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Meetings are held from 7- 9 pm the first Thursday of the Month.

We meet at the La Quinta Inn at 4999 34th St. N (also known as US 19) just South of 54th Ave N in St. Petersburg, FL  (see map below)  from 7 to 9 PM.  The cost for the evening is $10 for members and $15 for non-members.   Dues are $25 for the year. ($20 by Sept 1st).  Dues for couples are $35 and $15/couple for the monthly meetings.   We encourage all to join, participate and deepen your Astrological insight. 

Also, for the late night socially minded, we'll be gathering at Denny's Restaurant next door after the meetings. 
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AASP  2005 - 2006  Schedule

September 1, 2005 -
Susan Levy - 
Crossing the Bridge from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius
In 1998 planet Earth entered a new 2000 year long astrological age.  Imagine yourself - before birth - lining up with other eager adventurers so you could participate in the fun of introducing the new rules and energetic laws for this New Age.  World harmony, the holistic model, spiritual purpose, freedom ... find out what you agreed to when you said "Count me in!"

October 6, 2005 - Kendra Olwen Mythic Astrologer
Lecture Topic:  Money, Sex and Power: Mars in Taurus 2005-2006
October 8, 2005    Kendra Olwen Mythic Astrologer
Workshop Topic:  Mars:  Planet of the Great, Wound and S/Heroic Journey
November 3, 2005  - David RaileyVP Metro Atlanta Astrological Society               
Lecture Topic:  Lunar Nodes through the Zodiac
November 5, 2005 - David Railey
Workshop Topic:  The Soul Purpose 
December 1, 2005 - Upcoming Year Discussion - What's in the Mix for 2006! 
                         Plus- Our  Gala Holiday Party and Pot Luck Feast !
with special guests:   Dr. Don Papon (Zolar II) Astrologer & Author
                                 Michele Adler, Astrologer & Author 
                                 Rev David Beazley, Uranian Astrologer
January 5, 2006 -
Lecture,- Janice Barsky  Astrologer / Counselor  Janice served as group leader and networking director for the Organization for Professional Astrology.  She also served as a board member for the Santa Fe Astrology Forum. She has written articles which have been printed in several publications and is co-author of three astrology report programs produced by Halloran Software. Janice is also a licensed professional counselor and professional guardian and conservator in New Mexico
                     Vocational Astrology, Finding Right Livelihood
Workshop, Sat Jan 7:   Janice Barsky  has operated Stargazers a relationship service since 1990 and has practiced astrology since 1980.  Making Heavenly Matches work on Earth

Happy  Chinese New Year  of the  DOG 
Please bring a Book and a dollar for shipping to the January Meeting for Doug the New Orleans Astrologer who lost all his books.

February 2, 2006 - Amanda Owen an astrological consultant, author, lecturer, and teacher based near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a cofounder and long-time president of the now defunct Philadelphia Astrology Society (PAS). Her study of astrology began in 1974; she has maintained a private practice since 1985.
                     The Moon and Destiny
Saturday workshop: Amanda Owen, Neptune:  The Key to Attraction 

March 2, 2006 - Marilyn Muir  visiting from the Space Coast!  Is There an Asteroid in Your Life?  With 30 years experience as an Astrologer, will present the Asteroid lecture with a ton of info at a very fast pace.  So bring your notebook and come prepared to learn the basics of reading Asteroids.  Marilyn  has had many seminars, national workshops, television, radio and magazine/newspaper columns to her credit, as well as an active school and reading practice.
March 4, 2006    A Universe of Fixed Stars Workshop

April 6, 2005 -
Moses Siregar  visiting from Prescott, AZ  New Insights into Relocated Natal Charts 
After studying over 2,500 relocated natal charts in his full-time private practice, Moses has a fresh, empirical take on which astrological factors indicate happiness, love, and success and which do not.  Look for proven new ways of viewing house system dilemmas, critical new insights into the 12 houses from an East/West perspective, and Astro*Carto*Graphy versus relocated influences.

April 8, 2006  Saturday Workshop: Advanced Locational Astrology: The Cutting Edge  
After studying over 2,500 relocated natal charts in his full-time private practice, Moses has a fresh, empirical take on which astrological factors indicate happiness, love, and success and which do not. This workshop covers a variety of little known secrets of Locational astrology that he has discovered in his research and work, and which he considers to be invaluable to accurate analysis and prediction. With a strong basis in the ancient roots of our astrology, this approach is solid, sensible, reliable, and surprisingly revolutionary.

May 6, 2006 - AASP Saturday  Luncheon / Lecture - 
Bob Mulligan, of OPA Organization of Professional Astrologers  visiting from Naples, FL  Esoteric Astrology  Noon - 3 pm,  Golden Coral (Buffet) Restaurant, 10050 Ulmerton, Largo. $15 or $25 for Couples.   
Astrology has many different uses: personality delineation, counseling, prediction, divination, making choices, timing, the list is almost endless.  But the most important use of astrology is self understanding.  When the self is conceived of as the real self, or God, astrology has tremendous potency.  Astrology can be used to aid in one’s spiritual growth, on our journey back to our real self.    This talk introduces specific astrological techniques which can speed up one’s self realization.  There are many paths up the mountain.  This is one; using the planetary motions to make strides on the spiritual path.    Here are the four building blocks in Esoteric Astrology:

1. Houses are the ultimate timing mechanisms; how to plan your daily activities.
2. The Zodiac is a life process; understanding you karma.
3. Planets are the Gods and Goddesses of nature; they run creation.
4. Aspects are the home of the energies themselves; satisfying and overcoming your basic impulses.

  The Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) is a non-profit organization that advances the cause of professional astrology by helping astrologers get the information, tools, and experiences they need to improve their practices. It assists astrologers to improve both personally and professionally and defines and maintains professional standards for the responsible use of astrology.    OPA is dedicated to establishing astrology as an eminent spiritual, psychological and holistic tool of understanding. Our mission is to provide good astrology that expands the perspective of individuals and raises the consciousness of the planet.

This is the last formal AASP meeting until September.

AASP President Sarah Lyons,
AASP & OPA member Louisa and Uranian Astrologer David Beazley attended the OPA Organization of Professional Astrologers, conference in Santa Fe  last June for an astrological intensive training.  Pictured here with Bob Mulligan, OPA Conference Coordinator.


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AASP Monthly Meetings - Are held at the La Quinta Inn on 4999 34th St. N (also known as US 19 - just South of 54th Ave N) St. Petersburg, FL  33714. (across the street from our old location)  (La Quinta Inn: 727-527-8421)








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