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The Five Tibetan Rites – Yoga For Health, Vitality, Balance

By John Francis, AP
Complementary Health

The Life Changing Five Tibetan Rites

The five Tibetan rites are described below. Some of the information is taken from the “Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth” by Peter Kelder and some is from my personal experience. I have been practicing these exercises daily for the past 10 years as my primary exercise program. These simple exercises keep me energized, and mentally and physically balanced. You will quickly derive benefits from these simple yoga-like exercises. Along with strengthening and stretching the whole body, you will feel energized, alert, and ready to take on the challenges of your day. Physiologically these exercises stimulate the seven energy centers of the body called “chakras.” When stimulating the chakras (vortexes of energy), there is a corresponding activation of nerves, organs, and glands. I recommend that you begin slowly by doing only 3-5 repetitions of each exercise, increasing by one or two each week until you reach a maximum number of 21 repetitions of each daily. More important than the number you do is the consistency of doing them daily. Not only will you notice the benefits of your efforts each day, you will soon realize how this impacts your overall life, helping you to feel the effects of less stress and more satisfaction.

Tibetan Rite #1 – Spinning

Spinning is an extremely energizing movement. It wakes up the body by increasing the flow of energy in all seven charkas. Spinning also helps relieve varicose veins, osteoporosis, and headaches. This rite improves the circulation of blood and “qi”, tones the muscles of the arms, and increases the flow of cerebral spinal fluid that improves mental clarity. This movement done alone everyday sparks the reenergizing and rejuvenation of the entire body. *qi is the Chinese term for life energy that flows along pathways or meridians throughout the body. It is our life force and vitality.


To do this exercise, stand erect with arms outstretched to the sides, fingers together, palms open and facing downward. Spin full circle in a clockwise direction while maintaining this arm position. When you have completed the number of spins you are practicing (21 being the ultimate goal), stand with hands on hips and feet together and take 3 full deep breaths.

Tibetan Rite #2

This exercise has a positive affect on many parts of the body. It helps restore the function of the thyroid and adrenal glands, the kidneys, digestive organs, and the sexual organs and glands, including the prostate and uterus. It aids menstrual regularity and eases some symptoms of menopause. It strengthens the abdomen, legs, and neck, as well as relieving tension of the lower back. If progress is taken slowly, this exercise has a profound affect on building confidence.


To do this exercise, lie on your back with your legs fully extended. Position your arms by your sides with palms flat on the floor. While inhaling slowly and deeply through your nose, lift both legs a little past a 90-degree angle while raising your head and tucking your chin to your chest. This movement is done at the same time so you feel like you are bending in the middle. Keep your low back flat on the floor. As you exhale through the nose or mouth, lower your legs and head and return to the starting position. Do as many repetitions per your program up to 21. Lie back and take three deep breaths being aware of the bodily sensations and allowing the energy to integrate.

Tibetan Rite #3

Although different from Rite #2, this movement has many of the same benefits. Menstrual irregularity and menopausal symptoms are relieved. It also strengthens and tones the abdomen and thighs, and relieves pain and stiffness of the neck and lower back. Additionally, it opens the sinuses and provides an overall sense of vitality and energy. By the end of this rite, you will be wide-awake and feel the energy moving throughout your body.


To do this exercise, kneel with the balls of the feet on the ground, torso erect and hands on thighs or buttocks for leverage. Begin by gently tucking the chin to the chest and engaging the muscles of the abdomen and perineum (area between the genitalia and the anus) while breathing out. While inhaling slowly and deeply, lift the navel, chest and chin, and lean backward, arching your spine and letting your head follow. Breathe out as you return to the starting position. Note: to avoid strain to the lower back, press your hips forward as you lift.

Tibetan Rite #4

This exercise may be the most challenging one as well as the most invigorating. It affects the thyroid gland, circulation, and lymphatic flow. One will experience muscle fatigue in the arms and shoulders, particularly which leads to more strength and flexibility. Another benefit is deepening of the breath. This rite also will help arthritis and osteoporosis. The three-breath relaxation following this exercise is most welcome.


To do this exercise, begin in a seated position, torso erect, legs extended and hands aligned with your hips with fingers pointed forward. Tuck the chin and engage the abdominal muscles and muscles of the perineum. As you begin a slow deep inhaling breath, press into the floor with your hands, lift the buttocks, and bend the knees as the bottoms of the feet are becoming flat on the floor. Your head and eyes should be looking behind you. Now exhale slowly and smoothly and return to starting position. Remember not to strain such that you are holding your breath. Start with a few repetitions and gradually work toward 21 times.

Tibetan Rite #5

This full range movement has a rejuvenating affect on the thyroid gland, adrenals, kidneys, digestive organs, and sexual organs including the prostate and uterus. It increases circulation, deep breathing, and immune response. It also helps regulate menstruation, strengthens arms and legs, and heart muscle, bringing energy and vitality to the entire body.


To do this exercise, start in a type of push up position. Weight is supported on hands and balls of feet. Lower back is slightly arched and eyes are looking up. As you begin your inhalation, press into the floor, tuck the chin and elevate the hips as you press the heels toward the floor. Exhaling, lower the hips and raise the head as you return to starting position. If too strenuous, use your knees to support some of the weight until you build up strength in the arms.

John Francis, Acupuncture Physician AP, is a licensed acupuncturist and a personal healer. He includes in his practice the use of acupuncture, shiatsu massage, physical therapy (yoga exercises), nutritional counseling (supplements, Chinese herbs, homeopathic remedies and eating lifestyle), body cleansing (colon cleansing, oral chelation, detoxification and organ cleansing), mental/emotional work pertaining to the many relationships we have with life including the relationship with ourselves. If you are ready to change your life and your results, call John Francis, AP at 594-2215. www.floridahealthandfitness.com/index.html   valuable48@aol.com

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