Francisco Rosero


Francisco E. Rosero



Francisco Rosero is an international consultant expert in hotels and restaurants, former top executive of resorts and hotels, college professor and founder of the Adamantine System.  

Francisco has learned from many teachers and organizations, but as he says, real higher knowledge is already in your heart; you just have to access it and awaken it. Francisco is gifted intuitive counselor. 

Francisco had the opportunity to learn a very efficient energy therapy originated in Tibet, called "Universal Energy and Love."  After teaching this method to several people, Francisco realized that the concept of universal energy was too ambiguous and presented several opportunities for misinterpretation.   He also noticed that students need more information and written materials in order to assimilate the method itself.  Having experience as a faculty member in several universities,  Francisco decided to research more on the subject of universal energy and quantum physics to develop new concepts and class materials.  These elements helped him to create the Adamantine System and bring it to the USA.


Francisco then returned to Ecuador many years ago.