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Meetings are held the first Thursday of the Month from September through May.

The Board of Directors and Officers of the Astrology Association of St. Petersburg 2005-6
Sarah Lyons,               President           727-347-4737
Martin Montes,           Vice president      813-902-9434
Dorothy Johnson,      Treasurer           727-797-2321  
Cynthia Bachert,       

Board of Directors

Linda Skmpris,     
Media Manager          727-347-4149  
Brenda Angell
Tammy Dusenberry                            727-391-8359 
John Maerz                                           941-286-1562
Julia King,               Ambassador            727-488-5504


AASP Bylaws


Keth Luke,               Webmaster              727-842-6788      Keth @ Awakening-Healing. com
Jan Carter,             past President           727-842-6788      AstroJan @ Awakening-Healing. com

Jan and Keth's Web Sites host the AASP site
and they send the Club Newsletters.   

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