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Adamantine Master Teachers, Jan Cater & Keth Luke

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Thanks to both of you.   (Adamantine Level I Remote Attunement  5/14/03)
The Attunement was incredible.
The meditation was unlike any I'd experienced.  I could feel a warmth all over and a swirling sensation around my heart.

After the meditation, with eyes closed, I reclined upon the bed for the comfort of my back.  I immediately saw tiny pinpoints of light around the corners of my eyes.  The colors I saw were mostly in shades of blues spiraling inward.

Then, my body felt weightless yet very relaxed and heavy at the same time.  I felt tingling and warmth the length of my body and a rocking/floating sensation.  All the while, I was very aware of my spine from the back of my neck to the tailbone.  I actually felt "fingers" along my spine!  I could feel every inch of my body; as though every cell were a spark of light.  I was made of millions of tiny tingling lights!!!

After the session was over, I felt calm, relaxed with a feeling of being completely and unconditionally loved.
Later in the evening, I felt rather introspective.  Any kind of energy work for myself usually produces that reaction.  Anything that I need healed (on all levels) pops up for healing. 

Today, I still felt introspective and am certainly still assimilating the attunement and healing issues within myself.

I'm so very grateful to you two.  When can I do the next level?   I really feel it has empowered me as a healer and light worker.

This is so exciting!!

I do have a question: Is the meditation we do the same as the Buddhist Vajrasattva meditation mentioned in the text?  I don't know a lot about Tantric Buddhism.

One more question:  I can start practicing the system now, even though I've had only my first attunement, is that correct.  I noticed that the book advises against working on people who have very serious/terminal illnesses until later.

I'll keep in touch and let you know how things are going.

I just can't thank you enough!!
Much Love to you both and Dr. Light.
Pat S.   Louisville KY   5/15/03


Hi Keth and Jan:   (AHS Level I Remote Attunement  5/22/03)

Thanks so much for the attunement and the healing.
I really really liked it.  It felt like coming home.

Thanks again.  It was great.  Even emotionally, it felt
really wonderful.

I am so glad you are my friends.

Ann R     Cincinnati, OH  5/22/03