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www.SoularAstrology.com  Astrology Guidance by Jan Carter past AASP President
<Astro-Jan Pictured here as she did Readings at the Renaissance Festival in Tampa FL.

Jan & Keth's Awakening-Healing and LightNews.us
A Spiritual NewsLetter of Light Web Site and hosts of the AASP Web Site

www.sarahlyons.net  Sarah Lyons  current  AASP president,  stargazer5@ij.net

http://www.KarmicTools.com    Kelly M Beard   Astrologer

www.earthwalkastrology.com past AASP member
Robert P Blaschke, Earthwalk School of Astrology

www.pathardytrends.com  AASP member Pat Hardy's,  ENERGIES TRENDS CYCLES 

www.fimlaid.com  AASP member  Louise Fimlaid, Astrology Site

AstrologyCat.com  a friend of DrLight's  AASP member Astrolyn,  Bubba Cat Site

Astrolyn  AASP member Astrolyn's Astrology Site

www.DraconicAstrology.com AASP member, Jan Carter, Soul based Astrology, Reports, past AASP pres

www.Awakening-Healing.com/uac.htm  over one thousand UAC 2002 Conference photos by Keth Luke
   UAC 2002 Astrology Conference Photos

www.heliastar.com  M. Kelly Hunter,  Astrology Site,  Virgin Islands

 www.akashicuniversity.com    David Railey  Metro Atlanta Astrological Society    

www.soulmentor.com  Susan Levy

www.stargazers.com   Janice Barsky  Santa Fe NM,  Astrologer, relationships

www.amandaowen.com   Amanda Owen  Philly PA,  astrological consultant, author, lecturer, and teacher

Angelic Astrologer AstroJan Carter,
Soar Knight Keth and DrLight the famious Surfi Master AstroDog

 www.universalastrology.com.au  Maggie Kerr,  Austrailia

www.ZodiacArts.com  our wonderful Astrology friends in Ka'a'awa, Hawaii, Sandra & David Mosley.

http://AstrologyfortheSoul.com our friend & astrologer Moses Siregar III, Prescott, AZ 86305,  1-86-MORE-JOYFUL

www.Athenasweb.com     Don Cerow,  CA  Astrologer, TV host, Lecturer, Planetarium Talks

www.tomjeromeroma.net    TOM JEROME ROMA, - MA   Astrologer,  Lecturer

 www.ChristineRakela.com    Christine Rakela, - NYC,  author, TV producer & host from NYC  

www.lunar-returns.com  Artemiss, President, Florida Atlantic Chapter of NCGR 

 www.SoulaAtrology.com   Margaret Koolman, UK,  Soul Astrology  

 www.Imsara.com  Imsara      www.patriciambowers.com  Artist  FL

www.star-goddess.com/  Janet Sciales, FL, Local Radio Personality and Astrologer

http://www.findastrologer.com   Findastrologer.com is the web's most complete astrology resource center.
Find astrologers by name, location or specialty. Find astrology organizations, conferences, classes and an
excellent selection of astrology products.    findastrologer@hotmail.com

Read about Discovering Treasures of Peace by Mary Gemming, Ph.D. at http://www.1stbooks.com.  Fill out
author and title to go to free preview, or order toll free 888-280-7715. See Mystical Secrets of the Stars at
http://www.astrologers.com  888-301-7630 to order.

Foto Search Graphics has available a wide range of Royalty Free images.  We currently have over 300 beautiful, high quality images relating to Astrology at  http://www.fotosearch.com/photos-images/astrology.html  (this includes photos, clipart pictures, royalty-free illustrations, royalty free vector maps, and background clip art imagery).  Even if your users aren't interested in purchasing anything, they can still enjoy browsing through the inspiring photos.   Foto Search Graphics is unique in that it allows your users to search from more than eighty quality graphics publishers at one site! 

Fee e-cards site http://www.123greetings.com , the site provides free e-cards for nearly all occasions .
We have a very special e-cards for astrology day at http://www.123greetings.com/events/astrology_day/

www.maryshea.com  Mary Fortier Shea Maryland

http://www.eastrovedica.com     Web Astrologer  G Kumar 

http://berglund.ceze.com/  Astrologica Chart calculations with graphics and chart databases of daily transits and weekly previsions, progressions, compatibility readings, and birth chart interpretations. Also junior and senior astrology lessons, gratis tarot lessons, as well as software available for download. Bengt Berglund

www.AnnRothanArtist.com  Sacred Art


www.starpathz.com  June Crane

www.joannewickenburg.com   joanne wickenburg


www.arlenekramer.com  Uranian Astrology



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Free Astrology Chart  with any Service

The apparent motion of sun

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Hello astrological colleagues,  
    I am starting an astrological reading room (library) where astrologers
can share and learn new techniques.  We have already initiated a financial
astrology reading room on our website, which as you will see, is quite
exciting, informative, and continually growing.  This willingness among
professional financial traders to openly discuss their latest ideas has
inspired me to do the same for astrologers.

    I've already posted three different articles on parallax, in mundo
techniques and astro-mapping.  The latest of my articles is about the August
14th 2003 blackout.  I'm trying to bring a fresh and open approach to
looking at astrological concepts.

    We are inviting you to also share your own articles from which others
may learn different perspectives in astrology.  Our goal is to build a
library of knowledge in which everyone can participate and learn.

Go to www.alphee.com    On the left sidebar you will find the Reading room.

Best wishes and happy learning,

Alphee Lavoie,      NCGR Research Director, C.A. Ncgr Level IV


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