How to Check for Truth
Turtle Woman

This simple technique for determining Truth has been developed over several
decades with different aspects pulled from various sources.  It has nothing
to do with religion, so it does not matter if you are of any particular
persuasion, lineage, or belief.  It works with the Christ Power (the right
hand Golden Light of God) and Archangel Michael.  This has nothing to do
with the religion of Christianity.  Nothing of darkness can penetrate or
subvert the power of the Golden Light of Christ and no falsehood can exist
in the presence of It or Archangel Michael and the Sword of Truth.

Basically, the premise is to "self" muscle test, such as chiropractors use.
The problem with muscle testing is that many things can affect it...  your
personal beliefs, desire for a particular outcome, whether or not you are
really in your body or if you're balanced.  All of these things can
interfere (belief/desires) with or cause deception (dark side) with
obtaining the Truth.  As a result, a specific affirmation is stated before
the muscle test to ensure that the results are accurate and correct.

How To Self Muscle Test:
The actual technique is a simple self muscle test using the index finger on
your right hand and pushing down on that finger with your left hand after
asking your question.  Questions must be asked in a manner that they can be
answered yes or no.  If the right index finger is strong and does not
release when pushed down on, then the answer is yes.  If the right index
finger is weak and cannot resist your pushing down on it, then the answer is
no.   The process of getting the correct answer involves a few steps at the
beginning with specific verbiage to prevent interference with or deception
of the Truth.

First, you must know if you are balanced.  If not, there is a simple ancient
Asia technique which takes only a few minutes to get you into balance.
Anytime that you are out of balance in any way, you can use this technique
to balance all aspects of your Self.  It is good to use this Asian technique
at least once a day to keep yourself in balance at all times.  This works on
all levels.

In Your Body:
Second, you must be sure you are "you" and are in your body.  When you feel
light headed or dull/fuzzy in your thinking, mentally "not with it",  or
mentally tired, you more than likely are not in your body.  Surprised?  Have
you ever done stupid things, all the while knowing it was stupid, not
wanting to do it,  yet doing it anyway,  and in the process of it wondering
why you were doing this?  You are not in your body.... someone else is in
there at the controls.  You have slipped out and while you were out, an enti
ty stepped in.

Getting Correct Answers:
At any time when testing for Truth, none of your answers will be correct if:
1.  You are not balanced.
2.  You do not say the affirmation/verbalization first.
3.  You are not "you" and/or are not in your body.

All this must be done and confirmed positive before you ask your
question(s).  If you are not in your body and have not been for a while
(some people for most of their lives), it is not unusual for you to slip out
of your body again right after affirmation and the confirmation.  It is good
to do the entire process from A to Z for each question you ask.  Always
check and double check to see if you are balanced and in your body.  This is
very important.  You've more than likely been out of your body a lot more
than you ever realized.  If you find you are continually out of your body,
gardening is a good cure for this to get grounded.  Sticking your hands in
the dirt, wrapping your arms around trees, etc will help to ground you.
Those who spend a lot of time in higher dimensions have difficulty getting
grounded.  Spending some time sitting or lying on the Mother Earth daily is
also a good way to ground yourself daily.

When you start, face East or Southeast.  (Exception:  Directional facing is
not necessary for "the balancing").  Do not be in the same room with a
computer or any electronic device that is ON.  It will affect the process
through energy interference and cause deception in your answer.  East is
faced because it is the direction of receiving, the direction of the Golden
Light, and the direction that Archangel Michael stands in of The Four Who
Stand in The Four Directions.  South is the direction of manifestation.  I
find Southeast to be the most powerful direction to ask questions and get a
correct answer....  receiving and manifesting.

Checking For Truth

Step One:

Balancing Technique:

Bend your arms at the elbows, laying the inside of your forearms together on
top of each other, right on top of left.  (Similar in position to cradling a
baby). Clasp the fingers of your hands around your forearms (your right hand
should be on top with your hands facing in opposite directions of each
other.  Your fingers will be pointing in the direction of the "other"
elbow).  Slide your clasped hands back along the inside of your forearms
until the fleshy bottom part of your palms firmly touch and connect.  The
end of the palms of your hands will be resting in the "dip" of your wrists.
Keep your hands clasped onto your arms, your elbows will be sticking out.
Keep your hands closely snuggled together in this position and hold for
several minutes.  If you have been out of balance in your body for a long
time, you will need to do this for at least 10 minutes.  The more you do it,
the less time involved and the more you will stay in balance.

Step Two:
(facing East or Southeast)

Starting Affirmation:

"As the Christ Master Self that I am, I (fill in your full name) am in my
full, conscious, rational, decision making, Christ Enlightened,
body/mind/and soul; here, now, and forever more and I thank you God NOW".

Step Three:

Question who you are and if you are in your body and balanced.

1.  "As the Christ Master Self that I am, am I (state your full name)"?
Muscle test.  If yes, continue.  If no, go back to Step Two and repeat

2.  "As the Christ Master Self that I am, am I (state your full name) in my
body"?   Muscle test.  If yes, continue.  If no, go back to Step Two and repeat all.

3.  "As the Christ Master Self that I am, am I (state your full name) in
balance"?   Muscle test.  If yes, continue.  If no, go back to Step One and repeat all.

Step Four:

Checking for Truth on anything.

"As the Christ Master Self that I am, and in the Truth and Power of the
Golden Light of Christ and the Archangel Michael, without any interference
or deception, is (insert whatever you are asking about) true and correct"?
Muscle test.

Blessings to All My Relations in Love and Golden Light,
Turtle Woman, Oma

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