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History of the  Astrological Association of St. Petersburg

Astrological Biography  of  Julie Baum


I was born April 19, 1902 at 11:45 AM according to birth certificate, but one of my teachers rectified it to 11:39:55 AM Pfullingen, Germany 9.14 E, 48N30 with 17 Aries 09 M.C. and 6 Leo 00 Ascendant. 

As a child I used to stand at the window of the bookstore and wished that I could buy the books on Astrology and Metaphysical, but of course my parents would not have approved of it.  I came to the U.S.A. by boat and then to Chicago on November 22, 1922, and was resigned to do housework, but luckily the son of my relatives knew about a big Mail Order Firm who had a German department, so I started there as a typist right after Thanksgiving.  Later I had positions as bookkeeper in other firms. 

In 1930 and 1931 Transiting Uranus was in Aries and so started to transit my 10th house where I have Mercury, Mars and Sun.  I then discovered that Evangeline Adams was talking about Astrology on the Radio.  But then the times became very bad and there was no money to go to a class in Astrology.  1934 I went back to Germany for the first time, also on the boat to show my parents my 5 year old son.  Transiting Uranus was then conjunct my Sun in October and marriage trouble developed.

I then saw an ad in the paper about Astrological counseling and lessons and thus I started to study Astrology.  Other students then told me about Dr. Wm. M. Davidson and so I started classes with him in 1935.  I kept on going to his lectures until I moved to Florida.  I also had another teacher who was more excellent in mathematics.  His name was Sidney Dubuclet, but he used the name Danus as teacher.  (Danus is Sagittarius in Indian language)

 In 1938 the "Friends of Astrology" was founded by Louise G. Mench and a few months later the American Federation of Astrologers in Washington, D.C.  I met Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Grant when they came to Chicago in 1939 about having a convention in Chicago and of course also joined the AFA in 1938.  I became later the Secretary of Friends of Astrology and 1968 President.  1969 I was elected as Director of the American Federation of Astrologers.  I did many translations of German letters and also the Pluto book for the American Federation.  In 1953 I went back to Germany for a visit and met Mr. Rudolph in Hamburg and also 4 other prominent German Astrologers.  Mr. Rudolph wrote the books for Uranian Astrology.  I also visited Reinhold Ebertin in Aalen and several times on my other German trips.

When my husband and I moved to Florida in July 1969, Robert Cooper contacted me at once and so I joined the Astrological Association of St. Petersburg which was founded June 2, 1966 at 8:56 PM EST and incorporated Sept. 21, 1967 2:08 PM EST.  I was elected to the Board later and when Mr. & Mrs. Cooper moved to Washington, D.C., I declined to be the President and instead became the Treasurer.  However, I soon found out that the President had big ideas to make the A.A.S.P. as big as American Federation and so spent a lot of money on advertising.   When I protested I was told I should resign, which I did.  Then Cordial Coull founded SPICA on March 18, 1972 at 3:31 PM and the A.A.S.P. ceased to exist by 1975. 

So the officers came to the Board of SPICA in December 1978 that they would turn over their bank balance of $600.00 to us if we changed the SPICA name to Astrology Association which we did January 28, 1979 at 12:23 PM EST in my home. 

As to the American Federation of Astrologers, I became 3rd Vice President then 2nd and lastly 1st Vice President but due to my age I asked to be reduced to Director in 1988, and then I reclined to be on the Ballot in 1991.  I gave many lectures at the AFA Convention as also smaller Conventions in Milwaukee, Wis. and Toledo.  Also had classes for several years in Florida and private students.

It still is my wish that a College for Astrology will be founded in Tampa, but it looks as if my wish is not being fulfilled during my life span.


AASP Club Chart 1/28/1079

 AASP  Club Chart  1/27/1979

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