Jesus Speaks on the "Book of Revelations"

from  Love Without End: Jesus Speaks  by Glenda Green

The Book of Revelations is a great deal more than a book of prophecy
.  It is a timeless revelation about the soul's fulfillment in its return to the Father, along with the perilous demise of all that is false as that alternate potential falls away in the light of truth.  This book is not subject to the normal pitfalls of prophecy because it does not center its meanings around the temporal probabilities of life, nor is that the intent of its message.  This sacred document has been greatly misunderstood to be an unfolding drama of external events.  Certainly a profound transmutation of the human soul would be impossible without correlations and manifestations within outer forms of reality.  Therefore, some physical phenomena will accompany the drama, especially considering that the very elements which fall to dust will be the structures of worldly dominance.  "Man cannot realize his sonship with the Father until first he has released all that was created through unconsciousness and disconnection.  False identities, false meanings, and unworthy structures will fall away as the soul is empowered to manifest its true covenant.  This is a glorious event to be approached in love rather than fear.  Many hearts are changing today before the moment of critical mass and as hearts change toward love, so too will external consequences be reduced.  What is to unfold is crucial and inevitable to the destiny of man.  No one is exempt.  However, there is a choice in how one receives the unfoldment.  Those who approach it with love will find it the ultimate bridge to fulfillment."

"The structures which dominate the lives of man today were all created in a state of disconnection and unconsciousness.  The powerful momentum of these structures carries with it the seed of continuing oppression.  In order to survive, such creations must suppress the soul of man and perpetuate his enslavement to them.  As the time of man's fulfillment arrives, there will be a simultaneous collapse and retaliation of that which wishes to survive against the good of man.  This exposure will, nevertheless, assist in the elevation of man's consciousness and bring about a new era of brotherhood on Earth where structures are re-established from a state of consciousness and connection with Divine Order."

"Suffering is never the will of the Father, although none will be exempt from the experience.  Many will feel little suffering except for the compassion extended to those who do experience pain and sorrow.  At the other extreme there will be many others who are so attached to that which must fall that there will be no reprieve from their agony.  Even this is a blessing, that lives full of anguish may bleed the venom and thereby have a chance to heal.  How the event is experienced will be due in large part to individual choice, and also to the accumulated necessity of fulfilling choices made long ago.  Regardless of how each individual receives the impact of change, it remains enduringly true that all mankind will be blessed with the results of that human transfiguration."

"A problem can never be solved at the level of its creation and existence.  Every problem has to be solved from at least one level of awareness or ability above it.  One of the greatest mistakes mankind is making in regard to life's problems is to address them on the level which caused them to occur and supports their persistence.  This leads only to struggle, fighting, and perpetual frustration."

"To solve a problem it is first necessary to view it from a higher level.  This is especially easy to observe in the area of physical healing.  A physician or any medical facility can only arrest an illness, keep it from progressing, or reduce infection, thus providing conditions in which healing may occur.  The actuality of healing is always a miracle that happens on a higher level through the restoration of wholeness.  No matter what the problem, healing always comes from a higher level."

"The mind has no power to change your life.  That privilege belongs to the heart alone."

"Love commands the universe.  Man only resorts to control when love is missing.  In a world obsessed with control, it is difficult to find even a moment's peace."

"Through judgment, a man reveals what he still needs to confront and to learn.  Through discernment, one reveals what he has mastered."

"The original sin was judgment...Judgment is actually the only sin of which a pure and perfect child of God is capable."

"The long era of judgment has been man's darkest night, but that will end soon when the last judgment has been made.  The last judgment will be the judgment against judgment itself."