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Pictured Below:  Marty Johnson AASP Member; Keth Luke Web Master & Board Member;  Jan Carter Board Member & past President.


Jan Carter President, Keth Luke VP & Marty Jonson memberMeetings are held 7- 9 pm the first Thursday  of the Month.
Join us for the "Astro Cafe" at 6 pm for social time and sharing.


We have a NEW LOCATION (across from our old location - behind Denny's Restaurant) starting September 2, 2004 at the La Quinta Inn at 4999 34th St. N (also known as US 19) just South of 54th Ave N in St. Petersburg, FL  (see map below)  from 7 to 9 PM.  The cost for the evening is $10 for members and $15 for non-members.  Dues are $25 for the year. ($20 by Sept 1st).  Dues for couples are $35 and $15/couple for the monthly meetings.  We encourage all to join, participate and deepen your astrological insight. 

Also, for the late night socially minded, we'll be gathering at Denny's Restaurant next door after the meetings. Please come join us!   Welcome to our Web Site


    AASP 2004 - 2005 Schedule - click on dates and links for more details


 September 2, 2004 - Lynda Hill - visiting from Australia

 Lecture Topic:  "The Sabian Symbols"


 September 18, 2004 - Saturday - Lynda Hill  

 Workshop:  "The Sabian Symbols"    Cost: $25 members/$30 non-members 

 Time and Place:  1pm - 5pm, home of Una & Joe Chiodini's  9011 St. Andrew's Dr. - Seminole, FL  (727-397-0491)     


October 7, 2004 - Panel Discussion - "The Upcoming Presidential Elections"

         with special guests:    Artemiss, President, Florida Atlantic Chapter of NCGR

                                            Donald Papon (Zolar), Astrologer & Author

                                             Louise Fimlaid, Astrologer, Author & AASP member

November 4, 2004 - Courtney Conrad - visiting from Ireland

Lecture Topic:  "The Visions of the Virgin Mary"
                    An Astrological Analysis of Divine Intercession


November 6, 2004 - Courtney Conrad

Workshop Topic:  "The Outer Planets:  Revolutions in Consciousness"

Time and Place: 10am - 4pm at the home of Linda Skempris 8043 Causeway Blvd S, St. Pete 727-347-4149


December 2, 2004 - Janet Sciales

Local Radio Personality and Astrologer

Lecture Topic:  "What's in Store for 2005!" - Lecture will start at 7:30 pm



  plus - AASP Holiday Party!    Pot Luck Dinner starts at 6pm







January 6, 2005  -  Michele Adler, Author & Astrologer

            Lecture Topic:   "Returns:  Solar, Lunar and Solunar"


February 3, 2005  -  June Crane

            Lecture Topic:  "Making Friends with Saturn"


March 3, 2005 - Don Cerow   (click here for info on more events with Don)
Lecture Topic:  "The Astrological Ages"
March 5, 2005 - Don Cerow

            Workshop:  "Stars, Myths and Dragons"



April 7, 2005 - Christine Rakela - author, TV producer & host from NYC

Lecture Topic:  "The Love Relationship Formula - Predicting Romantic Success with Astrology!"

      *Plus: AASP Business Meeting & Elections, Thursday  April 7 at 6:30 pm before the lecture
Link to Amended  AASP Bylaws - to be voted on at May meeting

April 9, 2005 - Christine Rakela  - Workshop

Workshop Topic:  "How to Use the Love Relationship Formula"

Time and Place: 10am - 4pm at the home of Linda Skempris 8043 Causeway Blvd S, St. Pete 727-347-4149
Cost:  $25 members / $30 non-members   Lunch is included!


May 7, 2005 - AASP Saturday Luncheon/Lecture  
Guest Speaker:  Tom Jerome Roma
          Topic:   "The End Times: Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and September 11, 2001"
           Time:   Luncheon, 12 Noon - 1 PM   Lecture, 1 PM - 3 PM
                                 Location:  The Oriental Super Buffet 

                                                     2456 Gulf to Bay Blvd. (Hwy 60)

                                                     Clearwater, FL 32803

                                  Cost:  $10 members    $15 non-members

Lecture Topic:  The events of September 11, 2001 and the recent devastating tsunamis and earthquakes are all important events that bridge the ending of our current epoch and the beginning of another. The concept of the End Times will be discussed and explained after which we will examine these significant events in the End Times context using astrology. Prognostications will be made regarding the likelihood of future similar events and their purpose.  

TOM JEROME ROMA holds professional degrees in Engineering and Music. His writing has been published in leading scientific and astrological journals. He is known for his humor, as well as being in demand on the speakerís circuit. His demanding consulting practice serves an international clientele. Tom teaches and lectures extensively both in the US and abroad and owns and directs AMASS Publishing. He also pursues a career as a pianist and composer to keep from gnawing his office furniture. He can be reached by telephone at 610-833-5253 and his website is .

 Link to Past AASP Lectures and Workshops - 2002 - 2004


New Location of AASP Monthly Meetings - La Quinta Inn at 4999 34th St. N (also known as US 19 - just South of 54th Ave N) St. Petersburg, FL  33714. (across the street from our old location)  (La Quinta Inn: 727-527-8421)


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The Board of Directors and the Officers of the Astrology Association of St. Petersburg:
Sarah Lyons,               President          727-347-4737
Kendra Owen,           Vice president     727-327-1384
Dorothy Johnson,      Treasurer          727-797-2321
Cynthia Bachert,       
 Secretary         727-330-4008

 Board of Directors

Jan Carter,             past President         727-842-6788
Linda Skmpris,     Media Manager        727-347-4149
Keth Luke,               Webmaster            727-842-6788     Keth @ Awakening-Healing . com
Julia King,               Ambassador           727-488-5504
Tom 'Tally' Wiesenfeld,     (Parliamentarian)         



To Join the AASP please go to our Membership Page.  is our Hosting Web Site and Jan and Keth are the Web Masters.