Twin Flames Anthology        How to create a Soulmate

Soulmates and the Initiation of Relationship

Twin Flames -- Are they Real or is it Memorex?
By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As males and females, you incarnate with a magnetic pull towards your Twin Flame, the other part of your being. In the beginning when God first decided to create more, he/she sent forth a beam of light. That beam of light separated and became two distinct frequencies. It became as two beings, with two polarities, and two directions. They moved away from one another - going forth through stars, through galaxies, through other planets. Each tasting the cuisine of knowledge separately. Each experiencing life differently.

 This separateness was very important to the cosmic plan. What good would it have done for God to experience the same? It would have been higher self-defeating. So the universe expanded itself and the male and female aspect of God moved away from each other creating more and more distance in their heart (for it was One heart). Often throughout lifetimes and incarnations, the twin flames would grace each others heart for just a moment. The heart connection was intense and often traumatic. Many times through death or deliberation they would be separated again very quickly.

 Your heart has been sad through most of time. It has not been filled with what it so desired and remembered to be the one true love. You now move towards one another as the magnetic pulse of the One Heart draws you closer and closer. This magnetic pulse escorts you into a place of remembering and reconnecting with this divine union, but first you must reconnect with the One heart within self.

 Those of you that are in relationships and marriages still have much distance between you. There is a great fault line that lives in-between most marriages/relationships. Each one expects the other to fulfill their wishes, their wants, their dreams, and their desires. The partner does not know of these silent contracts and has no memory of signing such a document. This creates friction and upheaval because they did not read one another's desires, mind, or future. Thus great crevasses are created in the form of a fault-line that goes in-between the One Heart. The fault-line aligns with a great magnetic force that pushes your heart farther and farther away from the Eternal Oneness. Most people have a beautiful home, a beautiful car, good jobs, yet they live separately within the same space with great distance between one another's hearts.

 It is a time for all of the men and the women of earth to hear the call of their heart. You have settled for the empty feeling inside. You have settled for doing without. You have settled for less in a relationship, less in a marriage. You squelch your desires disconnecting from what you so need. You think that need comes in a form of another person, but it is not the other person that you so truly desire, it is the God within that person. That is the only thing that will quench the thirst of your soul and of your heart.

 You all get caught up in the trappings of human relationships. You pick upon one another pointing out the failures, the wrong doings, and the frailties of each another. You have allowed the separation because it was easier, it didn't hurt so much if you turned down the volume of your heart.

 The reason many of you do not see your hearts desire and reflection in your life is because you do not see it in yourself. It is not until you stand fully exposed in the mirror of your soul (heart) will you than go to stand fully exposed in the mirror of another's soul and heart. You still trip upon your own personality, your own humanness, and your own darkness. It is not until you walk fully through the maze of being human, that you will finally be able to wear the heart of the God that stands in front of you, as your Twin Flame!

 Many of you are in relationships that you are lying to yourself about. Just like Cinderella's sisters you are trying to make something fit that does not. You keep trying to put on the glass slipper -- binding your feet and heart, trying to make it fit. The lying is so painful that it squeezes the very life out of you. Stop lying to yourself. If it does not fit--it does not fit. Be honest and truthful, as well as honorable.

Your twin flame, and your soul mate will come, but will you be ready? As a bride on her wedding day will you still be in your pajamas afraid to answer the door, afraid to take your hair out of the curlers, afraid to be seen makeup-less in the light of the morn? The one that comes into your heart does not see your wrinkles, or your blemishes or your gray hair. They only see your light, that is all they can see. You can fix yourself up for the next 100 years, but until you apply that very lotion to the self within, it will do no good. Externally you are but an illusion that changes from day to day, hair-do to hair-do, outfit to outfit, nothing more.

 All of you will be with your other half by the time the millennium dawns. Of course many of you will cut it short by minutes. You will walk forward as a twosome, two faces of God that have finally come back home through each other. You sigh a great sigh of relief that the work is over, but the work has really just begun!!

Enter The Divine Twin Ray Reunions

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[The spark between them]

Twin Flames united and merged into one,
Shining so brightly, burning so strong,
Leaping so high, lighting the way,
Forming a bridge to the stars
On a pathway of light


The Saga of Krael and Mirabel

[The City of the Sun was an island colony of the old Poseidon empire]

Long ago in the City of the Sun by the sea, there lived a priest named Krael.
He performed sacred fire rites in a black marble temple near the seashore.
One fine day he spied a lovely young damsel strolling by the water's edge.
His heart began racing, his head began to swoon, he was smitten with love.
Casting caution to the wind, he contrived with his servant to fetch the maid.
That night, under cover of darkness, he beheld his love and kissed her madly.
Lovers enflamed, their rising passion was consecrated upon that sacred alter.
Two hearts beating as one, lovers oblivious to shadows cloaking jealous eyes.
A raven took flight from the temple scorching the night with her raucous cry.
To the royal castle sped she, poisoned tongue spitting venom in the kings ear.
What say thou talebearer, my virgin princess daughter hath a temple defiled?
A king's angry red mouth shouted Justice! Transgression decreed, fates sealed.
Great clamor ensuing, trumpets blaring, royal guards accosted the two lovers.
The early dawn spectacle of a double-royal execution electrified the populace.
A princess cast from sheer cliffs, a royal priest shredded by a thousand lashes.
The Empire was wounded that day as it wounded the two seraphim incognito.
A divine plan for twin flames destined to blaze a pathway to the stars, undone.
Twenty eons of the night of time have passed, yet their passion burns brightly.
The empire long since crumbled to dust, yet the twins have returned, renewed.
Ever spins the cosmic wheel of destiny, kindling sacred fire in the hearts of all.



Rays of the New Aeon -- Poetry of Krael and Mirabel

Information on Twin Flames by Sananda

Greetings and Blessings to all of you.
This is Sananda speaking to you at this time about a subject that many of you are understandably curious about.
We are here today to speak about Twin Flames.

Omaran and Antera are twin flames....

 Shortly after they met in 1994, they each found this out independently, through their guidance. It is very rare for twin flames to be embodied on the planet at the same time and to get together in intimate relationship (and stay together). Often it doesn’t happen until both are in their last incarnation, if then. It is the most intense relationship there is, and the two beings must be highly evolved and have completed a lot of clearing work within themselves to be fully ready for such a reunion.

Information on Twin Flames by Sananda

Soul Mates -- Twin Flames
[includes stunning images of twin-flames]

Twin Flames From Other Worlds

Rainbow Twins

They Climbed A Mountain To Find Their Truths

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The Love of Souls
Jean Delville
(Belgian, 1867-1953)
Painted in 1900
Musee d'Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium

         I seem to have loved you in numberless
numberless times,
           In life after life, in age after age forever.
My spell-bound heart has made and
re-made the
          necklace of songs
               That you take as a gift, wear round your
neck in
your many forms
In life after life, in age after age forever.

From Unending Love by Rabindranath Tagore
           (1861 - 1941)



Deidre & Michael Madsen
Sal-thiel Orene & Cor-lee Jahr

Dearest  Lightworkers,
 As you may or may not know, we are an internet romance SUCCESS STORY! Our personal account follows this update. We are happy to announce we have moved to Sedona, Arizona. Follow our story below to read this exciting new twist! What we are about to tell you is truly amazing and we feel, Dear Reader, you will feel the same when you read our story. Taking you back in time (for a moment) will help set the stage for what we are about to tell you ... (continued)


The Sun  Tarot Card

Compiled by Ronald Landry

How to create a Soulmate    Osho

Relationship Advice,  Mother to Daughter,  good for any relationship. featuring writings from Gopi Krishna regarding Kundalini, higher
consciousness, and the need for research into mystical experience and the evolution of the brain.

Hi,   I enjoyed looking at your website and thought you may be interested in our new book, called "Twin Flames: A True Story of Soul Reunion" by Antera. See the information below.

Best Blessings on your work,
Center for Soul Evolution
Twinsong Press/Records

Twin Flames: A True Story of Soul Reunion by Antera
ISBN 0-9725528-0-4 • $16.95 • 264 pp • 5.5x8.5 • Sept 2003
Twin Flames Book This is a compelling story of True Love, a love that most people only dream about--and it happened to Antera and Omaran. When they met and discovered that they are not only soulmates, but twin flames separated thousands of years ago, they embarked on a journey of profound spiritual experiences as well as emotional healing. Anyone who has dreamed of meeting their most perfect spiritual mate will love this book, and discover the deeper implications of this kind of cherished partnership.

"An inspiring, almost magical story of faith and courage
as soulmates discover a love so powerful that it forces a release
of all that is not love in their lives. Through their remarkable
experiences, deep spiritual truths emerge and shine forth."
--Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., author of Shortcuts to God

"A powerful, new age memoir of reunion and love that transcends
the centuries from antiquity down to the modern day...
Thoughtful and thought-provoking, Twin Flames is a welcome
addition to New Age spirituality reading lists."
--Midwest Book Review

Antera & Omaran:
Antera and Omaran
Antera and Omaran are twin flames. They are taking the story of this special kind of relationship out to the world at this time of rapid soul evolution, because more people will be finding their twins as they become spiritually and emotionally ready. They are a husband-wife singer-songwriter performing duo, and founders of the nonprofit Center for Soul Evolution in Mt Shasta. Antera has published numerous channeled messages and inspirational stories, and writes an intuitive advice column. See also their new album Twin Flames.
Twinsong • PO Box 513, Mt Shasta, CA 96067
530-926-2886 •

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