infinite You reside – no time, no space, no sound – the emptiness of pure potential out of which synchronicities are born.


Find this place of Peace. 

 Let us begin…


Know Thyself.  The first level/sphere of awareness/intelligence radiating from the Zero Point of the Sacred Magnetic Heart is UNITY.  “I Am You.”  In the place of Unity – dominance and judgment cannot exist - duality becomes a dance.


Next in the Sacred Spiral Dance, as we look into the eyes of “the other”, what spills forth is LOVE – the ultimate source of power.  Love is the power of your beingness – the essence of who you really are.  Only with Love can learning occur. 


As we plant and water the seed with Love, that which springs forth is LIFE.  Life is Love in action, and living in the Now - we give birth in every moment.


To reside in the realm of the Sacred Magnetic Heart – Life, which has been created out of Love and Unity, is honored with RESPECT.  All Life unfolds through a Divine Covenant.  In Respecting Divine Order, we cultivate Peace and Patience.


Gazing in the mirror of existence, through the eyes of innocence, where fear cannot reside, comes our next level of understanding – HONESTY.  Honesty - the great liberator - lifts us from the burdens of deception, opening doors to undreamed of possibilities.


Holding the Scales of Balance stands JUSTICE.  In giving and receiving, Justice is the great equalizer.  When Balance is maintained – Life and Health flourish.  Fairness is the banner of Justice creating Peace, Harmony and Good Will.


This brings us to the 7th level/sphere of intelligence/understanding residing within the Sacred Magnetic Heart.  It is KINDNESS – representing Strength in Action and Right Use of Will.  Kindness is the Heart, the Sacred Magnetic Art of Living.  Through Kindness we create the Masterpiece and become the Peaceful Master.


That which encompasses and embraces these Seven Elements/Passions of Awareness:  Unity, Love, Life, Respect, Honesty, Justice and Kindness – is COMPASSION.  It is the path of Compassion – the Soul’s true Knowing – that leads us out of darkness, into the Light of Day.




Let us Begin…


 Jan Carter   MT(ASCP), Angelic Astrologer

Divine Tune-Up Team Partner,  Sound Healer

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